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Acquia Pres. Digital Transformation Philly

Rob Gill, VP of Media, Entertainment and Publishing for Acquia presented on Thinking Ahead at the Philadelphia stop of the 2015 Digital Transformation Tour.

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Acquia Pres. Digital Transformation Philly

  1. 1. Digital Transformation Meetup: Philadelphia
  2. 2. Digital Transformation: Time To Think Ahead Rob Gill | Vice President, Media, Entertainment & Publishing
  3. 3. Digital has changed everything
  4. 4. It’s time to think ahead
  5. 5. Acquia is The Digital Experience Company § 141% 4 year CAGR § 3800+ customers § 550+ employees § Over $118.6M raised led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), North Bridge Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, Tenaya Capital, and § Global: − Boston, Portland OR, Washington DC, Toronto, UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Australia Partners Customers Awards
  6. 6. Transformation is not optional Organizations who focus on customer experience are thriving. Companies with poor customer experience are dying. The age of the customer is here! 43.0%! 14.5%! -33.9%!-40.0%! -30.0%! -20.0%! -10.0%! 0.0%! 10.0%! 20.0%! 30.0%! 40.0%! 50.0%! Stock Performance (2007-2012)! Source: Forrester Research and Wartermark Consulting Customer Experience Laggards S&P 500 IndexCustomer Experience Leaders
  7. 7. Digital Experience is Becoming the Brand
  8. 8. Digital Experience Not Always So Sexy
  9. 9. What will it take to succeed? Embrace all things digital to drive 
 a great customer experience! “How can you keep up with empowered customers? Be more digital. Your customers, your channels, and your competitors are digital. " The future of your business is digital.” - Forrester Research Turn big data into business insights! Embrace the mobile mind shift! Accelerate your digital business! Transform the customer experience!1 2 3 4 Four Market Imperatives in the Age 
 of the 
  10. 10. What does transformation look like? 20M! Pages of content 2M! locations 1B! Page requests/week at peak MASSIVE SCALE!
  11. 11. What does transformation look like? $4.7M! Projected 5-year savings MASSIVE COST SAVINGS! 55! State agency sites
  12. 12. What does transformation look like? 500%!Increase in number of shares 50%! Reduced time-to-publish MOBILE! DOMINANCE! Mobile traffic overtook desktop 1 week after responsive site launch FASTER! TIME-TO-MARKET! SOCIAL ! STRENGTH! 1 WEEK!
  13. 13. What does transformation look like? 300+! Warner Music Group artist websites, 3 templates, total creative freedom 118+! Interscope Records managed artist sites, one platform ONE PLATFORM THAT DELIVERS HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE EXPERIENCES!
  14. 14. 60%! Reduced total cost 30%! Faster time-to-market What does transformation look like? THOUSANDS OF SITES – ONE PLATFORM!
  15. 15. Are you ready to transform?
  16. 16. The shift you need to be ready for Traditional Information Technology! Siloed teams with different solutions delivering disjointed experiences! Disciplined (slow) processes for building and deploying digital experiences! Proprietary solutions whose technology evolves too slow! On-premise infrastructure with rigid & costly capital expenses! New Business Technology ! Integrated teams with a shared solution delivering unified experiences! Agile (fast) process for building and deploying digital experiences! Open Source solutions that evolve at the speed of the web! Cloud-based infrastructure with flexible and lower cost operational expenses!
  17. 17. How we help companies transform" Acquia helps organizations unite their business and 
 technical teams as they transform to digital-first. The Acquia Platform provides the software necessary to build and deliver extraordinary digital experiences faster. The Acquia Platform! The Acquia Experience! The Acquia Experience is the intersection of the Acquia Platform and our commitment to Customer Success. We’ll educate you, map success, and ensure it on an ongoing basis. Come for the platform, stay for the experience.
  18. 18. Digital transformation is real •  Organizations are reinventing business models, putting digital at the center of their business. •  Organizations are seeking new technology " that supports this transformative vision. •  Acquia is the platform to " support digital transformation " both today and in the future.
  19. 19. Thank you Rob Gill Vice President Media, Entertainment & Publishing