Four Open Source Drupal Applications for Higher Education


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Four Open Source Drupal Applications for Higher Education. Learn more:

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Four Open Source Drupal Applications for Higher Education

  1. 1. Four Open Source DrupalApplications for Higher EdBryan HouseVP MarketingAcquiaNovember 3rd, 2011
  2. 2. Drupal is Changing the Web Open source, social publishing phenomenon. Market Size [ 1,000,000+ sites ] Innovation [ 12,000+ modules ] Community [ 600,000+ members ] “… is as much a Social Software platform as it is a web content management system.” Real Story Group, The Web CMS Report 2010
  3. 3. Community Powered. Innovation. Profiles & Content Friends (Micro) Rich Bloging Media UGC Social Workflow Analytics Menus Groups Taxonomy Social Drupal Theme Tagging
  4. 4. Assembled Web Experiences Architecture to rapidly “assemble” experiences from building-blocks instead of code sites from scratch. Drupal core Acquia Drupal Solution + recommended Distributions modules
  5. 5. Who ?
  6. 6. Drupal Solutionsfor Higher Education
  7. 7. Packaged Drupal Solutions• Pre-configured, ready to use• Designed for specific use cases• Embedded best practices• Open, fully customizable• One-click install on Acquia Cloud platforms
  8. 8. Drupal Solutions for Higher Education OpenScholar Faculty and student websites Internal & external communityDrupal Commons websites OpenPublish Editorial publication websites Higher education courseware ELMS websites
  9. 9. Open Scholar - Faculty & Project Sites• Create new sites in seconds• Turn features on/off with click of a button• Library of themes to choose from• Drag & drop layout design• Content aggregation and search across multiple sites• Invite users to site quickly• User-friendly content creation / editing
  10. 10. Open Scholar - Faculty & Project Sites• Simple tools for content creation• Improve collaboration and communication• Rapid configuration and rollout
  11. 11. Commons - Community Websites• Branded internal and external communities• Join and manage groups• Collaborate on shared content• Connect via activity streams• Create profiles, friend colleagues, award badges• Track participation via community analytics
  12. 12. Commons - Community Websites• Deploy pre-configured, community sites quickly• Foster self-organizing collaboration across diverse groups• Create branded experiences that meet your institutionʼs needs
  13. 13. OpenPublish - News/Magazine Websites• Create social publishing news sites quickly• Manage editorial workflows and approvals• Encourage participation with social tools• Build topic tubs by taxonomy terms• Automate tagging for semantically rich metadata• Manage advertising with standard tools
  14. 14. OpenPublish - News/Magazine Websites• Deploy best of breed editorial websites quickly• Encourage engagement and participation to increase traffic• Increase revenue from media properties
  15. 15. ELMS - E-Learning Management System• Developed by internal team at Penn State• Create a unique site per course• Design engaging experiences with highly flexible theming layer• Create and distribute course outlines & materials• Integrate rich media courseware• Meets necessary accessibility requirements
  16. 16. Experience Design Before - in LMS After - with Drupal ELMS
  17. 17. ELMS - E-Learning Management System• Point-and-click site and course outline creation• Add rich media assets to courseware easily• Create engaging experiences to foster student engagement• More info: - Bryan Ollendyke, Penn State - Twitter/AIM/Drupal: btopro -
  18. 18. Drupal in Action at Portland State University• Migrated 190 sites from Drupal 6 to 7• Standard branding, with customization options• Pre-defined theming & templates• Syndicate content across multi-site deployment• Partner - ImageX Media
  19. 19. Drupal in Action at Portland State University• Single platform• Easier to manage• Lower cost• Reduced complexity• Individual sites built by department• Learn more @ - drupal-education
  20. 20. Acquia [ start! ]is YourEnterpriseDrupalGuide [ ] enterprise deployment
  21. 21. Training & [ start! ]Professional [learn ]Services [ ] enterprise deployment
  22. 22. Products to [ start! ]Build DrupalApplications [ build] [ ] enterprise deployment
  23. 23. Cloud Service [ start! ]Platforms forRapidDeployment [ deploy ] [ ] enterprise deployment
  24. 24. Enterprise- [ start! ]class 24x7Support [ operate ] [ ] enterprise deployment