Migrating a Vignette Website to Drupal: Story of Multnomah County


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The thought of migrating your website to a modern CMS like Drupal might seem intimidating, however in most cases the benefits will far outweigh the challenges. That's what the team at Multnomah County realized. During a site-wide redesign, they were faced with decision of upgrading their 61 Vignette sites from version 7.3 to 7.5 or choosing an alternate solution like Drupal. After spending months slowly upgrading a few sites at a time, spending thousands of dollars, and in the end not gaining the functionality they needed - it was time for a change.

In this presentation, Acquia and our guest speaker - Joshua Mitchell, Applications Manager General Government/Open Source from Multnomah County - discuss how he and his team successfully turned around their website redesign project. Drupal not only sped the process of launching and maintaining new sites, but also allowed them to move their hosting infrastructure to the cloud, significantly reducing long term costs. This session will cover:

* Requirements included in the evaluation process
* Key factors considered when choosing Drupal
* Lessons learned by the Multnomah County team

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Migrating a Vignette Website to Drupal: Story of Multnomah County

  1. 1. Migrating a Vignette Website To Drupal: Story of Multnomah County Joshua Mitchell Bryan House Applications Manager Sr. Director, Marketing Multnomah County Acquia @bryanhouse
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  4. 4. Training @ DrupalCon:Upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 Conduct upgrades of sites, identify pitfalls and gotchas Learn methods and best practices for development to ease upgrading to Drupal 7 Instructor Team: – Erik Webb - Professional Services, The Inspector – Jacob Singh - Engineer in Drupal Gardens, Mr. Media – Joshua Brauer - Client Advisor, Dr. Deployment
  5. 5. Introduction Joshua Mitchell –Applications Manager General Government / Open Source –Multnomah County
  6. 6. Migrating from Vignette to Drupal The Story of Multnomah CountyJoshua Mitchell, IT Applications Manager, General Government and OpenSource, Multnomah County, Oregon
  7. 7. We started with a simple plan... Redesign the website Migrate from Vignette 7.3 to 7.5 in the process A new CMS was off the table
  8. 8. 1 year later Redesigned look and feel County Chair Website (redesigned twice) Homepage and three commissioners Only three other sites had been migrated
  9. 9. Decision points Vignette 7.6 released Multnomah County hires first ever Open Source manager OpenText buys Vignette Vignette 8 released Chance to test out cloud computing
  10. 10. Vignette Costs Typical year cost is $143,711 in licensing and maintenance Includes: Per CPU licensing Adapters for MS Office and MS Email/Exchange Rich Text Editor (Extron and later ePhox) Web Log Reporting Vignette Portal - a tool for aggregating content into a common "portal" often used for Intranets ...and paying for lots complicated licensing language
  11. 11. Vignette Costs (continued) Full-time Vignette developer Full-time Java/Vignette contractor Full-time web designer Full-time web manager (content and planning) Two part-time content specialists Part-time project manager Part-time trainer
  12. 12. Why we decided to change directionsNot about price... but that didnt hurt
  13. 13. Why we decided to change directionsUsabilityAdding and editing content was cumbersome.
  14. 14. Why we decided to change directionsTrainingAs the number of launched sites on Vignette grew, we realizedthat training time was getting out of hand. Continuous requestsfor ad hoc training or content edits by developers rather thancontent owners.
  15. 15. Why we decided to change directionsFeaturesImage resizing (custom module $$)Media handling (custom code $$)Document management (additional license $$)Adding these capabilities would have been costly additionallicenses from Vignette.
  16. 16. Pilot Project April 12 - Executive buy in April 19-21 - DrupalCon San Francisco (Crash Course) June 21 - Hired Open Source (Drupal) Developer June 30 - Launched Public Affairs Office and Jobs sites August 1 - Pilot concludes and is declared a success
  17. 17. Pilot Project SuccessesSystem handles imagesDrupal allows users to upload full size images and associatethose images with other content. Upon display, Drupaldynamically resizes, compresses, and generates the image inthree different sizes: thumbnail, display and large. These can allbe used for several slideshow solutions in the future andadditional sizes can be added as needed for instant generation.System handles video and slideshow mediaWe have successfully created a standard way to displayYouTube, Flickr and other common media types.
  18. 18. Pilot Project SuccessesCan categorize and tag contentThis is base functionality in Drupal. For the pilot site we areusing tags and have a dynamically generated tag cloud.System supports friendly URLsPath aliases and global redirect give us friendly web addressesthat search engines love.Revision control finally implementedMoved the Drupal code base into an externally hostedsubversion account. Includes ability to deploy code up ourdevelopment stack.
  19. 19. Pilot Project SuccessesRSS out of the boxThis is base functionality in Drupal. All of our news and eventsis automatically published to RSS feeds.Powerful templatingWe easily matched our look and feel and it is much easier torole new features with a consistent design throughout the site.SearchStarting with a module that integrates Google Custom SearchEngine. We have plans to move to Apache Solr and facetedsearch.
  20. 20. Pilot Project SuccessesSite archive and restorationBackup and Migrate module takes a database snapshot everytwo hours. Twice a day, we back up all the files on the site to allour development environments and an internal server. Beforeevery code change we snapshot the entire server as a restorepoint.Site launches at the touch of a buttonNo developers are harmed in the making of a site. We can nowcreate a new site within seconds. (We used this to ouradvantage to create a Google Apps training site on the fly inabout 2 hours.)
  21. 21. Pilot Project SuccessesWebformsOur users can be trained to create their own webforms forcollecting data and creating complicated contact forms.Blogs, comments, public interaction, oh myWhile weve been slow to release new blogs, Drupal gave usthe ability to role blog functionality into any new site.(Warning... your government users may not be ready for this.)
  22. 22. Drupal Stack AWS and Drupal: Two great tastes that go great together Amazon’s Elastic Computing (EC2) environment with Elastic Block Storage (EBS) Pressflow (optimized version of Drupal) Special configuration Varnish for HTTP caching Memcached for MySQL caching APC for PHP caching
  23. 23. Drupal Stack Elastic IP allows us to hot swap our UAT and Production environments in ~3 seconds. Estimated load capability of ~20,000 page views per second.
  24. 24. Uptime ComparisonVignette - Public Websites August 2010 through January 2011
  25. 25. Uptime ComparisonDrupal - Public Websites August 2010 through January 2011
  26. 26. Drupal Costs No licensing or maintenance costs for our environment Server costs are slightly less due to Amazon Web Services environment. Use a package repository specifically designed for optimized Drupal build. Full 3-server AWS stack costs about $500 per month including instance run time and bandwidth usage. Fluctuates based on actual usage. Hosted subversion is $50 per month.
  27. 27. Drupal Costs (continued) Full-time Drupal developer Full-time Java developer retrained to Drupal Full-time web designer Full-time web manager (content and planning) Two part-time content specialists Part-time project manager Part-time Drupal trainer
  28. 28. Thank you The finishing crew Helped along the way Archie (Linux admin) Larry (integration) Arun (engineering) Mike (integration) Bob (engineering) James (design) Moved on along the way Julia (planning) Kashif (engineering) Rachel (content) Nadya (project mgmt) Sanne (content) Lee (training) Stacey (training) Xingwu (engineering)
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