Drupal Step-by-Step: Building a Drupal Site with Acquia Cloud Site Factory


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Acquia Cloud Site Factory provides a better way to create and manage Drupal multisite deployments. You can use it to rapidly build mobile-ready brand, campaign, and franchise websites using powerful multisite tools on top of the open source Acquia Cloud platform.

The site building capabilities are based on a customized distribution of Drupal. It includes popular modules, user interface improvements, and a ThemeBuilder. The Site Factory dashboard allows you to group and manage all of your sites, and control permissions within groups.

In this step-by-step training webinar, you will learn how to:
• Create a site as a basis for future development
• Duplicate a site as a template
• Customize the site template
• Manage sites within the dashboard
• Configure users and permissions within sites and within the dashboard

You’ll also get a tour of the complete online course. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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Drupal Step-by-Step: Building a Drupal Site with Acquia Cloud Site Factory

  1. 1. http://training.acquia.com Building a Drupal Site with Acquia Cloud Site Factory Drupal Step-by-Step http://training.acquia.com
  2. 2. Who is this for? • New to Drupal? • Technical background, previous CMS experience and HTML/CSS understanding. • Want to build a site you can duplicate and iterate? • Want to centrally manage hundreds of sites?
  3. 3. About me • @learningdrupal • Heather James, Manager of Learning Services • Keen to hear your questions and ideas!
  4. 4. What is Site Factory?
  5. 5. Site Factory • Launch a site quickly • Customize site templates • Administer centrally
  6. 6. High level overview https://www.acquia.com/resources/acquia-tv/conference/how-master-multi-site-creation- acquia-cloud-site-factory-august-14
  7. 7. Central site management
  8. 8. Central user management • User accounts across all of your network of sites.
  9. 9. User roles • Platform admin - Overall responsibility for Acquia Cloud Site Factory deployment • Site builder - Allows for website and content creation and management. • Two additional roles for PaaS subscribers - Developer and Release engineer for managing custom code.
  10. 10. Site management Use groups to organize sites. Control management access to sites.
  11. 11. Site creation Choose from example features and functionality to create your first template.
  12. 12. Demo Using Site Factory Add a new site!
  13. 13. What does a Site Builder do?
  14. 14. You, the Site Builder • High level functionality • Information architecture - Menu structures • Page layouts • Brand elements • Visual design and themes • Third party integrations http://allnews.training.acsitefactory.com/
  15. 15. Site Building Tools
  16. 16. Site Building Tools
  17. 17. Differences v Drupal 7 1. Site Factory Dashboard. 2. Configuration and Features. 3. Additional modules. 4. The ThemeBuilder.
  18. 18. Quick demo Quick tour of site building tools (Drupal + Site Factory specific tools) Configure the site title.
  19. 19. Site Factory is Modular
  20. 20. Can Site Factory do X? • The answer is probably a module… PLUS configuration • Modules add functionality https://docs.acquia.com/site-factory/feature
  21. 21. Selecting Features • Community • Content display • Content • Developer resources • Forms and ratings
  22. 22. Demo Enable a module Enable the webform module Add a webform. PaaS clients can add any custom module!
  23. 23. Content management Adding content and images
  24. 24. Content management
  25. 25. Media gallery
  26. 26. Flexible WYSIWYG
  27. 27. Extend basic content types
  28. 28. Demo Add content Add media to media gallery Look at a custom content site
  29. 29. Site Layout Placing blocks in regions
  30. 30. Blocks • Blocks are what you place on your site. • You might have heard of “widgets”
  31. 31. Regions • Where to place content and blocks • Consistent across all sites • PaaS clients can add their own themes
  32. 32. Demo Create a “Twitter widget” Add to the site. Check out the regions! Place in the sidebar region https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/new
  33. 33. Content lists Using Views to filter, select and display
  34. 34. Views is a query builder
  35. 35. Views • Select and filter any data • Users, comments, terms/tags, content • Display as list, table, grid • Access control
  36. 36. Flexible output • HTML list, table, grid, pages, blocks, etc!
  37. 37. Views wizard
  38. 38. Selecting and filtering
  39. 39. How to format & display
  40. 40. More power to ya! • Relationships (get data from another table) • Contextual filters (display content by X person on this page) • Attachments, Access settings and more
  41. 41. Demo A Headline news display A page A block
  42. 42. Site Design
  43. 43. ThemeBuilder
  44. 44. Themes are flexible • Classes to assist in design
  45. 45. Demo Tweaking the design Change padding and margins without code
  46. 46. Online course! Learn more online
  47. 47. Take the full online course http://training.acquia.com/track/acquia-product-courses
  48. 48. About the course Step by step tutorials. Demonstrations. Learn essential techniques for efficiency and flexibility. http://training.acquia.com/course/site-building-site-factory
  49. 49. http://training.acquia.com/events