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Partner Day DrupalCon Munich 2012


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Partner Day presentation at DrupalCon Munich August 2012 by Joe Wykes, VP Global Channel and Tim Norman.

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Partner Day DrupalCon Munich 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to Partner Day#acquiapartnerdayAugust 20th, 2012Joe Wykes, VP Global Channels
  2. 2. The Partner Team• Joe Wykes +1 415 734 0754• Tim Norman +44 776 767 4958
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda• 14.00 - Welcome & Introductions • Joe, Jacob & Jim• 14.20 - Product Overview• 14.40 - Partner Case Studies• 15.40 - Break• 16.00 - Partner Case Studies cont’d• 16.15 - Questions & Answers• 16.30 - Tom Erickson, CEO Acquia• 17.00 - What are our next steps• 17.15 - Networking
  4. 4. Vision To reinvent how organizations create, maintain and grow killer web experiences through Drupal.
  5. 5. Enormous Opportunity in Digital Marketing• Chief Digital Officers & CIO’s need help - Digital Marketing Agencies - Systems Integrators - Technology companies• Expansion of partner eco-system - Strategic objective of Acquia - Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure Partner success - Commitments & investments by Acquia & Partners
  6. 6. Investing in Drupal• Investing in Drupal adoption - Drupal Gardens - OCTO - Web Experience Management (WEM)• One program to support growth - Ready, Enterprise & Enterprise Select review & upgrades - Investment in Partner team • EMEA hire started August 6th • Channel Managers in N. America, EMEA • Channel Marketing & Communications
  7. 7. Why Acquia• Our business model is to work WITH partners…….not to build a business that competes with you.
  8. 8. Investing for Partner success• Partner Portal - Stay informed, gain knowledge, access tools & collateral - Promote your company & solutions; profile pages - Co-sell with Acquia - Lead registration & tracking - Financial rewards• Our products are designed to - Enable you - Optimize your customers experience - Protect your margin and reduce your risk
  9. 9. Building a great business together• Common Growth Goals - Expand the Drupal market - Deepen account relationships - Develop vertical solutions - Geographic expansion• Investing in Acquia channel team & field sales - Compete & Win against Adobe, SiteCore, SDL, Jive, Oracle etc - Help grow the size of the deal - Provide support during sales cycle
  10. 10. Drupal + Acquia Results inMore Budget for Partner Services Eliminate theBudget = 100 Acquia Proprietary proprietary software license tax.Strategy, Design,UX 55 30 Open source meansImplementation / a higher percentagePMO 25 25 of budget to agencySoftware licensefees 0 30 Additional cost savings as projectSLA Support /Infrastructure 15 15 needs evolve
  11. 11. Announcing “Partner Sites of the Year”• Awards and recognition for spectacular Drupal projects - Criteria inc. Visual Design, Functionality, Interactivity and Overall Experience - Panel of judges formed from leading experts in our community - December 2012 deadline for submission; results January 2013• Categories - Mobile - Social - E-commerce - General commercial - Marketing experience - Public sector - Education - Not for profit
  12. 12. Making it easier to develop,deploy and maintain customersites
  13. 13. The answers you need
  14. 14. Support that has your back • World Class team of Drupalists for support and coaching • Located in North America, Europe and Australia • Ticket-based, rapid response • Automated site monitoring • Backup services
  15. 15. Tools that help manage & extend your sitesAcquia Tools Third Party Tools learn Real-time analysis and proactive alerts for issues with your Drupal code and configuration. optimize Helps you increase traffic from organic search by identifying areas for improvement. A fully managed and hosted version of the Apache Solr, which is easy to install and scale. extend
  16. 16. Acquia Insight • Dynamic scoring for Drupal performance, best practices and security • Drupal code analysis • Configuration monitoring • Proactive alerts & recommendations
  17. 17. Acquia Search • Recently Improved! • Performance enhanced by moving to Solr 3.5 • Geospatial search & Search API supported • Improved attachment search • Drupal 6 and 7 content in the same index • Search stats in your dashboard
  18. 18. Coming soon…Get a free scan of your site with InsightTry the Acquia Network for free, forever with our new free subscription
  19. 19. Optimized Drupal EnvironmentReal-time Elastic, High Availability infrastructure 24x7 white-glove support
  20. 20. What’s Acquia Cloud? Acquia Cloud is... Coming soon….• A platform-as-a-service, built on • A permanently free platform for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) development!• Acquia Cloud is a highly-available, • Acquia will host dev/stage elastic hosting environment that gives customers one single support number • You’ll have access to our continuous to call for their all Drupal Application and integration workflow tools, and Cloud Infrastructure support API
  21. 21. Learn, Try, Sell onboarding program • Attend Acquia Product Training (2 hr online session)Learn • Connect with Acquia Support team member • Connect with Professional Services team member • Gain hands-on experience with our products: The Acquia Network Try Dev Cloud • Provide a “digitalfeedback product • Acquire badge” • Once you start selling our products, you will receive marketing benefits and other incentives:Sell Lead generation Brand awareness & visibility
  22. 22. Acquia Solutions for the Open Web John Carione Senior Director of Solutions Marketing
  23. 23. Inside Many Large Organizations,the Web Is Broken Microsite Microsite Microsite Intranet Intranet Landing Page MicrositeWeb Content Landing Page Blog Microsite SocialManagement Blog Event site Business Community platform Main website Extranet Software Corp-com site Microsite Corp-com Wiki Extranet site Community platform Media Event site Media gallery Product gallery site Main website Wiki Promotion eCommerce Product Microsite site Ecommerce site site Promotion Microsite eCommerce
  24. 24. Solutions are required to bridge the GapBetween Marketing and IT Marketing IT Challenges Challenges (CMO) exchanging ideas (CIO) Mobile optimized experiences Mobile app development Harness social media Big data / web scale Mass personalization / testing Increase return from analytics Translation Localization costs / quality Managing digital assets Content availabilityMarketing dashboards / reporting Platform integration / ecosystem
  25. 25. A Customer Journey Attract Attract Engage Engage Associate Associate Influence Influence Sell Sell Retain RetainCustomer Market Strategy Content Community Commerce Segments Social WCM Business eCommerce Software Solutions Drupal Coltrane Commons Commerce Platform DRUPAL
  26. 26. WEM Drives Real ROI 55% of consumers felt positively when companies responded Tablet visitors spend to a social media posting. Companies over 50% more that change content than visitors who use based upon visitor behavior smartphones, and over 20% more than visitors who WEM + DAM use desktop or laptop computers. is a powerful combination to 148% translate online marketing strategies that are measurable return on marketing and repeatable. investments  Customers who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium 63% in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, current growth in and relationship growth. revenues
  27. 27. Acquia Solutions for the Open Web1) WEM Services Commons D7Futures! - Available Early-Content Targeting Autumn 2012-Rich Media Mgmt-Content Federation-Customer Insights2) Enterprise Gardens Acquia Network Support
  28. 28. Web Experience Services: Roadmap 1. Find and share content for multichannel Rich Media campaigns Services5. Share data Customer Content 2. Increase from CRM to Insight Targeting online Exchange Services inform the web conversion rates / personalization Content . Content Translation Federation Services Services 4. Reach new 3. Syndicate markets with content across consistent channels and messaging sites
  29. 29. Enterprise Gardens• Site factory approach• Partner opportunities: − Design − Build − API integrations − Migrations
  30. 30. Partner Success StoriesMédecins Sans Frontièresby dotProjects
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. DAM Translation Automation Integration Multi-site Content Search Store Drupal 7 + “usual CMS modules” Acquia Managed Cloud33
  34. 34. 34