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Evolve or Die: How Marketing Can Eliminate Bottlenecks and Crush Digital Goals


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70% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed 10 years ago are no longer sitting on their fortune. In fact, they have either been knocked out of the top 500 or are no longer in business due to digital disruption.

This is the new reality of enterprise marketing. You have more sites than your team can manage, and there’s increasing pressure to keep up with market demands. And what’s more is that when you try to implement new digital processes, you open up a Pandora’s box full of bottlenecks and other unpleasant surprises. You finally get to the point where you either evolve and innovate, or play by the same old rules and get left behind.

That ends now. Join us for a webinar to learn how to stop this digital paralysis and start crushing your digital goals. We’ll review how Acquia Cloud Site Factory helps you:

•Speed up your digital domination and produce 100s of sites in record time
•Get more flexibility and react quickly to market demands
•Manage all sites from one centralized dashboard with unprecedented control

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Evolve or Die: How Marketing Can Eliminate Bottlenecks and Crush Digital Goals

  1. Evolve or Die How Marketing Can Eliminate Bottlenecks and Crush Digital Goals
  2. What We’re Covering Why this webinar is more relevant than any other. Seriously. Digital Paralysis Why Drupal Matters How Site Factory Helps Fortune to Fortune-less Crush Digital Goals
  3. Fortune to Fortune-less
  4. The Fortune 500 are under attack from the digital world. 85% of the Fortune 500s from 1955 are no long in business. 85% 429 didn’t adapt.
  5. Since just 2000, 200 didn’t adapt. 40% more were left behind.
  6. “By 2011, it had become clear to us that digital disruption was on the doorstep of every major industry, as startups and nimble competitors found ways to upend their businesses.” Q3 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. report “Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer”
  7. ? Creation of New Technology7 years ago, we got our first real smartphones. 201009’08’07’ 2014 Today, you can order a private driver from your phone to pick you up in minutes with Uber. What’s next? 2011 2012 2013 1st iPhone 10M iPhones Sold ~100k Apps Available 300k Activations Per Day ~17M iPads Sold 880M Mobile Devices 2 Days Over $700M purchased from mobile devices
  8. Don’t worry, it’s already outdated. It’s better than what you have! But I just bought this!
  9. Customers First
  10. Customers FirstCustomers first means digital first. 1st We’ve now truly entered the age of the customer where providing unique experiences is king. Being able to adapt on the fly, have control at will, and obtain unparalleled speed is critical. Losing out to competitors can mean major repercussions. -1% = $100M Not being digital first means not being customer first.
  11. Who are you? If you’re like our current clients, we know your pain.
  12. Need to reduce costs fast Need to increase revenue Need to be more competitive Want to stay with or ahead of trends Want to prepare for the future now Executive/VP in Business Director of Marketing/Digital Have to move faster Need more flexibility with your CMS Need better control over domains Want a platform that drive metrics Simple to use, easy to train, cheap Head of IT/Solutions Architect Need unified platform with control Want it stored anywhere but here Tons of domains, all unique builds Can’t keep up with build demands Less fires to fight, more innovation
  13. Digital Paralysis You’re stuck in And you might not even know it.
  14. Digital paralysis. The act of doing nothing… Sort of.
  15. Enterprises are trying.
  16. Meet Drupal The open source web content management system.
  17. Why Drupal Matters
  18. DRUPAL CMS ! Drupal DifferenceOffers unlimited growth for the ever changing world. Open Source Always free, always evolving. Being an open source platform, you have thousands of minds and eyes contributing rather than a small team. 26,000+ Modules Thousands of modules to get customized functionality. Don’t see what you need? Being open source, you can create your own and control the roadmap. Designed to Scale & Grow The Drupal architecture will make you a hero. It’s specifically design to allow for unlimited expansion whereas other platforms will code you into a corner.
  19. Drupal is becoming an enterprise choice CMS.
  20. How do I manage my digital ecosystem? I have tons of sites that need my teams attention and the help of IT. " Corporate Site " Partner Channel " Product Line 1 " Product Line 2 # Europe # Asia # LATM # EMEA # Product A # Product B # Product A # Product B ??
  21. We had the same problem. Our clients had the same problem. We built a solution. And it scales.
  22. Acquia Cloud Site Factory Multiple site management platform. Manage 1 to 1,000s of sites from one dashboard.
  23. 0 150 300 450 600 0 5 9 14 18 Completely Scalable Not even kidding. We have clients that have 1,000s of sites. Flexible Fast Controlled Craft hundreds of content rich sites in record time. You’ll never miss another deadline with how fast you can deploy. Zero restrictions on creative from. 0. Nada. Nothing. It’s completely flexible so if you need e-commerce or responsive design, go ahead and add it. Oh, and there’s a free module for that. . Unprecedented control over all sites from one dashboard. Centrally manage everything without having headaches.
  24. How Site Factory Helps
  25. Does it really scale? 0 150 300 450 600 0 5 9 14 18 One of the largest pharma titans. I’m sure you thought this was another graph showing some theoretical “growth”. It’s not. In fact, this pharma titan launched…. Months #ofSites 538  Sites in 504 Days It can scale.
  26. More Proof. Warner Music. This isn’t just another platform. It really is an enterprise site factory. Warner Music Launched Tons Warner Music identified early on core elements across all of their artists. They built 3 core templates and started launching sites like crazy. Once a site was launched, all they had to do was apply a theme and content for the artist. Done. " Template 1 " Template 2 " Template 3 # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist # Artist $Migrated   350     Ar2st  Sites With  3  Templates
  27. But can it Integrate? Absolutely. Let me introduce you to Florida Hospital. $Intranet Hospital Branch Hospital Branch Hospital Branch Hospital Branch Hospital Branch Hospital Branch " " " " " " Site Factory One Dashboard. Completely Connected. Over 100 websites deployed on Site Factory. Integrated all sites into intranet with Drupal.
  28. Crush Digital Goals Really.
  29. Eliminate Bottlenecks
  30. Be a hero
  31. Ryan Garner - Warner Music Group
  32. Florida Hospital
  33. The right platform can save money.
  34. 60/30
  35. Save Time And MoneyHere are some examples of saving time and money. The pharma titan we talked about earlier experienced the following effects from implementing Site Factory: 60% Cost savings when implementing new sites. 30% Time savings launching new sites $
  36. In fact, here is an example. Here is an example ROI model. You’re a medium size company. Create  10  sites  a  year   5  FTE  @  $75k  avg.   PlaEorm  =  $100k/yr   Hos2ng  for  all  Sites  =  $20k   30  Days  to  launch  sites $0 $550,000 $1,100,000 $1,650,000 $2,200,000 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 $3.3M 422% ROI Blue = Site Factory Grey = Custom Solution
  37. Business Hero Status $3.3M 422% ROI Awesome Incredible
  38. Make sense of it all
  39. You need to be everywhereYou want your digital business to be everywhere for your customers. % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
  40. Adjust to markets Fast Your platform need to be fast, flexible, controllable.
  41. Going customer first, to be digital first, is tough.
  42. With the right vision, you can eliminate bottlenecks and crush digital goals.
  43. Thanks for joining. Acquia Cloud Site Factory powered by