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Deliver the CX They Expect: Customer Experience Trends Report (Global Edition)

Get the latest CX insights from Acquia original research and learn key ways to improve your brand’s CX. Refine your CX approach by focusing on customers, technology, and data.

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Deliver the CX They Expect: Customer Experience Trends Report (Global Edition)

  1. 1. Deliver the CX They Expect: Customer Experience Trends Report (Global Edition)
  2. 2. An easy-to-follow guide with insights on improving your brand’s customer experience, based on the latest global CX research
  3. 3. OVERVIEW & EXECUTIVE PREVIEW To help brands deftly navigate today’s CX landscape, Acquia commissioned a global survey of more than 6,000 consumers and 600 marketers, examining disconnects between these audiences when it comes to CX. Here is a closer look at insights to enhance the customer experience your company delivers – backed by the latest global research.
  4. 4. ONE THING IS PERFECTLY CLEAR: MOST BRAND CXS ARE FAILING Globally, there was one key takeaway regarding consumer experience: of customers believe when it comes to delivering a good customer experience, most brands fail to meet their expectations. 90%
  5. 5. IT’S A WAKEUP CALL FOR BRANDS It’s no surprise to marketers: 94% of marketers agree that, overall, most brands fail to deliver a good customer experience. The good news is that customers make no secret of what they expect: a convenient, personalized experience. Yet many have a blind spot: 82% of marketers believe their brands are meeting customer expectations with regard to customer experience – but only 10% of customers agree. ACTION: It’s time to ask hard questions: Is your CX personalized and convenient? Or do you have room for improvement?
  6. 6. UNDERSTANDING THE GAP BETWEEN PERCEPTION AND REALITY Marketers are often focused on CX innovation and novelty. But customers want a streamlined, reliable experience: Convenience: 90% of consumers say when they interact with a brand online, they want a convenient experience. Greater personalization: 80% say, “I would be more loyal to a brand that showed they really understood me and what I was looking for.” 90% 80% ACTION: Don’t overcomplicate your CX. Ask yourself: Where can you strengthen the fundamentals?
  7. 7. of consumers say, “Technology should make my experiences with brands more valuable.” say, “Technology should make my online experiences with brands better.” TECHNOLOGY HELPS IMPROVE CONVENIENCE AND PERSONALIZATION Consumers are open to technology as a pathway to improving their CX: ACTION: Find and implement technologies that can improve your core CX. And from there, consider innovations. 82%80%
  8. 8. FAILURE TO MEET CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS COMES AT A COST of customers say, “I often abandon a brand for another when the online experience is poor.” 63% say, “I am loyal to certain brands, but as soon as I have a bad experience with them, I move on.” 72%
  9. 9. FROM CONVENIENCE TO PERSONALIZATION 60% of consumers say, “I often notice that the brands I work with provide different and/or inconsistent experiences across different channels (physical store, website, mobile app, etc.).” TAKEAWAY: Personalization drives convenience; and there’s an intimate connection between personalization and data.
  10. 10. ALIGN YOUR DATA STRATEGY WITH CUSTOMER SENTIMENT Data is essential to offering personalized, convenient strategies. But consumers have mixed feelings about giving brands their data: ACTION: It’s critical to have an ethical, transparent, and secure strategy in place to manage customer data. of consumers wish there were stronger privacy laws in their country. 83% are not confident that brands have their best interests in mind when they use, share, and/or store their personal data. 61% of consumers aren’t comfortable giving their data to brands in exchange for better customer experiences. 51%
  11. 11. MARKETERS ARE FOCUSED ON IMPROVING THEIR CX 83% of marketers say that personalization for customers and personalization for potential customers is part of their marketing strategy for the next 12 months.
  12. 12. HIGH TECH, HIGH TOUCH: DON’T RELY ON TECH AND MISS OUT ON THE HUMAN TOUCH of consumers say, ”A human touch is needed, in addition to technology, for a positive customer experience.” agree that the problem with automated brand experiences is they are too impersonal. Technology helps brands scale a great CX, but the way it’s implemented matters: 85% 75% ACTION: As you strategize your CX technology solutions, ensure they take personalization and the human touch into account.
  13. 13. CX TECHNOLOGY: MARKETERS STRUGGLE, BUT ARE OPTIMISTIC Half of marketers struggle to unleash the power of CX technology, but have a vision for the technical ecosystems to achieve their goals: ACTION: The key to achieving your customer experience technology goals is to build an infrastructure that’s open at its core. say they need their various marketing technology solutions to work together to create one cohesive experience. 84% say open web infrastructure will deliver on their company’s security needs for delivering customer experiences. 80% say, “I want my customer experience technology to be built on open source technology.” 78%
  15. 15. Customers have reasonable expectations, and brands struggle to meet them. Of course, that doesn’t mean brands should give up. The results of the Acquia-commissioned global survey present an opportunity for marketers to plot a new course. Download your free copy of “Deliver the CX They Expect: Customer Experience Trends Report,” today. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TRENDS REPORT DELIVER THE CX THEY EXPECT DOWNLOAD NOW Visit and join the conversation at #AcquiaCX