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Acquia Partner Program Update


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We are looking forward to sharing some exciting updates to our partner program with you. We can’t say much more here, but tune in (you’ll want to be there). Joe, Meg, and Patrick will walk you through the changes and leave plenty of time for questions. See you there!

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Acquia Partner Program Update

  1. 1. Partner Program Update November 8, 2017 Joe Wykes Meg Fitzgerald Patrick Goulet Molly Shenberger
  2. 2. Welcome! We’re excited you’re here.
  3. 3. The Acquia Partner Program mission The Acquia Partner Program supports, enables, and recognizes our Partners so that they choose to build their businesses with Acquia.
  4. 4. Context around these changes You and your success is our top priority. ● Context for the change ○ Since Forrester awarded Acquia a 5 out of 5 on Partnering, we have been thinking about how to continue to make our program best in class and evolve ○ In order to stay relevant and keep up with the fast-moving market, we need to adapt ○ Recently, we’ve experienced massive momentum with Partner Delivery ○ More to come with a Partner Sales Enablement Program in 2018 ● What we’ve discovered ○ Need clearer segmentation for vast partner ecosystem/levels (we have evaluated this) ■ New level needed ■ More distinction between requirements and benefits for each level ● Portal now allows accessibility variance
  5. 5. Why are we making these changes? ● Efficiency ● Productivity ● Support ● Differentiation
  6. 6. What are the key changes? ● Partner Levels ○ Naming ○ Levels ■ Introducing two new levels to replace Community level ○ Sales Enablement/Certification ■ Marketing Benefits ● Partner Credit System ○ Introducing referral fee development fund
  7. 7. Partner level updates See Benefit/Requirement By Level Chart Here ● Marketing ○ Co-marketing benefits do not kick in until Preferred ● Sales ○ Foundation Plus and above are eligible for joint account planning and business reviews ● Enablement and Support ○ Preferred and above are eligible for onsite sales training ● Rewards and Incentives ○ Preferred and above eligible for the Credit System
  8. 8. Partner Success Stories with Acquia
  9. 9. Program Case Study Partner Profile – 100 Person, Sitecore Platinum Partner – New to Acquia and Drupal – Specialized Industry Partner – Adopted Self Service Program – Strong Executive Commitment – Proactive Practice Development The Results – 2 new wins, $170k in New ARR – 6 new Acquia/Partner Opportunities – Leveraged Acquia Assurance Model – Distribution Development Underway
  10. 10. Project Case Study Project Profile – Customer: Top 200 Fortune Company – Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods – Technology: Drupal 8, ACSF, & Lift 3 – Partner Experience: New to Drupal 8 & Acquia Results – Executive alignment (sales & delivery) – Strong delivery organization alignment & cooperation – Focus on high value enablement activities – Prioritized Governance & Scope Management – Leveraged Assurance Model & TAM Project & Partner Success – Released 20+ sites to date on the platform – Joint case study under development – High Customer satisfaction driven by fully capable partner – Programmatic Approach to Delivery Enablement Underway – COE Operationalized in 2018
  11. 11. Acquia Partner Credit System ● Available to Preferred and Global Select Levels ○ Put referral fees into a “bank” that Acquia manages ○ Use those referral fees towards Marketing, Enablement, and Certification ● Action ○ Opt into the Credit System if eligible (Preferred/Global Select) ■ Form here ■ Must sign and return ○ Start thinking about what to use your credits for ○ Discuss with your Partner Manager and loop in the correct Acquia folks
  12. 12. Team organization ● Segmented on Region, Territory, Size, and Level ● Global Team Leaders; local contacts ● Closely aligned with sales reps in territory ● 2018 Leadership simplification
  13. 13. When will these changes take place? – All new program levels, benefits, and requirements for the program will take place January 1, 2018 – Level moves will be based on 2017 performance – Credit System available to Preferred and Global Select – Preferred and Global Select must opt in first thing in 2018 (forms will be distributed then) – Opting in for a minimum 12 months
  14. 14. ● How are we exceeding our 2017 goals with new products? ● Establishing Partner Plans for 2018 ● Call your partner manager to understand your current performance & level ● Understand and learn about our new products Next steps
  15. 15. Open Q&A