Build Custom Surveys and Forms Natively in Drupal Gardens


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Build Custom Surveys and Forms Natively in Drupal Gardens

  1. 1. Build Custom Surveys and FormsNatively in Drupal Gardens Bryan House Linea Rowe Sr. Director, Marketing Director, Product Acquia Management @bryanhouse Acquia @linearowe
  2. 2. Upcoming Training Events - January 2011 January 21 January 28th – Drupal in a Day, Toronto – Drupal in a Day, Montreal – Drupal in a Day, Vancouver – Drupal in a Day, Calgary – Drupal in a Day, Bulgaria January 29th January 22 – Site Building with Drupal, – Site Building with Drupal, Montreal Toronto – Site Build with Drupal, – Site Building with Drupal, Calgary Vancouver Register for Drupal Training in your area
  3. 3. Training @ DrupalCon:Upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 Conduct upgrades of sites, identify pitfalls and gotchas Learn methods and best practices for development to ease upgrading to Drupal 7 Instructor Team: – Erik Webb - Professional Services, The Inspector – Jacob Singh - Engineer in Drupal Gardens, Mr. Media – Joshua Brauer - Client Advisor, Dr. Deployment
  4. 4. Drupal Gardens: Drupal-as-a-Service Create site in seconds ThemeBuilder Rich media galleries Site duplication Hassle / worry free OpenSaaS Built on Drupal 7
  5. 5. Drupal Gardens: Drupal-as-a-Service Latest addition: Integrated Webforms!
  6. 6. What Is A Webform? Contact forms Event registrations Lead capture Service requests Customer surveys Bug tracker Application forms Mailing list and much more...
  7. 7. An Integrated Form Builder Is Better Standalone form & survey tools fall short Copy / paste / tweak HTML form code Customize CSS Send visitors away from your website Multiple web tools to manage Expensive Result: Negative experience for both form builders and site visitors
  8. 8. Webforms on Drupal Gardens Powerful capabilities, integrated natively Drag and drop form creation Simple field property editing tool Customize design and layout in ThemeBuilder Automated spam blocking Result: Faster form creation, improved response rates, better visitor experience
  9. 9. Let’s build some webforms
  10. 10. Extra Powerful Form Goodness Drag and drop interface Style with ThemeBuilder Single & multi-line text fields Role-based access to forms Required & optional fields Custom confirmation pages Email fields Page breaks Drop down lists Automated spam blocking Radio buttons Formatted content support Check boxes Data analysis on fields File upload fields Show forms as blocks Fieldsets Conditional limits on # of Hidden fields submissions
  11. 11. Under the Hood Built on Webform, maintained by Quicksketch Proven, battle-tested module used on tens of thousands of sites Plus, Form Builder, Webform Alternative UI, Options Element and UX Elements
  12. 12. What’s coming next:Views on Gardens
  13. 13. Native webforms in an OpenSaaS platform Move faster Reduce complexity Improve your visitor experience Increase response rates
  14. 14. OpenSaaS freedom:you own the data
  15. 15. OpenSaaS freedom:you own the content
  16. 16. OpenSaaS freedom:you own the users
  17. 17. OpenSaaS freedom:you own the code!
  18. 18. the business value you demand.the freedom you need.
  19. 19. Drupal Gardens: Drupal-as-a-Service Simple to use Turnkey deployment Hassle / worry free OpenSaaS Enterprise microsites now with Webforms!