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Amp Marketing


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Services Overview
Who we are and what we do!

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Amp Marketing

  1. 1. PETD Acorn Management Partners Changes The Investor Relations GameCYTR Acorn Management Partners (AMP) has developed a platform of execution that is unmatched in theCIGX investor relations space by delivering quantifiable results to their clients at the lowest cost possibleSSIE in the marketplace.AUGT Any institution familiar with investor relations knows the difficulty in acquiring clear and positive results from a investor relations program. Furthermore, for those results to be measureable they must beFEED quantifiable. AMP ensures the utmost clarity and effectiveness by offering a proprietary solution (CRM) which allows AMP’s clients to measure the effectiveness through transparency. AMP allows its clients toWFT gain an in-depth perspective on communication between AMP and the minds of their financial professionals that are interested in that specific company every two weeks in a complete and detailed activity summaryBEAC that is provided directly to the company.BILB AMP has spent the last four years building an infrastructure that we believe is unmatched in the industry. We use a “hands on approach” with existing shareholders, institutions, brokers, broker dealers, and theRMCP investment community in general.NLC Although we believe in technology, we know that investorPBIO relations really boil down to relationships. RelationshipsPLSB are the only way to achieve the end result. OUR DIVISIONS SHAREHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS DISTRIBUTION INSTITUTIONAL • Communicate to each and every • Build relationships with Broker • Build relationships with shareholder the vision or in some cases Dealers/Brokers. (over 17,000) institutions. (over 12,000 the NEW vision of the company. currently) • Communicate ideas to • Build an ongoing electronic database of those brokers. • Manage Research Division each and every shareholder for release (Acorn Research, LLC.) • Release Quick Facts & company of news, research, updates, conference profiles to those brokers. • Release research and news calls, etc. to Institutions • Set up one on one meetings • Continue to add new shareholders between our clients and • Deliver research and ideas to to that database (avg. 50 per broker) brokers/broker dealers. those institutions through our • Most importantly build a personal distribution channels. • Set up conference calls between relationship with that shareholder our clients/companies and on behalf of the company. brokers/broker dealers. • Creates Evangelist for the Company • Build electronic database with contact information for each broker/broker dealer.www.AcornManagementPartners.comATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 1
  2. 2. Research | Marketing | Data Collection All in One Place. JAY WALK (A DIVISION OF BNY) • Over 1400 Institutional/buy side customers •Soft dollar research for Bank of New York customers KNOBIAS • Over 400,000 individual and institutional investors • 260,000 professionals in more than 125 countries, the seamlessly integrates data, news, analytics, multimedia reports and e-mail onto a single platform. Clients include the world’s central banks, investment institutions, commercial banks, corporations and news organizations. THOMPSON REUTERS • 327,000 financial market professionals working in the equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, money, commodities and energy markets around the world use Reuters products. • Every subscriber in the Reuters network ACORN RESEARCH • Petroleum Development Corporation, symbol PETD, initiated at $17.53 and traded over $50.00 per share. • May 8, 2010 Acorn Research Initiated Coverage on Weatherford Intl., symbol WFT at $15.30, traded over $22.00. • June 10, 2010 Acorn Research initiated coverage on Nalco Holdings; symbol NLC at $21.25, traded over $32.00. • September 7th, 2010 Acorn Research initiated a buy on Valero Energy; symbol VLO at $16.92, traded over $22.90. AMP MARKETING AMP Email: Contact Management through workflow operations 1. Email Delivery Solution - Send both automated and on-demand emails to subscribers 2. Financial Advisors 3. Database Management – 28,000 in our CRM Data integrator 4. Confirmation Email - Following best practices, new subscribers are sent a confirmation email to validate their address 5. IR Kit: Delivery of IR requested Pieces I. AMP Quick Facts II. AMP Company Profile III. Company Prepared Investor Power Point DATA COLLECTION Email alerts: Opt-in visitors/shareholder/investors and advisory to receive automated press release delivery. Press Releases: Post to the website, Facebook, Twitter, and all news is distributed by email to database subscribers.www.AcornManagementPartners.comATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 2
  3. 3. AMP TWITTER • Direct link to web site and all Company news release @AMPSTOCKS • Follow us @AMPSTOCKS Currently, 13% of online adults use the status update service Twitter, up from 8% in November 2010. This is a growing source of followers COMMONLY USED SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter 86 AMP TV: VIEWER MEDIA IN DIGITAL Blogs 79 20 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS+ LinkedIn 78 AMP TV accesses over 20 million households. Each advertising medium is good at Facebook 77 reaching a particular demographic. Now, with the access to all desired demographic YouTube 41 Social Bookmarking 38 groups, AMP TV “Company Profiling” allows you to target and deliver your marketing Forums 38 message to 20 million household viewers and prospective customers. TV transcends StumbleUpon 28 all media, with 99% of all American households watching. We offer 40 commercialsDigg, Reddit, Mixx, etc. 26 a month in a One Minute “Spotlight” shown daily. FriendFeed 18 0 20 40 PERCENT 60 80 100 AMP Advertising is Seen in Millions of Households 20 Million Households Nationwide 2009 2010 Television Radio 2011 Newspapers Outdoor 2012 2013 Magazines Internet 5 Million Households Nationwide CHANGES IN REGULATION A. AND THE CROWD FUNDING BILL The 3606 bill included the crowd funding bill by Senator McHenry, the 500 rule amendment on company ownership to now allow 1000 owners, Regulation A that allows you to test the waters through marketing if a business plan has legs but now you can do Reg A for up to $50 million instead of the previous $5 million. One of the most significant changes is the Regulation D non-solicitation removal which allows companies and entrepreneurs to advertise their need for capital against equity ownership online and via TV, radio and other medium. Their amendment also outlines that you can only invest 5% of your revenue if you earn less than $100,000 per year versus the $10,000 max you can invest in the previous bill. ATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 3
  4. 4. AMP | CRM Financial Advisor Database In order to run smoothly, organizations often standardize processes across the organization and encourage users to adopt them. Unfortunately, each business unit has a unique set of business processes. Employees are often unaware of these processes, depend on co-workers for information, or are unaware that the completion of certain tasks are dependent on another employee’s completion of the previous tasks. With a CRM technology in place these issues are solved. Define workflow rules or create rules for automated business processes, including lead count and broker notifications, new opportunity and Broker contact pipeline management, sales processes, management, and data transfer to news and updates. Over 28,000 CRM Financial Advisors in the database and growing each month. a. Investment Bankers b. Fund Managers c. Broker Dealer Owners/Broker d. OSJ owners e. Analyst f. Media outlets g. Shareholders, etc. AMP REPORTS AND TRACKING: BROKERS IN DATABASE CRM REPORT AMP Company Profileswww.AcornManagementPartners.comATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 4
  5. 5. AMP Market Outline: Strategy TARGET MARKET Brokers • Bd’s • Large Investors • Micro Cap Institutions Nasdaq Firms POSITIONING STATEMENT Description of the Company SHAREHOLDER INCREASE 1. AMP EXECUTION a. Reach out to 100 plus brokers daily I. 13 STEP PROCESS b. Broker Meetings ( Scheduled Trips) c. Investor Conferences INVESTMENT BANKING 1. Identify Investment Banks that could be a fit (a, b, c) RELATIONSHIPS INSTITUTIONAL STRATEGY 1. Identify institutional departments and BD’s that fit the Company’s Model A. Institutional meetings in NY, CT, etc. to locate potential partners B. Institutional road shows C. Increase institutional ownership SERVICE STRATEGY AMP – Expand with Channel Partners where there is a fit RESEARCH MARKETING 1) Zacks Investment research (PAID / NON PAID) PEOPLE 2) Research Partners (100 institution asset managers as clients) AND COMPANIES TO WORK ON FOR RESEARCH 3) BD/Institutional Research Report 4) S&P provides state blue sky compliance in up to 38 states facilitating secondary trading of your company’s stock. · Reach over 24 million* self-directed online account holders with Standard & Poor’s Stock Report Coverage · Clients at these top online brokerages can access your Standard & Poor’s Stock Report for FREE...anytime, anywhere AMP Gives You the Edge You Need 1. Increase the long-term shareholder base 2. Make introductions to capital funding sources 3. Up listings from OTC.BB to NASDAQ or AMEX 4. Research coverage 5. Assist with lowering administrative expenses • LEGAL • TRANSFER AGENTS • ACCOUNTING • MEDIA • EDGAR FILINGS • ADVERTISEMENTSwww.AcornManagementPartners.comATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 5
  6. 6. Targeted, Global VisibilityCHANNELPARTNERS Web Partners Increase your company’s visibility—and connect with the right investors—with PrecisionIR’s unrivaled targeting solutions: • Generate global visibility with our Annual Reports Service Build awareness for your company through our global network of media partners reaching 14.4 million individual investors each day. PrecisionIR’s Annual Reports Service puts Acorn’s Company Profile in the hands of interested investors while storing the database for futher contact. • Target Institutional Investors with Bloomberg Markets Spotlight PrecisionIR and Bloomberg® have joined forces to launch Bloomberg Markets Spotlight— an interactive application that will highlight your company, it’s message, and your webcasts to Bloomberg’s exclusive audience of institutional investors.www.AcornManagementPartners.comATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 6
  7. 7. Monthly Database Reports: Informed Decisions AMP MONTHLY DATABASE REPORTS ACORN MANAGEMENT PARTNERS | U.S.A. ACORN MANAGEMENT PARTNERS | EUROPE U.S. Phone: 770.709.5845 U.K. Phone: 44.0759.258.5237 MR. AMITABH SATAPATHY Director Of Research, Acorn Research Acorn Research, LLC is an equity research firm. It focuses its research on small-cap, mid-cap, and large- cap listed companies around the globe. The firm provides third party research. It employs a bottom up approach for investment evaluation and offers company analysis, competitive analysis, investment risks and benefits, company valuation, and technical analysis evaluation. The firm focuses on industry evaluation, trends, and competition summary. It also offers on-site presentations to clients. The firm caters to investment professionals, portfolio managers, and capital providers. Acorn Research, LLC is based in Alpharetta, Georgia with additional offices in Swindon, United Kingdom and Bhubaneswar, India. The firm is a subsidiary of Acorn Management Partners, LLC.www.AcornManagementPartners.comATLANTA, GA • DEERFIELD, IL • NEW YORK, NY • LONDON, UK • BHUBANESWAR, INDIA 7