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The Cyber Protection Revolution


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Today’s reliance on data is creating a variety of new challenges for businesses and individuals alike. We use data in more places on more devices, creating more opportunities for data loss. At the same time, cybercriminals are using huge amounts of computing power and cutting-edge AI to make their attacks more effective and damaging – and they are producing new strains of ransomware faster than traditional anti-virus can keep up.
We’ll look at the emerging IT trends that are making traditional approaches obsolete, and how the new discipline of cyber protection is more effective in safeguarding critical data, applications and systems.

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The Cyber Protection Revolution

  1. 1. The modern world is a digital world
  2. 2. IDC, The Digital Universe of Opportunities Data is doubling every two years
  3. 3. Data is critical for AI decision making AI can examine all of the data an organization has collected, on multiple systems over many years, to find new insights and add value
  4. 4. Data is driving the Internet of Things (IoT) Intel estimates there will be 200 billion IoT devices by 2020, up from 2 billion in 2006
  5. 5. Data is now “the world’s most valuable resource” the-worlds-most-valuable-resource-is-no-longer-oil-but-data
  6. 6. Which means protecting data is now a basic human need Air Water Food Shelter Cyber Protection
  7. 7. But today’s data owners face three emerging challenges
  8. 8. COMPLEXITY Workloads Are Leaving the Data Center The edge and endpoints are rapidly being used to create, access and store data
  9. 9. SECURITY Hackers Have Gone Industrial Greater computing power and AI create more sophisticated and damaging attacks
  10. 10. COST Predictable Budgets Are Needed Storage costs and staffing IT to manage bigger data volumes is a budgetary challenge
  11. 11. Modern approach for modern protection
  12. 12. What goes into implementing effective cyber protection?
  13. 13. There are 5 Vectors of Cyber Protection (SAPAS) Safety Accessibility Privacy Authenticity Security
  14. 14. Data can be easily destroyed, either accidentally or intentionally. Ensure a reliable copy of your data is always available Safety
  15. 15. The digital world demands mobile and remote data access. Make your data easily available from anywhere at any time Accessibility
  16. 16. Data privacy is vital to prevent theft, misuse or corruption. Control who has visibility and access to your data Privacy
  17. 17. Unauthorized edits threaten your files and systems. Blockchain notarization proves your data is true and original Authenticity
  18. 18. The digital world is filled with ever- evolving malware and online threats. Protect your data, apps and systems against malicious threats Security
  19. 19. These 5 Vectors of Cyber Protection are all critical, but they often work against each other
  20. 20. Locking a computer inside a vault may guarantee data safety, for example... But the data becomes inaccessible, making it practically useless
  21. 21. Only balances all 5 Vectors of Cyber Protection
  22. 22. Acronis delivers cyber protection that is easy, efficient and secure
  23. 23. Intuitive solutions mean less time learning and more time protecting EASY
  24. 24. Purchasing one solution addresses all cyber protection vectors EFFICIENT
  25. 25. Integrated security includes anti-malware, privacy and file authenticity solutions SECURE
  26. 26. Safety Ensure that a reliable copy of your data is always available Accessibility Make your data easily available from anywhere at any time Privacy Control who has visibility and access to your data Authenticity Have undeniable proof a copy is an exact replica of the original Security Protect your data, apps, and systems against malicious threats SAPAS: Five Vectors of Cyber Protection
  27. 27. Get CyberFit: Make sure you’re covering all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection Learn more