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Extending Your Brand and CX into the Digital Marketplace


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In today’s competitive global market, a good customer experience isn't enough. Companies are striving to attract and retain customers who expect and demand a personalised experience that has a "wow factor."

Isabella Villani, an industry strategist and author of “Good to Great CX,” will discuss best practices to deliver engaging CX.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How to use advances in technology to extend your traditional brand and customer experience to digital.
How to transform your organisation and differentiate yourself in the market.
How to create innovative, creative and seamless customer experiences on every channel.

About the presenter

Isabella Villani is an industry expert in customer experience, employee engagement, transformation and omnichannel strategy.

Villani, who founded Exceed Global six years ago, has extensive experience in business optimisation, change management, program management, and training. She has consulted for companies in banking and finance, telecommunications, health, infrastructure and resources, as well as to government and not-for-profit organisations.

Exceed Global provides innovative best-practice advisory, research, and talent solutions to help businesses solve problems, increase profitability, gain market advantage, and achieve operational excellence.

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Extending Your Brand and CX into the Digital Marketplace

  1. 1. Extending Your Brand and CX into the Digital Marketplace ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Welcome to today’s webinar MODERATOR Nicole Stirling, Marketing Director, Acquia RECORDING – The webinar recording will be emailed to you within the next couple of days QUESTIONS? – Submit your questions in the chat box and we’ll attempt to answer them during the Q&A at the end of the presentation
  3. 3. 1,200+ Enterprise Customers The Leading Provider of cloud-based, data-driven journey technology to build, manage and activate digital experiences at scale HQ in Boston with 14 Global Offices in 7 Countries 780+ Employees 2,000+ Partners Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Who Is Acquia
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  5. 5. ©2017 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Customer success across industries Media & Entertainment Public Sector Higher Education CPG / Retail
  6. 6. ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Today’s presenter Isabella Villani Company Director and Chief Customer Officer, Exceed Global Author of Good to Great CX: Customer Experience Strategy to Execution and Transform Customer Experience
  7. 7. Extending Your Brand and CX into the Digital Marketplace 11 September 2018 Presented by Isabella Villani Author of Transform Customer Experience and Good to Great CX Chief Customer Officer, Exceed Global
  8. 8. Who is Exceed Global?
  9. 9. Exceed Global Clients Banking, Finance and Insurance Federal and State Government Utilities and Telco Local Government and NGO Other clients
  10. 10. CX Enterprise Wide Ecosystem Just like a rainforest ecosystem, you must think holistically about all of the symbiotic dependencies each business element has on your CX. To deliver Great CX, you must align the interdependent elements of customers, employees, partners, and operating environments. CorporateCXVision CXStrategy © Exceed Global 2018 10
  11. 11. Customer Expectations © Exceed Global 2018 11 Personalisation Consistency Mobility Timeliness Sociability Self-care Ease Empowerment Empathy Complaints
  12. 12. An innovative, consistent and seamless customer experience across customer contact channels and touchpoints. Omni Channel CX
  13. 13. On target, consistent and easy . © Exceed Global 2018 13 You can’t control the messaging so you must be responsive. Digital doesn’t mean impersonal Same answer/information on every channel Minimum viable ‘experience’ not ‘product’ Customer expectations: current, faster, always on Digital isn’t always your space Knowledge and Content Management matter
  14. 14. Human-Centred Design To create omni channel customer experience, you can use principles and tools such as personas and customer journey mapping to drive human- centred design. © Exceed Global 2018 14
  15. 15. Customer Personas – Who is your customer? Based on customer segmentation and data, organisations can develop a series of personas to “bring their customer segments to life”. Personas represent customer groups and specifics to the particular product or service that the organisation is offering. Understanding who your customers are is key to understanding the customer experience It is important to develop journey maps for all your personas. © Exceed Global 2018 15
  16. 16. What is Customer Journey Mapping? © Exceed Global 2018 It a tool that helps an organisation understand how its stakeholders (customers, employees, or suppliers) interact with it. It allows you to see all the entire interaction as a whole, instead of the various parts that are often siloed from each other. It can be used to review existing interactions or to define new ones e.g. how customers will use a new service. It allows you to describe the steps, experiences and emotions associated with an interaction and identify patterns, “pain points” and opportunities to improve the customer experience. It always describes the interaction from the customer’s point of view. 16
  17. 17. Key components of a Customer Journey Map Persona Sentiments / Emotions Name / Title Touchpoints and Transitions Description / Scope Metrics Steps Timeline © Exceed Global 2018 17
  18. 18. Application of CJM to Transform CX A research tool to identify potential breakdowns in customer service It assists in understanding the current state & envisage the future state A holistic view across customer touchpoints to identify CX inconsistencies A way to prioritise performance improvement opportunities It maps the stages & steps of experience over time © Exceed Global 2018 18
  19. 19. Benefits of Human-Centred Design ENCOURAGE Encourages the organisation to put themselves in their customer’s shoes and develop an emotional connection. ASSIST Assists the organisation better understand their customers as they transition between touchpoints. ESTABLISH Establishes an understanding of your customer’s perception of your brand in each channel or touchpoint. PROMOTE Promotes alignment and collaboration in the organisation. INSIGHTS Provides insights on the customer sentiment at each step of the journey. © Exceed Global 2018 19
  20. 20. Voice of the Customer Program Collect Analyse InformAction Monitor An effective Voice of the Customer Program captures qualitative and quantitative data about customers’ expectations and experiences, and develops organisational awareness of your customers’ point of view. © Exceed Global 2018 20
  21. 21. From Metrics to Success © Exceed Global 2018 21
  22. 22. Measure all elements to become a customer-centric organisation Journey Relationship Transactional Enquiry © Exceed Global 2018 22
  23. 23. Tips and tricks for taking your brand into the digital marketplace © Exceed Global 2018 23 RESPONSIVE The customer influences your brand in the digital marketplace. Be aware and responsive to what you’re customers are saying, thinking and feeling. CONSISTENT Leverage knowledge management and content management systems to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.. HUMAN Digital does not mean impersonal, people will always want to interact with a human when it gets complex or emotional, so make it available and seamless. EXPECTATIONS The digital experience will be faster, always on, personalised, current and most of all EASY. DESIGN Walk in your customers shoes, and design for their experience not your process.
  24. 24. Stay connected Good to Great CX – Customer Experience Strategy to Execution was published in 2016. Copies are currently available for $14.95 (50% off the recommended retail price) for a limited time. Ten copies or more can be purchased for $10 per copy (promo code: BUY10). Visit the Good to Great CX website at to buy your copies. Transform Customer Experience – How to achieve customer success and create exceptional CX will be released online and in stores in February 2019. Advance copies of Transform Customer Experience can be purchased by contacting me directly. Isabella Villani Mobile: +61 407 889 987 Email: LinkedIn: Subscribe to my CX Newsletter: © Exceed Global 2018 24
  25. 25. ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Questions – Submit your questions in the chat box and we’ll attempt to answer them during the Q&A at the end of the presentation To learn more about how Acquia can help you, visit
  26. 26. ©2017 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Thank You