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How Digitising Vocational Training Allowed Audi Australia To Strengthen Its Brand


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Presented at Acquia Engage APAC by Graham O'Connell, Lead Developer, GMWEB & Justin Barrie, Principal, Design Managers Australia.

The vocational training market is increasingly offered COTS options for managing student progress. This case study shows how Audi Australia chose to go another way – using Drupal and Acquia to tailor and enhance their training outcomes and outputs.

Audi Australia now has a world-leading, customised student management system that goes above and beyond government requirements while supporting the entire network of dealers and service centres in Australia.

Graham and Justin will share the processes used and challenges overcome while moving to an in-house digital environment for apprentice management, including the effective use of service design to develop clear customer experience journeys that lead to the delivery of innovative technology solutions.

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How Digitising Vocational Training Allowed Audi Australia To Strengthen Its Brand

  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY • Bringing training in-house meant an opportunity to digitally transform the experience • Audi needed the training of its apprentices to match their standards of excellence • The outcomes had to exceed expectations in terms of people, process and technology – whilst fitting into the global Volkswagen ICT framework and standards
  3. 3. THE APPROACH • Combine excellence in digital delivery with a service design front-end
  4. 4. WHAT THEY GOT Best practice service design delivered by DMA that was more than developing technical requirements. • Created insights for the Audi business based on how people actually operate. • Led to an evidence based- brief for the digital build. • Left Audi with a stand- alone piece of IP about their new, internalised service system. The highest quality technical solution including a public-facing lead generation funnel and a training delivery portal personalised for key organisational roles to support the delivery of the Audi apprenticeship training program. • Based on evidence from the design phase. • Focused on meaningful, useful and practical innovation. • In line with, but exceeding industry standards. Dedicated testing of the digital products based on the service design principles of iteration and prototyping. • With future users of the system. • In line with the intent of Audi Australia. • Delivering a tested system on implementation. 1 2 3
  5. 5. HOW WE DELIVERED – SERVICE DESIGN The in-depth service design process moved through the following phases: • Research with team at Audi HQ • Field Research with a range of users • Observation of the system in use • Current state analysis • Prototyping in collaboration with users
  6. 6. DESIGN TO MAKE NOT JUST THINK Intent and the resulting research is undertaken to create insight that leads to decision-making and design solutions
  7. 7. WHAT WAS DELIVERED FOR THE CLIENT Actionable insights that are used in the technical development phase, including: • Future State visualisations • Mock-ups of the ideal system
  8. 8. • Large dispersed user group • Attraction to the system • Evolving needs of system administrators • Government auditing and requirements CHALLENGES AND INSIGHTS
  9. 9. HOW WE DELIVERED – THE BUILD • Open-source with customisation • Platform allowing continuous delivery • Users first, while meeting regulations • Service design principles
  10. 10. CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE BUILD • Engagement and approval with CIO of Volkswagen • Corporate guidelines driven out of Germany • New system and processes and learning • Audit and regulatory limitations
  11. 11. WHAT THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN • Brand enhancements through leading digital solutions, enhanced attraction of quality apprentices, higher-level training • Creation of a true end-to-end experience for apprentices and for Aftersales Teams 2175+ admin hours saved per year 436+ dealership hours saved per year 3358+ potential apprentices reached
  12. 12. HOW DID WE DELIVER • Small responsive team • Research – evidence – insight • Rapid delivery
  13. 13. WHY IT WORKED • Combination of our skill and the platform we were able to use • Audi’s bravery to accept just because hundreds of people were going to use it, it didn’t mean hundreds of people are required to build it • Design, agility and responsive tech
  14. 14. Graham O’Connell GMWEB Justin Barrie Design Managers Australia @dma_canberra THANKS