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Facing the Facts: The State of Personalization Today


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We’ve been talking about the value of personalization for ten years (or maybe more), and you’ve likely read dozens of articles explaining how personalization can help drive business results.

The personalization space has fundamentally shifted. Once a “nice to have” and competitive advantage, personalization is now a requirement for customer experience focused organizations. In fact, 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization, meaning if you aren’t doing so today, you’re already behind the competition.

That said, building a personalization practice is still a challenge for a lot of organizations today. Some are lacking strategy from the outset, knowing they want to “do personalization” but not exactly sure what that means or how to start. Others have a clear sense of what they want to
do, but are constricted by the bottleneck that exists between marketing and development teams.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
- Key trends and data points about the state of personalization today
- The business challenges and requirements around personalization
- How to define, create and launch a personalization strategy
- Capabilities your personalization solution needs to have
- A preview of new capabilities available within Acquia Lift to solve these challenges and make building personalized digital experiences easier than ever at scale

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Facing the Facts: The State of Personalization Today

  1. 1. Facing the Facts: The State of Personalization Today
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Ted OtteyEric Fullerton Product Manager Acquia Lift Product Marketing Manager Acquia Lift, Acquia Journey, Mautic
  3. 3. Webinar Agenda - Key trends and data points on state of personalization today - Business challenges around personalization - How to define and launch a personalization strategy - Key capabilities for a marketer ready personalization solution - Demo: How Acquia Lift makes personalization easier than ever before
  4. 4. Business are Prioritizing Personalization
  5. 5. Consumers Expect Personalized Experiences of consumers say they are ONLY LIKELY to engage with an offer if it has been personalized. (Marketo) 79%
  6. 6. Majority Rules Of digital businesses are investing in personalization (Acquia CX Report) 89%
  7. 7. Major Line Item Of the average marketing budget went to personalization (Gartner) 14%
  8. 8. A Marketer’s Point of View Of marketers globally feel like technology has made it harder, not easier, to offer personalized experiences (Acquia CX Report) 74%
  9. 9. A Consumers Point of View Of consumers said they feel like a generic customer rather than unique individual (Acquia CX Report) 79%
  10. 10. A Consumers Point of View Feel that the brands that should know them simply don’t, even at a basic level (Acquia CX Report) 61%
  11. 11. It’s really hard to build sustainable personalization practices when lacking or facing ❏ Expertise ❏ Resources ❏ Overarching strategy or use cases ❏ Difficulty to use tools or technology ❏ Changing priorities or people
  12. 12. 12 ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary CRAWL Lower effort, fast results These are what you can start with immediately (from a content AND data standpoint). They are low effort, with varying impact and fast results. WALK Requires more content & data but higher impact These require additional content and more data for further defined segments. They are medium to high effort, with corresponding impact. RUN More time & complexity, highest impact potential These require additional content, more personalization rules, and more data for further defined segments. They are high effort, with high impact -- over an extended period of time. A 3 Step Strategy for Personalization Success
  13. 13. Geolocation Marketing Campaigns Visit Frequency Browsing Behavior Pages Viewed Known Information Device/System Completed Events CRM Integration Cross-Channel Behavior Combination of Above CRAWLWALKRUN Crawl, Walk, Run - Personalization in Practice
  14. 14. Capabilities for Marketer Ready Personalization
  15. 15. Lift v4 Product Overview Single unified login screen
  16. 16. Lift v4 Product Overview Central overview dashboard
  17. 17. Lift v4 Product Overview New campaign structure to more easily manage personalization at scale
  18. 18. Lift v4 Product Overview Guided step-by-step personalization creation
  19. 19. Lift v4 Product Overview New feature: scheduling personalizations
  20. 20. Lift v4 Product Overview Integrated visual website building interface within a single experience flow
  21. 21. Lift v4 Product Overview Simplified visual builder to focus on key actions
  22. 22. Lift v4 Product Overview Point and click personalization, no code required
  23. 23. Lift v4 Product Overview Calendar view of personalization
  24. 24. Lift v4 Product Overview One click migration, built into the product
  25. 25. All New Acquia Lift Demo
  26. 26. Challenge: Wendy’s had 33 million unique visitors. A generic, one size fits all experience just isn’t good enough for customers with different backgrounds and food interests. And their website experience wasn’t holding up to their brand experience on their app or social platforms.
  27. 27. RESULTS: Wendy’s replatformed with Acquia in 88 days. Within 30 days of site going live they were using Acquia Lift to personalize based on food preference segments (hamburger, chicken, salad), geolocation, & behavior. A/B testing on menu items, new product releases, and promotions PRODUCTS USED:
  28. 28. RESULTS: After 18 months, Wendy’s saw: – $35M increase in system sale – $2M gained in efficiencies – 140x reduction in content lead times – 137% improvement in site speed – 20% YoY increase in organic users to 40 million – 2x conversion on personalized content
  29. 29. A Look At The Rest of 2019... - New campaign analytics report capabilities - Automated multilingual personalization - Simplified segment creation - Improved multi-site campaign management - Expanded 3rd party integrations
  30. 30. Questions?