LCM Feature Additions over Cisco Unified CCE Dialer


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This is a documentation on how LCM enriches the dialer offering from Cisco's Unified CCE. It projects those extra features that LCM provides the Cisco dialer.

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LCM Feature Additions over Cisco Unified CCE Dialer

  1. 1. Unified CCE Dialer Feature Additions Using LCM Acqueon Technologies North America. India
  2. 2. Feature Additions on Unified CCE Dialer using LCM Availability in Unified CCE Feature of LCM Dialer Comments Available in both LCM and Unified CCE Dialer. User Management Available Available in both LCM and Unified CCE Dialer. Campaign Creation Available While a start and stop, time can be defined on the Cisco Unified CCE Auto Campaign Run Dialer but specific run time across days, or specific run time on certain Not Available Time days and holidays cannot be defined. Basic Dial Plan like re scheduling based on Voice outcomes is possible Dial Plan Available on the Cisco Unified CCE Dialer. Management LCM allows creation of different groups of business outcomes which can bet set by agents as a call outcome. These groups of business Business Outcomes Not Available outcomes can be assigned to campaigns on the fly. Dial plan or reschedule management for Standard Outcomes like wrong party, DNC and Business Outcomes as decided by business Dial Plan cannot be applied and are not available in the Cisco Unified CCE Management – Not Available Dialer. These outcomes are set by an agent during call completion and Standard and depending on the process flow set for a particular outcomes, the dial Business Outcomes plan reschedules a contact. LCM through its Agent SDK and Web Services, allows an agent while Change Reschedule rescheduling to change an existing customer contact number or enter Not Available Number a new number for a contact. LCM through its Agent SDK and Web Services, allows an agent to Select Callback select the preferred mode like Home, Office or Mobile to call the Mode (Type of Not Available customer while setting a regular or personal callback. Number) While 10 calling numbers can be defined for each contact, but they can be grouped in only 2 calling groups or zones with call start and stop time. Unlike LCM where as many different numbers with different start and stop times and with different usage priority can be defined. For example for a campaign the following modes can be created Dial Plan Priority Management – Partial Mode Start Time Stop Time Channel of Use Modes Home1 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 5 Voice Office1 9:00 AM 1:00 PM 5 Voice Mobile1 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 5 Voice Office2 2:00 PM 6:00 PM 5 Voice Home2 6:00 PM 8:00 PM 5 Voice Mobile2 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 3 Voice © 2006 Acqueon Technologies 2
  3. 3. Mobile SMS 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 2 SMS Email 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 1 Email LCM allows creation of modes of different channels within the same Dial Plan campaign, for example a contact can have a mode mobile-voice for the Management – Not Available voice channel and mobile-sms for the sms channel within the same Modes across campaign. channels LCM allows end customers to run pure marketing SMS based Marketing SMS campaigns. Custom SMS messages can be scripted based on Not Available Campaigns business data for individual contacts. LCM allows end customers to run pure marketing Email based campaigns. Custom Email messages can be scripted based on Marketing Email business data for individual contacts. LCM also allows design of Not Available Campaigns reschedule algorithms based on Email errors like Invalid Email ID, or recipient mail box full, etc. LCM has inbuilt contact selection algorithms which can be executed Contact Selection By based on customer preference, the algorithms are defined for “Market Not Available Market Strategy Spread” and “Market Penetration” LCM allows contact selection based on customer category within the organization by offering parameters to control contact selection like Contact Selection - Customer Preferred Calling Time Using Strategic Not Available - Customer Priority Parameters - Customer Time Zone - Customer Agent Preference LCM allows you to configure custom filters for contact selection. Filters Contact Selection can be executed in the order of usage desired as well as specific filters Using Business Partial can be enabled or disabled as desired. Custom filters can be executed Parameters on business parameters uploaded for individual contacts. Available in both LCM and Unified CCE Dialer. Time Zone Available Management Available in both LCM and Unified CCE Dialer. Do Not Call (DNC) Available Management LCM allows DNC numbers to be configured for specific campaigns; this enables the same customer to be filtered out of a marketing Do Not Call (DNC) campaign if the number is registered under DNC, while on a specific Management – Not Available campaign like collection reminder the customer is contacted for the Campaign Specific same number. © 2006 Acqueon Technologies 3
  4. 4. In Unified CCE Dialer limited amount of business parameters can be Contact Upload – uploaded for screen pop, LCM allows any amount of screen pop data Screen pop Partial to be uploaded, these can be accessed by the screen pop application Parameters by doing a database lookup. LCM allows connection to an external database table and manually Contact Upload from Not Available directly uploads contacts from the external database table. external Database LCM provides an agent scripting tool. For individual campaigns different question and answer sessions can be designed and agents Call Guide Not Available can use the same as a scripted knowledgebase management tool to service customers. While both have reports, LCM provides campaign specific contact profiled reports. Custom reports can also be generated to see how lists Reports Partial were dialed for a campaign. © 2006 Acqueon Technologies 4