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  • Drupal Gardens Overview

    1. 1. 15 Minutes from Design to Online Preview of Drupal Gardens 15 Minutes from Design to Online Linea Rowe Bryan House Director, Product Management Sr. Director, Marketing Acquia Acquia @linearowe @bryanhouse
    2. 2. Housekeeping Can you hear us? Raise your hand in G2W Today’s webinar is being recorder and will be posted in the next 24 hours at: – http://acquia.com/community/resources/recorded_webinars Submit questions via G2W, we’ll answer as many as we can at end –Give it a try & tell us where you dialing in from today
    3. 3. Upcoming Webinars Thursday February 11th –Preview of Drupal 7 with Dries Buytaert & Jeff Noyes –**New webinar platform with Linux OS support** Register Today - http://acquia.com/webinars
    4. 4. Until Now, Drupal is DIY One path to create & operate Drupal sites – Download binary – Set up LAMP stack – Install Drupal – Find contrib modules to meet requirements – Install contrib modules – Build Drupal site – Theme Drupal site – Tune LAMP stack for performance – Update Drupal application and LAMP stack
    5. 5. Implications of DIY For superheroes only?
    6. 6. Drupal community includes many superheroes 1400 Drupal developers DrupalCon DC Washington, 2009
    7. 7. Grow Drupal by 100x Superhero skills need not be required
    8. 8. When should you use Drupal Gardens?
    9. 9. Match deployment choice to your: - site requirements - business requirements
    10. 10. Big sites => Drupal
    11. 11. Big sites => Drupal Microsites => Drupal Gardens
    12. 12. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Rapid deployment Hosted, managed service
    13. 13. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Many microsites
    14. 14. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Repeatable information architecture
    15. 15. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Consistent design elements
    16. 16. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Perishable sites
    17. 17. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Start small and grow
    18. 18. When Is Drupal Gardens a Good Fit? Most importantly... You need a service with: nothing to install no servers to update or manage
    19. 19. Who will use Drupal Gardens?
    20. 20. Enterprises, Large and Small Product launches Marketing campaigns Event promotion
    21. 21. Media & Entertainment Companies Artist sites Promotional campaigns
    22. 22. Government Agencies, Non-Pro t Political campaigns Rapid response
    23. 23. Higher Education Institutions Departments, projects, faculty sites
    24. 24. What Is Drupal Gardens? Drupal 7, as a Service
    25. 25. What Is Drupal Gardens? Library of themes & templates
    26. 26. What Is Drupal Gardens? Design. Build. Clone.
    27. 27. Social publishing, made simple ThemeBuilder Integrated WYSWYG editor Personal media library Different layouts on every page Tagging, vocabularies and metadata Multi-user authoring
    28. 28. Socially Smart User pro les Supercharged blogging Socially connected Community enabled RSS Single sign on
    29. 29. Powerful Role-based permissions Con gurable content types Custom CSS support Export sites, no platform lock-in Scalable, high performance Up-to-date security
    30. 30. Let’s see a demo
    31. 31. On the Horizon Manage site collections Themes across sites Sites con gurations Multisite search Analytics
    32. 32. Partner Program Opportunities –Design agencies –Development partners –Affiliate programs Interested? Sign up @ http://www.drupalgardens.com/partners
    33. 33. Pricing Drupal Gardens is free through end of 2010 Pricing plans at: – http://www.drupalgardens.com/pricing Enterprise packages available - call us
    34. 34. Drupal Gardens - Socially Smart Websites Power of Drupal 7 Power of Drupal 7 Fully managed, hosted social publishing service, with an open source Fully managed, hosted social publishing service attitude Enterprise microsites, campaigns, events and more Enterprise microsites, campaigns, community sites, events and more
    35. 35. We’re Hiring? Do you love working with Drupal? If so, Acquia is hiring: –Engineering & design –Client advisors and consulting –Inside sales Check out openings at http://acquia.com/careers
    36. 36. Questions For more information, visit: – http://drupalgardens.com – http://acquia.com – http://twitter.com/drupalgardens – http://twitter.com/acquia Contact us: Today’s webinar recording will be posted at: – sales@acquia.com http://acquia.com/community/resources/ recorded_webinars – 888.9.ACQUIA Sign up for Drupal Gardens – http://signup.drupalgardens.com