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Acronis True Image 3rd Party Speed and Ransomware Protection Tests

Independent lab AV-TEST looked at a number of consumer backup software solutions and concluded that Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation was the leader in backup speed, protection from ransomware, ease of use, and features. This slideshare shows highlights from this independent report and provides a link to the full report.

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Acronis True Image 3rd Party Speed and Ransomware Protection Tests

  1. 1. ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 2017 NEW GENERATION Independent, third-party lab report overview from: Topics: Performance, Usability, Ransomware Protection, Features 10 April 2017
  2. 2. 2ACRONIS © 2017 “Acronis provided excellent performance, is easy to use and has a rich feature set. On top of that it is the only solution in the test to provide dedicated protection from ransomware attacks. This earned Acronis the first ever APPROVED BACKUP & DATA SECURITY certificate of AV- TEST” David Walkiewicz, Director Test Research, Another Acronis Industry First!
  3. 3. 3ACRONIS © 2017 “The objective of the tests was to assess the products’ completeness as a data protection tool. Indeed, Acronis’s product delivered convincing results across the tested categories either coming in first or shared first in all categories: • Usability • Performance • Active threat protection • Available features.” Independent backup and protection tests Security, speed, and usability
  4. 4. 4ACRONIS © 2017 Amazing backup speed with solid state drives (SSD) “We don’t just measure how well the applications perform with sample sets consisting of large or small files, but also with incrementally changed files.” Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation CrashPlan for Home IDrive Backup time Large files (SSD) 00h:11m:46s 01h:03m:00s 00h:53m:16s Small files (SSD) 00h:17m:34s 00h:59m:20s 01h:04m:45s Full System (SSD) 00h:14m:56s 00h:22m:40s 01h:00m:16s “Acronis True Image is the clear winner when it comes to performance.”
  5. 5. 5ACRONIS © 2017 Up to 10x faster? It can’t be! And yet it is true... “Every performance test was led by Acronis, which is on average twice as fast, in some cases being 10 times as fast as the competition.” “No other product reaches similar speed when backing up or restoring Data for small, large, system or changed files or data stored on HDD or SSD.” 12:00:00 AM 12:14:24 AM 12:28:48 AM 12:43:12 AM 12:57:36 AM 1:12:00 AM Performance Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Premium CrashPlan for Home IDrive
  6. 6. 6ACRONIS © 2017 Backup Optimized for modern SSD drives “Acronis outperformed the competition in all tested performance scenarios. It uses SSD drives to their fullest potential.”
  7. 7. 7ACRONIS © 2017 Protection: Goals for ransomware tests “Backup software has always been mentioned in addition to anti-virus products in improving system security. Lately this has become essential with a spike of ransomware encrypting vital personal files on a machine and even attacking system backups. • The test determines if the data on the system can be recovered after an infection. • The suite must be able to keep its recovery capabilities even after an attack has occurred. • Any changes to the system should be able to be reversed with minimal time delay and no data loss.”
  8. 8. 8ACRONIS © 2017 Active protection against ransomware “So far Acronis is the only product capable of detecting and stopping ransomware delivering close-to-perfect results” “Files encrypted before the stoppage of the ransomware were in most cases recovered, even without having created a specific backup of these files before.” “Neither Carbonite, CrashPlan nor iDrive currently provide an active protection against encryptor and ransomware.”
  9. 9. 9ACRONIS © 2017 Usability “Although, it takes most clicks during installation, Acronis achieved the highest score in this category. The reason for the numerous clicks during setup is the backup wizard following straight after the installation. The display is nice and modern. Changing settings and interaction in general is easy and self-explanatory.” “The main issue with the usability of Carbonite is that some file extensions such as mp4 videos or executables are not added by default to the backup job but need to be selected individually, which a user will not notice when adding a directory to backup.” “CrashPlan has a feel of an antiquated user interface.”
  10. 10. 10ACRONIS © 2017 Feature rich “Acronis shares the first place with iDrive, both having 33 out of possible 39 features required in this category.” “Plus, Acronis offers useful features such as: • Try&Decide which makes it possible to roll back the system after changes have been made which turned out to be unwanted. • System Cleanup security wipes free disk space. • Mobile device backup of data to local storage. • Very positive is the option to choose between 9 countries of storage for the cloud data, for transfer speed and privacy concerns.”
  11. 11. 11ACRONIS © 2017 View the original report Note: All text in quotation marks in this slideshare comes from the AVTest report. You can find the original, full report via our blog at
  12. 12. New Generation Data Protection