The Future of Drupal in Higher Ed


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The Future of Drupal in Higher Ed

  1. Future of Drupal inHigher EducationBryan House, VP Product Marketing, Acquia
  2. Drupal in Higher Education Today
  3. Drupal in Higher Education Today
  4. PeopleLearning Technology
  5. Explosion in Web Demands on IT •websites per campus#’s •mobile technologies •social channels •technology objectives
  6. Realities ofHigher Education Market•Tight budgets•Disparate IT organizations•Industry specific requirements
  7. Evolving Technology Landscapein Higher Education•Mobile•Increased competition for applicants•Open, global campuses•PLE - Personalized Learning Environments
  8. Explosion in# of websites on campus
  9. How Web TeamsWant to Spend Their Time Sustaining New
  10. How Web TeamsActually Spend Their Time Sustaining New
  11. Create aCampus Website Factory
  12. Enterprise Drupal GardensRapid Site Deployment Platform Information architecture Page layouts 1 Select website template Templates Roles & permissions Content types & display Pre-defined themes 2 Configure site-specific settings 3 Add site content 4 Add people & launch! http://www.[customdomain].com
  13. Site Factory to Build andManage Thousands of Websites + +Launch websites Rapidly createby the hundreds, new site templateswith minimal effort + + + + + + + +
  14. Simple UX for Content Contributors
  15. Simple, Yet Powerful Design Tools
  16. Template-based Sites• Pre-configured templates -Information architecture -Page layouts -Brand elements -Themes -Third party integrations
  17. Websites Without Boundaries Grow your site in Drupal Gardens Acquia manages Drupal stack & hosting Grow your site with: •Custom modules •Custom code, plugins •Integration with 3rd party API’s Acquia manages code, Drupal stack & hosting
  18. Turn [yourschool].edu intoA Digital Marketing Machine
  19. Building Compelling Web Experiences 1.!Find and share content for Rich Media multichannel Services campaigns Mobile5.!Share data from Customer Personal- 2.!Increase online CRM to inform the Information ization conversion rates Exchange Services web / personalization. Content Big Data / Collaboration Analytics Mobile Content Services Federation 4.!Reach new Services 3.!Syndicate content markets with across channels consistent Search and sites messaging
  20. Turn Challenges into Opportunities Additional platforms to reach Channels and Device Choices engaged prospects Access to prospect data at Data Explosion web scale Access to instant feedback and Engaging via Social Media personal engagement Opportunities to refine applicantShifting Consumer Demographics segments and targeting
  21. Build Advocates for Your Institution Build deep customer connections that Introduce widget to prospective transcend channels, devices, and student segment departments with a unified voice. Update content on mobile LOY AL B application and push using web ADV RAN services OCA D TES STUD Migrate prospect segment B from•Consistent ENT Facebook Fan page to University ALUM S & message NI website PRO Deliver loyalty program to in•Brand identity SPEC TS alumni•Engaging Launch “Meet the Experts” forum for prospects to interact with experiences professors Release new PR simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, intranet, and microsite
  22. Measure and Refine Your CampaignsOptimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention with the creationand distribution of content. 1. Measure 2. Refine 3. Optimize•How many visitors filled out a •Identify the most •View rich suites of form and submitted? profitable paths through a analytics based on a•How many authenticated website spectrum of data users are searching the •Segment traffic to spot •Test campaigns and course catalog? How many high-value web visitors deliver optimized are new users? •Determine where visitors content based on the•How many prospective results are navigating away from students watched a video the site •Leverage CRM and through until the end? •Identify critical success other marketing tool•Who is clicking on blue hero repositories to deepen metrics for online dynamic personalization images with male on the right marketing campaigns side of the page?
  23. WEM Drives Real ROI 55% of consumers felt positively when institutions responded to a social media posting. Organizations Tablet visitors spend that change content based over 50% more upon visitor than visitors who use behavior smartphones, and over 20% more than visitors who use 148% desktop or laptop computers.return on marketing investments WEM + DAM is a powerful combination to 63% translate online marketing strategies that are measurable current growth and repeatable. in revenues
  24. Mobile First
  25. “ We are now in the 5th major technology cycle of the past half century ” Mary Meeker Kleiner PerkinsMainframe Mini-computer Desktop Internet Mobile
  26. Options Exploding for Connected Students
  27. What problems are we trying to solve? Ooglay! :(
  28. Responsive Design, Mobile First
  29. Project Spark
  30. Mobile phone layout
  31. Tablet layout
  32. Standard page layout
  33. Create Once, Publish Everywhere
  34. Build something extraordinary, with Drupal!
  35. Future of Drupalin Higher Education•OpenSaaS site factory•Digital marketing platform•Mobile first development
  36. Thank You Contact:Bryan House | | @bryanhouse