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Movioca2011 web

  1. 1. mipcom 2011
  2. 2. MOVIOCA, a content house based in Brazil.Amadeu Alban , c re ati ve d i re c tor of MOV IO C A, h a s a 1 2 y ea r sexperience di re c ti n g an d p rod u c i n g au d i ovi s ua l co n t en t f o r cin em aand TV. He w orks w i th TV G l obo, s e ve ral ca b l e ch a n n el s a n dproduction c om p an i e s w h e re h e i s re s p on s i bl e f o r T V s h o w s , a d s ,branded conte n t, s h orts , an i m ati on an d d oc u m en t a r ies .Main prizes:‘10 Cents’ – selected to Short Film Corner – Cannes 2008 and UNICEF Award at ZINEBI 2008‘Thainie and the Umbrella’ – animation TV pilot in official competition at Annecy Festival 2010
  3. 3. a n i m at i o n
  4. 4. What could be more delightfulto a child than playing ball? Puppies! Target 4-9 52 x 11’ In Development
  5. 5. THAT’S FUN TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY TOGETHER When puppies organize the World Animal Cup, children have guaranteed space for fun. In the countdown to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup, BrazooCup proposes a universe that uses soccer as an element of union between education and entertainment. It all begins in a small neighborhood at ‘Ballville’, when a group of puppies promotes the World Animal Cup! Aces from all over the world come together to make a great championship. At each match, we learn with the animals their origins and cultures, their skills and limitations. Together they discover that being a winner is a matter of learning with the differences and that the unknown can reveal very funny surprises. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Series • Doc Interstitial • Book • Augmented Reality Apps • Web and Mobile Content (games and episodes) • And Many Moreamadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  6. 6. Target 4-9 26 x 11’In Development
  7. 7. THE RHYTHM’S MAGICAL JOuRNEY Tom is a curious eight-year-old boy who loves music. One day he tries to discover who invented the tambourine. Tom begins a magical journey through time and travels along the route of the instrument, revisiting the relevant phases of the tambourine on his trip across continents and nations. At each question answered, a new one arises, moving Tom backwards in time. He meets people from around the world, discovers many rhythms and cultures in history. Finally Tom finds a group of women in Neolithic times when the tambourine was first used. Humankind was undergoing an incipient process of construction which is now called cultural identity. Tom Tambourine also has documentary interstitials that show different kinds of tambourines and rhythms from various countries. The result is a product that portrays a cultural mix and the world’s rich diversity, stimulating kids’ interest in music, other customs and respect for differences. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Series • Doc Interstitial • Book • Augmented Reality Apps • Web and Mobile Content (games and episodes) • And Many Moreamadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  8. 8. Target 4-7 26 x 3’In Development
  9. 9. Thainie is a 9-year-old girl that feeds her carnivore plant daily with ants that, tired from being eaten up, architect a secret plan, full of extraordinary facts, umbrellas and poetry. A POETICAL WAY TO DEVELOP CHILDREN´S IMAGINATION “Thainie and the umbrella” presents a fictional universe in constant transformation. Poetry invades the screen and creates a narrative experience in which fact and imagination cannot be precisely distinguished. Counting on the spectator’s co-creative and co-authorial space, the series is visually driven and proposes a ‘game of perspectives’ in which children are invited to see the world from different points of view. In Thainie’s universe, nothing is absolute: bad or good, small or big, ugly or pretty. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Series • Featured Film • Book • Theater Play • Augmented Reality Apps • Web and Mobile Content (games and episodes) • And Many Moreamadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  10. 10. Route 66:where comicstrips meet sitcoms. Target 12 + 104 x 1’ In Development
  11. 11. Hey! It’s our In the middle of the world’s most famous He said he’s ET friend!What’s up? moving to highway, two inseparable friends witness Miami! the passing of cars, trucks, spaceships and receive the visit of the funniest characters with humor and irony. ‘Route66’ is an audiovisual comic strip with a sitcom flavour. Charismatic I guess our ET No. He couldn’t friend gave up learn how to characters live through surreal living in Miami... dance Salsa! situations in the arid desert. Why? Isn’t it a great place to Created by Flávio Luiz, one of the most live? important brazilian cartoonists, ‘Route 66’ has over 1.000 strips published over 3 years. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Interstitial • Newspaper Comic Strip • Book • Games • And Many More amadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  12. 12. 10.000 issues soldADVENTUREIN BAHIA Target 10 - 14 52 x 11’ In Development
  13. 13. Aú is a happy and kind teenage Capoeira fighter. Along Salvador, Bahia, Brazil with his pet marmoset Licuri, our hero investigates the disappearance of Nathalie, a French girl kidnapped in the historic center of Bahia after witnessing the beginning of a criminal fire. His investigation leads to the private Pelourinho, island of the mysterious Tonny Troubleronni. the historical heritage of humanity is the Will our hero find Nathalie? Will he free her?old city center of Salvador, Bahia. In a story filled with adventure, humor and a certain amount of romance (why not?), Aú travels through the hills of Pelourinho, across Salvador, culminating in an epic jetski chase in All Saints Bay’s waters.Pelô. Where joy But there is nothingand beauty are more typical in Pelô typical!! than happy tourists. That’s him!!! TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Series • Feature Film • Live Action • Book • Web and Mobile Content (games and episodes) • And Many More amadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  14. 14. d o c u me n ta r y
  15. 15. sounds · images · words · shapes · flavorsof black cultures in the atlantic world DOC 13 x 26’ In Development
  16. 16. Third Diaspora is a concept that tries to The project aims to produce a documentalunderstand the changing state of cultural series that will go through the 21 citiesexchanges of black cultures post-internet. in the Atlantic world in search of thatThe First Diaspora was created by the slave contemporary globalized productiontrade. The Second happened when black people divided into 05 thematic areas, in a total ofof african descendants have moved back over 13 episodes:several continents, changing the face of manycities in the world. images: imagined africa, religiousness, cinemas, photographs; sounds: music, carnivals;The Third Diaspora happens now, when forms: visual arts, fashions, theaters;communication between all these black worlds words: ideologies, literatures;is easier thanks to YouTube videos, web radio flavors: foods, drinks.programs, torrent files, and many other bytes. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Series • Doc Interstitial • Book • Game • Website • And Many More amadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  17. 17. NAKEDSOULundress yourself DOC 13 x 26’ In Development
  18. 18. Makeover TV shows generally promote radical changes to the character’s exterior.In ‘Naked Soul’, the aim is a psychological transformation: self-acceptance. Througha photo essay, chubbies will pose nude. With each click the life stories, traumas andblockages are overcome. At the end of the session, their photographed pictures reveal anew look at their body and soul, at their sensuality. A newer point of view about themselves. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING • TV Series • Doc Interstitial • Book • Exhibition • Website • And Many More amadeu alban | | + 55 71 8881 4 4 7 9 |
  19. 19. amadeu + 55 71 8881 4 479 w w w.movioc a .com
  20. 20. w w w .movio c a .com