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Digital Transformation Strategies for Enterprises: Successful Stories & How to Make It Happen


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Smart enterprises and brands recognize that a web content management system (CMS) is a critical foundation for building and running great multi-channel digital experiences—it’s a key part of a digital transformation strategy. But with fierce market competition and technology evolving at the speed of light, even the most savvy organizations find it hard to keep up and drive digital success at a global level.

If you’re using a legacy CMS, it’s likely your digital properties are inflexible and difficult to scale. Instead of driving toward digital domination, you’re experiencing digital deflation. It’s taking the wind out of your sails, and customers are walking away in favor of better digital experiences.

In this webinar, hosted by Acquia and CI&T, two companies seasoned in helping their customer navigate this digital disruption, you will learn how large enterprises and brands are delivering scalable, agile, innovation in a digital-dominant world.

You will learn about:
• The evolution of CMS and the enterprise web strategies it drives
• Tips to align IT and the business to drive collaborative digital transformation
• Recommended platforms for scalable, agile web-based innovations
• How a robust partner ecosystem can fast-track your plans
• Customer success stories featuring challenges (and solutions!) of new enterprise digital platform implementations

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Digital Transformation Strategies for Enterprises: Successful Stories & How to Make It Happen

  1. 1. Digital Transformation Webinar DAVID APONOVICH, Acquia FELIPE RUBIM, CI&T FELIPE BRITO, CI&T December 3, 2014
  2. 2. We’ll talk about → Digital Transformation → Customer Success Stories → Steps you can take today
  3. 3. Digital has changed everything
  4. 4. Digital transformation is real → Organizations are reinventing business models, putting digital at the center of their business → Organizations are seeking new technology that supports this transformative vision → The Acquia Platform enables organizations to support digital transformation today and in the future
  5. 5. It’s time to think ahead
  6. 6. FELIPE BRITO Business Director, CI&T With over 14 years of experience, Felipe leads multi-million and fast growing global Enterprise Agile engagements and oversees 350+ people in long-term partnerships with Fortune 500 clients. He has extensive experience working with Digital Transformation in the Consumer Goods, Financial and Life Science sectors. DAVID APONOVICH Sr. Director, Digital Experience, Acquia David has worked in web content management and digital experience more more than 13 years. Before joining Acquia in 2014 he was WCM analyst at Forrester Research, and he spent nearly 10 years combined at a digital agency focused on WCM strategy and at a WCM software company as marketing director. FELIPE RUBIM Head of Operations, CI&T Felipe has worked on the design and development of dozens of high profile WCM based solutions for global organizations over the past 6 years. Prior to leading CI&T Asia Pacific operation in 2013, he led initiatives in Brazil and US, focusing on the technology and delivery aspects of CI&T's customers’ digital transformation. Our presenters
  7. 7. Acquia, The Digital Experience Company → 141% 4 year CAGR / 3800+ customers / 500+ employees → Over $118.6M raised led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), North Bridge Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, Tenaya Capital, and → Global: Boston, Portland OR, Washington DC, Toronto, UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Australia
  8. 8. Acquia, The Digital Experience Company PARTNERS CUSTOMERS AWARDS
  9. 9. CI&T, Collaborate. Innovate. Transform. We are global with people in US, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Japan and China. Our excellence has been recognized by the market with awards since our founding in 1995. We are truly multi-cultural, an army of over 1,700 talented employees and their great stories.
  10. 10. Transformation is not optional The Age of the Customer is here → Organizations that focus on customer experience are thriving → Companies with poor customer experience are dying Source: Watermark Consulting, 2013
  11. 11. Digital Experience is now the brand
  12. 12. Digital Experience isn’t always so sexy
  13. 13. What does transformation look like? FASTER TIME-TO-MARKET 50% Reduced time-to-publish SOCIAL STRENGTH 500% Increase in social sharing MOBILE DEMINANCE 1 WEEK Mobile traffic overtook desktop 1 week after responsive site launch
  14. 14. What does transformation look like? One central platform that delivers hundreds of unique expieriences 300+ Warner Music Group artist websites, 3 templates, total creative freedom 118+ Interscope Records manages artist sites, one platform
  15. 15. What does transformation look like? $4.7M Projected 5-year savings 60% Reduced total cost Massive cost savings 60% Cost savings vs. old solution
  16. 16. Case studies
  17. 17. Digital Transformation Cases → Multi-asset across different markets CONSUMER GLOBAL PLATFORM → eCommerce meets Content LUSH JAPAN → Fortune 100 Flagship Re-launch PHARMACEUTICAL GIANT
  18. 18. Multi-Assets Across Different Markets
  19. 19. Global Digital Platform – The Challenge → How can a team of 10 people manage 35 markets with 57 different languages? → What are the options to reduce investments on a platform to reach the most number of markets for maximum ROI? → Can we provide the best experience to the users, with fresh and appealing content that is changing constant?
  20. 20. Global Digital Platform Platform first delivered in 2009 in Europe. Countries adoption grew steadily and partnership extended to critical sites across the globe as well as educational areas and sales force through mobile ordering Achievements → 55+ sites - B2C Platform → 15+ sites - B2B Platform → 14+ sites - Educational/ Engagement Platform Cheaper & Faster → 10% year-over-year cost reduction in projects and maintenance → 81% time-to-market improvement: 11 → 2 days for a new country
  21. 21. eCommerce meets content
  22. 22. Bringing Content+Commerce digital transformation to a global retailer Japan rollout
  23. 23. About Lush → UK-headquartered cosmetic retailer focused on producing fresh handmade cosmetics → Established in 1994; 900+ stores in 51 countries
  24. 24. Lush’s digital disruption In late 2013, Lush HQ started a journey to refocus its digital experience, to embody its values and to bring the store experience online, globally
  25. 25. Lush’s digital disruption The store experience, online
  26. 26. → Lush Japan was about to relaunch it's ecommerce experience → So it was chosen as part of the first markets to rollout the "Lush Distribution” after UK Lush Japan
  27. 27. Lush Japan, old platform → Scattered experience for content and commerce management, not mobile accessible → Old and limited technical custom solution on the front end
  28. 28. Lush Japan digital transformation results → Leverage platform built in UK as a Drupal Distribution Shorter and more cost effective than a from scratch approach → Customize specifics requirements to Japanese market without losing the unified brand experience → Translate and adjust UX per local characteristics → Integrate with Japanese OMS backend and payment gateway → Launch site by Oct 2014 in time for the holiday season
  29. 29. Lush Japan digital transformation results → A new experience, yet connected to the global brand → Project took less than 4 months to complete → Out-of-the-box responsive design
  30. 30. Lush Japan digital transformation results The union of content and commerce on the same platform
  31. 31. Lush Japan digital transformation results
  32. 32. Lush Japan digital transformation results
  33. 33. Lush Japan digital transformation back office
  34. 34. Lush Japan digital transformation back office
  35. 35. Lush Japan digital transformation back office
  36. 36. Lush Japan Takeaways
  37. 37. What Benefits → Rollout from a pre-built set of functionalities (Drupal distro) allowed a faster campaign launch TIME TO MARKET → Lush Japan delivered experience revamp in < 4 mos. → New markets with low level customization can potentially "hit the ground running" → Flagship digital asset still need certain level of customization to adapt to local needs → OMS integration → Extra features and local experience → Operation Management Team Experience → HQ Teams: Lush UK and Acquia → Localization Teams: Lush Japan, creative agency and CI&T Japan → Agility → Avoid miscommunication → Ensure Purpose is constantly in sync → Drupal as the right tool for the job → Flexibility → Open Source → Open Standards FLEXIBILITY GLOBAL & LOCAL: ONE SINGLE TEAM TECHNOLOGY
  38. 38. Fortune 100 flagship website relaunch
  39. 39. Fortune 100 flagship website relaunch → 5 million users per year; 1700+ pages → Legacy platform with 8+ seconds load time → Not mobile-optimized → At least 2 weeks for a simple content change THE CHALLENGE → Enable the flagship website on all mobile devices → Migrate the flagship website form the existing platform to a more sustainable solution
  40. 40. The Solution
  41. 41. → Launched ahead of schedule → Less time for content curation → Site performance improvement 1 day 50% 35% Faster
  42. 42. → Mobile site visits increased → Average increase in duration of visit → Defects in production Better 13.16% 50% Only 4
  43. 43. Cheaper → Savings in hosting → Savings in platform license → Savings in search appliance $172k $30k $40k
  44. 44. Are you ready to transform?
  45. 45. Acquia platform enables transformation Acquia helps organizations unite their business and technical teams as they transform to digital-first The Acquia Platform provides the software necessary to build and deliver extraordinary digital experiences faster The Acquia Experience The Acquia Experience is the intersection of the Acquia Platform and our commitment to Customer Success. We’ll educate you, map success, and ensure it on an ongoing basis
  46. 46. What will it take to succeed? Traditional information technology → Siloed teams with different solutions delivering disjointed experiences → Disciplined (slow) processes for building and deploying digital experiences → Proprietary solutions whose technology evolves too slow → On-premise infrastructure with rigid & costly capital expenses New business technology → Integrated teams with a shared solution delivering unified experiences → Agile (fast) process for building and deploying digital experiences → Open Source solutions that evolve at the speed of the web → Cloud-based infrastructure with flexible and lower cost operational expenses
  47. 47. What will it take to succeed? Embrace all things digital to drive a great customer experience “How can you keep up with empowered customers? Be more digital. Your customers, your channels, and your competitors are digital. The future of your business is digital.” — FORRESTER RESEARCH
  48. 48. What will it take to succeed? Four market imperatives in the age of the customer Turn big data into business insights Embrace the mobile mind shift Transform the customer experience Accelerate your digital business Source: Forrester Research
  49. 49. Five things you must do to start 1. Be obsessed with customer centricity - plan and build for this reality 2. Focus on unified brand experiences over scattered experiences 3. Bring partners that can collaborate and challenge your strategy - not just acknowledge your strategy 4. Choose a solution and a platform (not just a product) that embraces open source, increases reusability and keeps up with digital evolution 5. Implement an agile practice for increased communication and feedback, especially across different markets
  50. 50. Questions