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Acquia Business Mandate Deck Final


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Join Acquia Director of Marketing Bryan House for this one-hour introduction to Acquia's open source social publishing offerings. This Webinar describes how you can take advantage of Acquia Drupal and the Acquia Network to build communities on the web, to maximize the return on your web site investments and to leverage new social media technologies.

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Acquia Business Mandate Deck Final

  1. 1. The Business Mandate for Open Source Social Publishing Bryan House, Marketing Director. June 11th, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Business case for open source social publishing Drupal - social publishing platform of choice Acquia - your Drupal guide Next steps Questions
  3. 3. Businesses Focused on Cutting Costs
  4. 4. Balanced with Need to Innovate
  5. 5. Considering an Open-Source Web Platform? Opportunity Zero software licensing costs Freedom from vendor lock-in Global community
  6. 6. Considering an Open-Source Web Platform? Top Concerns What’s the right technology? Will we save money? Who do we call for help? Are we sacrificing security? Where to get started?
  7. 7. 2010 Future of Open Source Survey Up & coming Popular open source projects open source companies !"#"$ 2010 FOOS Survey @
  8. 8. 2010 Future of Open Source Survey Up & coming Popular open source projects open source companies !"#"$ 2010 FOOS Survey @
  9. 9. Achieving Social Publishing Success + Net
  10. 10. Choosing the Right Technology A Social Publishing Platform Drupal “… is as much a Social Software platform as it is a web content management system.” content users CMS Watch, The Web CMS Report 2009 blogs / workflow wikis forums / taxonomy comments Content Social Mgmt Software semantic Systems Tools social ranking web social RSS tagging social analytics networks
  11. 11. Business Imperative for Social Publishing Your customers are talking. Are you responding?
  12. 12. Go Where People Connect Experimentation Participation Transparency Engagement
  13. 13. Bring People to Your Community Nvidia
  14. 14. Bring People to Your Community Intel
  15. 15. Bring People to Your Community Sony Ericsson
  16. 16. Bring People to Your Community Intuit
  17. 17. Enterprise Communities with Drupal Reduce costs – Zero $$ software licensing – Reduced maintenance costs Deploy capabilities faster – Modular architecture – Configurable, not custom Address enterprise needs – Performance – Security – Innovation
  18. 18. Harness Drupal’s Momentum Market Innovation Community 400k 4000+ 600k sites modules members
  19. 19. Improve Your Web Team’s Productivity architects Multisite architecture Centralized infrastructure Decentralized site administration
  20. 20. Improve Your Web Team’s Productivity developers Extensive API library Modular platform Powerful configuration options
  21. 21. Improve Your Web Team’s Productivity contributors End user site administration Configurable page templates Flexible publishing workflows Communities, social networks and UGC
  22. 22. Acquia is Your Enterprise Drupal Guide What modules should we install? Where do we get professional support? How do we keep our site up-to-date? ...Where do we start?
  23. 23. Packaged Collection of Drupal Essentials On-ramp to Drupal Create new sites fast FREE Drupal stack installers Acquia Drupal – Mac – Windows – Microsoft Web Platform – Ubuntu/Debian
  24. 24. Acquia Network Subscription Response Diagnostics Fitness
  25. 25. Drupal Support, When You Need It 20+ Drupal engineers on staff 24x7 emergency availability Defined SLAs Ticket tracking until satisfied resolution Advisory support Best practices Health dashboards
  26. 26. Rapid Response to Security Issues 7 Acquia employees Security Stuff about Drupal on Drupal security team Stuff about Drupal Security Core and module Security Stuff about Drupal updates included in each Stuff about Drupal Security Acquia Drupal release Help customers define rapid response processes
  27. 27. The Acquia Big Picture spam blocking support search Network diagnostics hosting fitness
  28. 28. Drupal + Acquia = Customer Success The Drupal Advantage The Acquia Advantage Rapid assembly approach Full lifecycle technical support reduces custom programming Best practices advisory support Modular, extensible architecture Drupal essentials, conveniently optimized for social publishing packaged Thriving development Fitness & diagnostics via the community Acquia Network Vast module library Optimized Drupal hosting Zero software acquisition cost Extend sites with cloud-based Industry standard LAMP stack services Strong security track record Confidence from an enterprise partner
  29. 29. Benefits Engage your audience Accomplish more with less Harness community-driven innovation
  30. 30. Next Steps... Acquia social publishing workshop Acquia JumpStart training for Drupal Connect with an Acquia partner
  31. 31. Questions For more information, visit: – – Contact us: – Recording of today’s event and slides will be posted at: – 888.9.ACQUIA recorded_webinars Try Drupal 7 for free – Sign up for beta code at Sign up for a free 30-day Acquia Network Trial –