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Making the Business Case for Drupal and Open Source by George DeMet of Palantir


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Web content management in the olden days consisted of server side includes, perl, custom PHP, ASP, CFM, whatever else you can think of and search & replace. For early CMS options you had, proprietary systems (Vingnette, TeamSite, and Documentum), free and open source systems (OpenACS, PHP-Nuke, TYPO3 and Mambo) or the last option is create your own.

The upsides of using open source software are, lots of functionality, community support, thousands of eyes looking at the code, bugs and security holes actually get fixed, easier to identify talent and instant karma. The perceived downsides of open source software are, lack of understanding and/or fear of open source licenses, lack of commercial support options and it's free so how good can it be? So, what is Drupal?

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Making the Business Case for Drupal and Open Source by George DeMet of Palantir

  1. 1. Making the BusinessCase for Drupal andOpen SourceGeorge
  2. 2. Web Content Managementin Ye Olden Days• Server Side Includes• Perl• Custom PHP, ASP, CFM, whatever• Search & Replace
  3. 3. Early CMS Options• Proprietary systems: Vignette, TeamSite, Documentum• Free and open source systems: OpenACS, PHP-Nuke, TYPO3, Mambo• Roll your own
  4. 4. Rolling Your Own CMS✓You can quickly build - It’s very difficult to add sites customized to new functionality once meet your exact sites are built business needs - You’re constantly re- inventing the wheel - Support is a nightmare - More difficult to attract top-notch talent
  5. 5. Using Proprietary Software✓There’s usually a good - Licensing means less user support development budget community - Custom functionality✓Vendor usually often requires custom provides support development✓If the software sucks, you have someone - Bugs and security holes can go unfixed else to blame - Vendor lock-in
  6. 6. Using Open Source Software✓ Lots of functionality - Lack of understanding and/or fear of open✓ Community support source licenses✓ Thousands of eyes - Perceived lack of looking at code commercial support✓ Bugs and security holes options actually get fixed - They give it away for✓ Easier to identify talent free, how good can it be?✓ Instant karma
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  12. 12. So, What is Drupal?
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  18. 18. Putting it into practice