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Next Gen Contextual Commerce


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While personalizing purchasing experiences is nothing new to organizations large and small, orchestrating a seamless consistent personalized commerce journey across offline and online touchpoints was virtually unattainable until only recently. Contextual commerce allows brands to do just that.

Contextual commerce starts with monetizing every touch point through a headless commerce architecture approach and then ensuring a seamless consistent personalized journey throughout all interactions. Driving sales conversions and customer loyalty.

Join our webinar to hear from a panel of experts from Elastic Path, Acquia & Phase2 as they share their experiences building commerce solutions for leading global brands.

In this webinar, our experts will cover:
- What customers expect of your commerce experience
- Why headless commerce is the foundation to delivering, personalized contextual commerce experiences
- How to get organizational buy-in to invest in a personalized commerce solution
- A practical look at the tech stack and strategy needed to scale your personalization experience
- Examples of personalized and contextual commerce journeys

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Next Gen Contextual Commerce

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