Social Publishing: Connecting Community and Content with the New Enterprise Web


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Social Publishing: Connecting Community and Content with the New Enterprise Web

  1. 1. Social  Publishing     Connecting  Community  and  Content  with   the  New  Enterprise  Web   Bryan  House   Vice  President,  Marketing   Acquia   @bryanhouse   September  13th,  2011  #acquia
  2. 2. Social worlds colliding within the enterprise
  3. 3. Top Ten Strategic Technologies for 2011  Social collaboration  Social publishingSource: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2011, October 20, 2010
  4. 4. Social Agility Driving Business Value Connecting diverse business Social ecosystems across enterprise collaboration boundaries Consumerization of IT is Social channeling the power of publishing collective behavior
  5. 5. Community Powered. Innovation. profiles / content friends (micro) rich blogging media UGC Social Publishing templates workflow analytics taxonomy groups social share Drupal tagging
  6. 6. Community Powered. Innovation. profiles / content friends (micro) rich blogging media UGC templates Community + Content analytics workflow taxonomy groups social share tagging
  7. 7. 7.0 [ major releases ] 230+ [ ] countries around the globe 700+ [ ] core developers 7,000+ [ ] extensions and modules 700,000+ [ ] registered community members1,000,000+ [ ] active websites today
  8. 8. Enterprise Drupal Stack Mobile Sites Social CRM Community Microsites Corporate Intranets Sites SitesApplications Presentation Layer TemplatesConfiguration Content Types Navigation Elements Community Modules Integrations Platform Drupal CoreDeployment Stack Apache / MySQL IIS / SQL Server
  9. 9. Enterprise  Web  Infrastructure   External Websites Product sites Corp Site Marketing MicrositesCommunity sites Other sites Internal Websites Collaboration Intranet Departmental Sites
  10. 10. Community  Sites,  Simplified   External Websites Product sites Corp Site Marketing Microsites Community sites Other sites Internal Websites Collaboration Intranet Departmental Sites
  11. 11. Enterprise Collaboration The Intranet and Beyond Collaborative Intranet Customer support communities Consumer Communities Ideation communities Fan / audience communities
  12. 12. Verizon Intranet Personalized! Tools LearningCommunications blocks Multimedia eMail access Feedback/ ratings Rotating banners HR To Do’s
  13. 13. User counts after 3 months Users over 3mos. Usage trend (over 1 month after release) Employee engagement 12,000,000 120,000 Number of comments 10,000,000 101,281 100,000 3500 3216 3000 8,000,000 79,865 80,000 2500 6,000,000 60,000 2000 1500 1482 4,000,000 40,000 1000 2,000,000 20,000 500 17,211 407 236 74 0 0 0 Mar-14 Apr-14 May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14 5/23 Opt-in 6/27 Phase-I 8/15 Phase-2 page views users
  14. 14. Customer Support Communities
  15. 15. Customer Support Communities
  16. 16. Customers Supporting Customers
  17. 17. Developer Communities
  18. 18. Consumer Communities
  19. 19. USA FCC - Before
  20. 20. FCC - After
  21. 21. Ideation Communities
  22. 22. Important IT Trends Consumerisation of IT Democratisation of Development Community Powered Innovation
  23. 23. The consumer web isevolving the approach to enterprise apps
  24. 24. Consumerisation of ITengaging experiencesloosely coupledrapid iteration
  25. 25. There’s more capability in the hands ofbusiness users and web “assemblers”
  26. 26. 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  27. 27. Open architecturesincrease enterprise agility
  28. 28. Democratization ofOpen Source Accelerates Innovation Development
  29. 29. Community Powered. Innovation. more capabilities higher qualityfaster time to market
  30. 30. who’s using Drupal
  31. 31. How do you leverageDrupal for enterprise collaboration?
  32. 32. Acquia CommonsOpen Alternative to Social Business Software Ready-to-use, packaged Drupal solution for community websites
  33. 33. Putting Open Innovation to Work for You  Proven community best practices Open, extensible architecture Flexible platform spans multiple use cases
  34. 34. Communities Evolve Tools need to adapt with you
  35. 35. Acquia [ start! ]is YourEnterpriseDrupalGuide [ ] enterprise deployment
  36. 36. Training & [ start! ]Professiona [ learn]l Services [ ] enterprise deployment
  37. 37. Products to [ start! ]BuildDrupalApplication [ build]s [ ] enterprise deployment
  38. 38. Cloud [ start! ]ServicePlatforms forRapidDeployment [ deploy ] [ ] enterprise deployment
  39. 39. Enterprise- [ start! ]class 24x7Support [ operate] [ ] enterprise deployment
  40. 40. ✓ Innovation✓ Flexibility✓ Engagement✓ Value