Acsis, Inc. Overview


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Acsis ProducTrak adds functionality to your ERP system. It brings real-time connectivity to every point in your entire supply chain, from incoming materials, through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

How? By providing the infrastructure to orchestrate any number of monitoring sensors, barcode and RFID scanners, PLCs, label printers, and a host of other real-time devices, right there on the shop floor and in the warehouse.

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Acsis, Inc. Overview

  1. 1. Over 3.9 Billion prescriptions are dispensed in theUnited States each year.
  2. 2. The Chemical industry accounts for over $3.0 trillion a year, and is used in most of theproducts we consume every dayPlastics Paper Cosmetics Paint Baby Products Toys
  3. 3. Consumer Packaged Goods total over$2 trillion.It includes what we eat, wear or use every day.
  4. 4. So what is the leading problem that most of these companies deal with? Product Tracking and Traceability
  5. 5. Whether it is tracking theRaw Materials containedin each batch of product,
  6. 6. Checking on products in production,
  7. 7. Locating raw materials andinventory in the warehouse,
  8. 8. Or even tracking where product was shipped in the supply chain. Finished Product Manufacturer Logistics Warehouse Distributor3rd Party Manufacturer or Packager Global Supply Chain Restaurants Retail End User Locations H
  9. 9. Acsis can take the worry out of tracking and tracing products in real-time –inside and outside your four walls even at the Item Level
  10. 10. Acsis also allows you to integrate this information back into your existing ERP andother IT systems…
  11. 11. for the granular data you need to manage your inventory, production, and logistics so youcan Do More With Less… Capitol Resources Time
  12. 12. Acsis can partner with you to address problems with Chargebacks so you can automate production and eliminate…Data Entry Errors Charges Revenue Leakage
  13. 13. Make Diversion a thing of the past With Acsis ProducTrak, you can eliminate weak links in the supply chain and track products throughout their entire lifecycle
  14. 14. Acsis ProducTrak utilizes the best-in-classmodules to protect products from diversion in the global distribution network.
  15. 15. Don’t let a 1,000 product recallbecome a Billion dollar problem. Achieve 100% product visibility and take back control
  16. 16. With the Acsis approach toRecall Management, you can breathe easy knowing your products are safe.
  17. 17. Because everyone knows… Damaged Goods =Damaged Reputation
  18. 18. For example, a contaminated lot of tomatoes can cause widespread panic. Super Market Manufacturers Supermarkets Distributor Bistr o Potentially Wholesaler Restaurants contaminated products Consumers
  19. 19. In the past, manufacturers didn’t know if the problem was with: Facility Or the product itself…
  20. 20. With a tracked product, you could trace arecalled item all the way back to…the facility, production line, month,week, day, shift, and time. There’s no such thing as “too much information.”
  21. 21. Gain complete control of your product…From the warehouse to the customer’s house