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Q4 Cup of Joe Webinar


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As we say goodbye to 2019, it's time for our last Cup of Joe webinar of the year. We always look forward to getting together with our partner community to discuss program strategy, execution, and updates. Join us for our Channel Program quarterly update hosted by Joe Wykes, SVP of Worldwide Partnerships & Sales with special featured guest, Mike Sullivan, President & CEO of Acquia.

You'll walk away with:
-Lessons learned & win stories from Q3
-Product news & updates
-Acquia roadmap and enablement update to fuel your success for the new year

Published in: Technology
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Q4 Cup of Joe Webinar

  1. 1. ©2016 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Q4 Cup of Joe Hosted by Joe Wykes, SVP Global Partnerships & Sales
  2. 2. AGENDA #ACQUIAKICKOFF AGENDA 2019 Momentum Product Updates Engage Recap
  3. 3. AGENDA #ACQUIAKICKOFF AGENDA CEO Update - Mike Sullivan Questions / Wrap Up Partner Enablement
  4. 4. Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Premier Breakout Partner Level Special thanks to THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS
  5. 5. October 27-29, 2020 FONTAINEBLEAU HOTEL Interested in sponsoring? Email MIAMI BEACH
  6. 6. ● This year we had 30 partner finalists and 11 partner winners ● Why submit? ○ Discounted tickets to Engage ○ Recognition for the work you have done with your clients ○ Capitalize on your win throughout the year ● Start thinking about 2020 Engage submissions now!
  7. 7. WINNERS Closing the CX Gap Leader of the Pack Healthcare: Leader of the Pack: Technology Excellence in Digital Marketing & Leader of the Pack: Travel and Transportation Best Personalization in Practice Leader of the Pack: Higher Ed Leader of the Pack: Financial Services Best Return on Investment & Innovator of the Year Leader of the Pack: Commerce Leader of the Pack NGO Innovator of the Year
  8. 8. Acquia Partner Awards 2019 Partners of the Year Growth Partners of the Year Most Wins of the Year Awarded based on overall revenue performance in 2019 Awarded based on overall growth with Acquia during 2018-2019 Awarded based on overall closed won new logo performance in 2019 We will announce winners in February. There’s still time left in the quarter to win!
  9. 9. Momentum
  10. 10. 1 OUT OF 40 sites in the world run on Drupal 3% of web 40,000+ modules 1M+ registered users on 2M+ unique visitors per month to FREE 2019 8,000+ contributors to Drupal
  11. 11. ACQUIA’S 2019 94% customer satisfaction $225M+ in revenue 4,000+ customers across sectors 45% increase in R&D investment 1,000 employees worldwide Vista Equity Partners recent majority investment 43% growth in multi-product customers MOMENTUM 70 new features launched across 5 new products
  12. 12. New Additions to the Team Florian Schwendner Central Europe Partner Leader Munich, Germany Antonio Cennamo Senior Director, Channel Reading, UK Bruce Boettcher Global Alliances Director North America
  13. 13. Q3 Partner Win Story ● Bluespark is guiding Sport Obermeyer through the digital transformation process and building/integrating components of their digital experience platform ● Enterprise Drupal 8 ecommerce platform ● Consolidated 3 separate Obermeyer websites into a single unified platform, now deployed on Acquia Cloud ● Made open source contributions to drupal8 and drupalcommerce ecosystems in order to be able to complete the project What’s next? ● Building out their D2C capabilities which will launch worldwide in 2020 ● Continue to guide Sport Obermeyer along the transformation timeline
  14. 14. WW Partner Team Performance YTD 65% New logo subscription $$$ were partner originated 54% New logo subscription units were partner originated All subscription $ are partner influenced 15% We are still missing out on many opportunities.
  15. 15. How We Are Looking to Build Practices RECRUITMENT AND ONBOARDING Geo, Vertical, Segment, Capability DEMAND GEN & CO-MARKETING PR Thought-Leadership Case studies, webinars Field Events & Conferences Awards & Recognition Joint Promotion SALES GTM Plans Target Accounts Alignment with Acquia Sellers Joint selling Reward RE-USABLE IP Reference Architectures Solution Accelerators Product Integrations IMPLEMENTATION Solution Specialization Certification Training Delivery Assurance PS Augmentation PARTNER MANAGEMENT
  16. 16. How We Are Looking to Build Practices Partner team priorities - Align Partners to Sales GTM - Partner coverage in each territory - Building broad and deep practices within each Focus partner that deliver consistent growth Operating Principles - Defend each other in accounts - Support each other in existing account expansion - Win new logos together
  17. 17. The 2020 Partner Team Strategy is about SCALE – Working more broadly & deeply within existing partners – Collaborating on install base Up/Cross Selling “White Space Campaign” – Launching “sales” certifications to improve partner enablement – Measuring and rewarding Drupal contribution – Recruiting new partners into program and GTM – Continuing to acquire additional products to enable more high margin partner services – Investments in delivery capability
  18. 18. Acquia Product Updates
  19. 19. To deliver the universal platform for the world’s greatest digital experiences Acquia’s Vision
  20. 20. We are delivering more product than we ever have in Acquia’s 12 year history. In 2019 alone… 5 new products 70 new features 2 recent acquisitions 6,000+ Open Source code contributions
  21. 21. ACQUIA OPEN DIGITAL EXPERIENCE PLATFORM SITE FACTORY DRUPAL CLOUD Everything you need to build, design and run sites and applications CLOUD COHESION EDGE DEVELOPER STUDIO LIGHTNING MARKETING CLOUD Connect, personalize, and engage with customers on any channel LIFT JOURNEY MAESTRO MAUTICCONTENT HUB CONTENT CLOUD Authoring and publishing for headless digital experiences CaaS DAM
  22. 22. Customers have reasonable expectations, and brands struggle to meet them. Of course, that doesn’t mean brands should give up. The results of the Acquia-commissioned global survey present an opportunity for marketers to plot a new course. Visit to download a copy of Acquia’s latest customer experience trends report “Deliver the CX They Expect” and join the conversation at #AcquiaCX DOWNLOAD NOW
  23. 23. Marketers Are Focused on Improving Their CX of marketers say that personalization for customers and personalization for potential customers is part of their marketing strategy for the next 12 months.
  24. 24. Acquia Partner Enablement
  25. 25. ENABLEMENT RESOURCES Available Now NEW RESOURCES Coming soon... ๏ Acquia Academy ○ Product Overviews for Sellers ○ Technical Product Onboarding ○ Partner Delivery Enablement ○ Sales collateral ๏ Demo Enablement delivered by Acquia SA’s ๏ Product Sandboxes - ○ ACSF, Lift, DAM, Mautic, Cohesion ๏ Sales Champions enablement events ๏ Certification programs ๏ Sales GTM Planning ๏ Solution Partner Programs to enable practice development ๏ New Partner Portal with SFDC Integration ๏ Product Enablement Boot Camps ○ Cohesion Early Adopter Program kicking off again in January 2020 ๏ New calendar of Sales Champions events for 2020 ๏ Sales Certification ๏ Acquia Value Selling
  26. 26. ACQUIA PRODUCT SANDBOXES Create and manage hundreds of sites in one place Request access through your partner manager or email Personalization to Drive Engagement Request access through your partner manager or email Develop and Run Drupal Sites Locally Download at Drupal 8 distribution for Rapid Site Development. Download at Low-code site builder for Drupal 8, available exclusively with Acquia Cloud or Acquia Cloud Site Factory Download at Open Marketing Cloud Request a demo instance at Build & manage digital experiences of all shapes and sizes; Node.js supported Register at ster Manage Digital Assets and Achieve Brand Consistency Request access through your partner manager or email Acquia Dev Desktop
  27. 27. ACTION: Access Acquia Academy today. Register at The domains of authorized partners are whitelisted. If you experience difficulties logging in, please contact
  28. 28. Acquia Product Specialization
  29. 29. Early Adopter Program for Partners
  30. 30. Cohesion Early Adopter Partner Program PROGRAM DETAILS: Free, 6 week program for partners which combines live webinars and self-guided e-learning; 20-25 hour approx. commitment per participant PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Sales positioning and site builder workshops/tutorials with weekly assignments, check ins and certification; Technical support available throughout the program AUDIENCE: Design-focused, CSS-aware front end developers (primary audience); Drupal developers who assist with Project support and Drupal set up (secondary audience); Sales and Business Development (for first 1-2 sessions on sales positioning) GET STARTED: Next Cohesion EAP for Partners starts in Mid- to Late-January. Apply to join through your partner manager or contact
  31. 31. Leverage Acquia’s data-first personalization tool to create in context experiences that drive engagement and conversion for your customers PROGRAM DETAILS ﹣ Full Lift product access ﹣ Guided onboarding and implementation support delivered by our Digital Experience Team ﹣ Campaign launch planning and support ﹣ Acquia Lift Product Certification for your team ﹣ Co-Marketing and joint-promotion initiatives with Acquia Marketing Team ﹣ Lift Solution Partner Badge displayed on Acquia Partner Finder Listing LIFT SOLUTION PARTNER PROGRAM
  32. 32. ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary MAUTIC SOLUTION PARTNER PROGRAM COMING SOON! - Product Access - Guided Onboarding - Best Practices and Support - Co-Marketing and Joint Promotion Contact your Partner Manager or to Learn More! - Badge/Recognition within Acquia Partner Program and on the Acquia Partner Finder - Programs for Reselling and Referring
  33. 33. Marketing Checklist ❏ Sign up to sponsor Engage 2020 now! Don’t wait and miss the package you were hoping for. ❏ Register for our quarterly platform update webinar in January ❏ Register for our Partner events in Q1! ❏ Make sure we have the right contact information for your team so we can keep you in the loop ❏ How are we going to market together? Develop a joint value proposition that we can tackle together. ❏ Get up to speed on Cohesion, Mautic - request a sales enablement session or demo from your partner manager ❏ Book a 2020 planning session with your Partner Manager ❏ Register a sales opportunity and review open opportunities with your Partner Manager ❏ Come to our Boston HQ! ❏ Build your personalization practice around Acquia Lift - Join the Lift Solution Partner Program ❏ Learn more about the Mautic Solution Partner Program ❏ Sign up for the next Cohesion Early Adopter Partner Program ❏ Register & login to the Acquia Academy! Invite team members. Bookmark it. Check back often. ❏ Request access to Acquia Product sandboxes ❏ Get your Drupal developers certified Sales Checklist Technical Checklist
  34. 34. #ACQUIAKICKOFF Make plans to visit Acquia HQ in 2020. Talk to your Partner Manager about scheduling a visit.
  35. 35. Guest Speaker: Mike Sullivan, President & CEO
  36. 36. Q&A
  37. 37. THANK YOU