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Open Marketing: What Every Modern Marketer Needs To Know


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Join us on September 5th at 2:00PM EST where we'll explore how content marketers can maximize their Demand Generation efforts and satisfy sales need for higher quality leads. We'll discuss how the open marketing cloud can help systems share data so teams can easily collaborate and respond in a timelier manner, all resulting in better overall customer experiences and improve lead quality.
-Open Marketing can improve your demand generation efforts by:
-Collecting better contact data, resulting in more actionable sales leads
-Being able to automate and execute in less time
-Enabling sales with real-time contact engagement notifications

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Open Marketing: What Every Modern Marketer Needs To Know

  1. 1. Open Marketing: What Every Modern Marketer Needs to Know Katie Staveley | VP of Marketing | | @staveley_katie
  2. 2. About me: Katie Staveley VP Marketing, Acquia My background: ● B2B technology marketing ● Demand generation and content ● Power user of Mautic (and other marketing ops technology) Short Background About Mautic: Started as an open source marketing automation project in 2014. Commercial business offering Mautic Open Marketing Cloud SaaS solutions since 2016. Helping teams of all sizes build a seamless customer experience across the entire business. Acquired by Acquia in May 2019.
  3. 3. ● “Open Marketing” you said? ● Personalization is more than “Hello {First Name}” ● IRL: Putting open marketing into practice ● How Mautic embodies openness ● Wrap up and AMA Today’s Agenda Your customers’ experience is directly impacted by your entire stack
  4. 4. open adjective ˈō-pən , -pᵊm Definition of open 1: having no enclosing or confining barrier: accessible on all or nearly all sides Open Marketing Free, accessible, unrestricted.
  5. 5. We compete and grow on the basis of the customer experience we create. Gaining buyer preference relies on amazing experiences, resulting in: ● Real market differentiation ● Sustained defensibility The Rise of the Experience Economy “From now on, leading-edge companies—whether they sell to consumers or businesses—will find that the next competitive battleground lies in staging experiences.” B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, Harvard Business Review Our mission has changed
  6. 6. Customer experience happens across touchpoints and conversations Build Relationships Over Time Enable 2-Way Dialogue Exchange Value Reflect Interest & Sentiment
  7. 7. Hello, Katie!
  8. 8. @MAUTIC WWW.MAUTIC.COM Hello {First Name} 5 Simple Ways to Personalize the Customer Experience
  9. 9. Possible Dimensions ● Geography ● Demographic ● Firmographic ● Affinity / interest ● Past behavior ● Real-time behavior Focus on refining segments that are most valuable to your business. 1. Segmentation Organize your audience into smaller, more targeted lists
  10. 10. Don’t limit yourself to just email. Personalization can and should be applied across all your channels. Challenge your team to cross channels that you do AND don’t control. Don’t assume anything. 2. Multiple Channels Get outside the inbox “I’m B2B, we don’t send text messages.”
  11. 11. 3a. Dynamic Content Tailor your email content based on user demographics or behavior ★ Region 1 ★ Region 2
  12. 12. 3b. Dynamic Content Apply the same tactics on your website ★ Unknown ★ Known
  13. 13. Give individuals a choice – ask them what they want 4. Preferences Be a Good Listener ★ Types of content ★ Channels to receive information ★ Frequency of messages ★ Break up
  14. 14. Optimize message delivery ● Time of day or week ● Frequency ● By channel Optimize message content ● By device ● By interest (short vs. long version) ● Visual vs. text / video vs. eBook 5. Machine Learning | AI Boo beep boop… let the machines take over Hello {First Name}
  15. 15. @MAUTIC WWW.MAUTIC.COM IRL Enabling Open with Your Technology Choices
  16. 16. A whopping 7040 SOLUTIONS! Another year of 3% YoY growth with over 200 new solutions added 41% increase since 2017 More technology = more complexity 2019 MarTech Landscape Source:
  17. 17. Open Technology Look for these characteristics Flexibility ● Supports simple and sophisticated ● Enhancements that can easily be switched on or off ● Allows you to test, iterate, succeed, repeat Free movement of data ● Move through your systems freely ● Enables better personalization ● Own your data: access to all of it, not just some No limits to basic needs ● Native functionality built for business users ● Access for all the users you need ● High ceilings of exchange (API limits) ● Ingest any amount and type of data ● Create unlimited fields
  18. 18. Beware of Frankenstack Dangers of a disconnected toolset Symptoms & Side Effects ● Inefficient data sharing ● High potential for data collisions ● Resistant to change (rigid, inflexible) ○ Higher likelihood of downtime ○ Slowed performance ○ Saps your team’s energy and time ● Individual sport vs team sport ● Difficult to truly personalize the experience Worst of all: You have to compromise to work with the technology; rather than having the technology work for you to support your workflows, team, process, and strategy.
  19. 19. Streamlining some solutions can help make your stack more manageable. Bring together the best of breed solutions that work for your organization. Your technology choices should support your business, not force your teams into the solutions’ prescribed process/playbook. Look for flexibility and openness so that you can bring your data together Consolidation is Not a Silver Bullet It’s one path that could be right for you
  20. 20. @MAUTIC WWW.MAUTIC.COM Meet Mautic Open Marketing Cloud
  21. 21. Audience Segmentation Product snapshot ▶ Build Target Lists Based on Demographic/Behavioral Data
  22. 22. Automated Campaigns Product Snapshot ▶ Launch Personalized, Multi-channel Campaigns Quickly
  23. 23. Email Templates Product snapshot ▶ Simply Create Effective, Personalized Emails
  24. 24. A/B Testing Personalized marketing doesn’t start with “Hello {First Name}” ▶ Simple A/B Testing for Emails and Landing Pages
  25. 25. Reports Personalized marketing doesn’t start with “Hello {First Name}” ▶ Gain Insights from Detailed Reporting
  26. 26. Integrations Personalized marketing doesn’t start with “Hello {First Name}” ▶ Connect with Plugins, Integrations and the Open API
  27. 27. Summary Key takeaways from today ● Creating memorable experiences for our customers is mission critical ● Positive experiences depend on building relationships ● Relationships are formed with two-way dialogue, an exchange of value, and personalization ● Look for flexible and open technology – make it your force multiplier ● Personalize more than just the {First Name}
  28. 28. @MAUTIC WWW.MAUTIC.COM Thank you! Product Tour Get Hands-on in the Sandbox What questions can I answer? Katie Staveley | VP, Marketing @staveley_katie