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Temperature & humidity control cabinet


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Humidity & Temperature Control Cabinet are well designed for conducting different laboratory and research experiments for different quality control tests to be carried out on different materials For more information please log on

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Temperature & humidity control cabinet

  1. 1. Temperature & Humidity Control Cabinet Acm-78092-STECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  2. 2. Temperature & Humidity Control CabinetTECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  3. 3. Product OverviewHumidity & Temperature Control Cabinet are well designed for conducting different laboratory andresearch experiments for different quality control tests to be carried out on different materials e.g.cement, motors, various electrical fittings, electronic circuits and components, cloth and paper etc.under controlled temp. and humidity conditions.Construction DetailsWeiber Humidity and Temperature controlled cabinets are double walled convection heated and cooledunits. Outer body of our Humidity and Temperature controlled cabinets are constructed outof thick PCRC sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting stoveenamel or elegantly powder coated. The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge stain less steel sheet ofSS-304 grade. The gap between the walls is filled high grade mineral glass wool, which ensuresmaximum thermal efficiency in our chambers.The unit is provided with one door. This door is provided with magnetic door closer. The door is made ofmild steel sheet lined with stainless steel from inside. This door is provided with lock and keyarrangement. The unit is mounted on a sturdy steel frame The unit is provided with various customizedshelves in various permutations and combinations to suit individual requirements. The triple walled backof our Humidity and Temperature controlled cabinets are provided with one/ two air circulation fans foruniform maintenance of the temperature throughout the chamber.HeatingIndirect heating system is provided in our units, comprising of air heaters made of high grade stainlesssteel plate heating system of suitable wattage. The warm air is evenly distributed throughout thechamber through efficient motor fans ensuring a very good temperature sensitivity.CoolingAn energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our echambers to enable bio chemical demand , cyclic andgrowth studies at lower room temperatures. We use ISI marked high end CFC free compressors ofKirloskar/Tecumseh make, conforming to latest international standards and guidelines. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  4. 4. Humidity Range30% to 90% (Humidity Applicable as per the Temperature Humidity Graph Attached).HumidificationA low-pressure droplet free vapor boiler using direct vaporization system is used. Water Reservoir isprovided at the side of the chamber with. The de-mineralized water or single distilled water supply to thehumidity inlet having a resistance measurement of approximately 50,000 – 200,000 Ohm/cm isprovided with the unit.Humidity SensitivityHumidity is controlled by mean of an electronic humidity controller cum indicator with an accuracy of +5%Temperature ControlThe temperature inside our chambers is controlled through programmable micro-processor basedtemperature controller cum indicator.Temperature RangeTemperature range of our standard walk in Incubator models are 5o c to 60o c or 5o c above ambienttemperature to 60o c However we have the capacity to modify the same to suit the individual specializedrequirements of our customers.Front PanelTemperature inside our environmental chambers are controlled with a sensitivity of + 0.5o c or better. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  5. 5. Mineral Glass Wool InsulationGlass mineral wool is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulantsavailable. Glass wool is incombustible by nature. Euro class classification is A. It does not propagateflames and toxic smokes. Thanks to a dense entanglement of materials with a low conduction andtrapping a great amount of air, glass wool is a an excellent thermal insulant. The thickest it is, the bestthermal resistance it has, thus reducing heat losses in our equipments for better sensitivity andeconomical operations and its impact on the environment in manufacture, use and disposal is minimal.Air circulationTriple walled back of unit is fitted with two air circulation fans for maintaining temperature uniformlythroughout the chamberFeatures of Coaxial Circulation Fan: · Vacuum impregnated stator winding with dr. back varnish under red baktol · non-hygroscopic. · Best IR value · Bright bar (EN - 8 class) shaft. · Bush bearing of branded companies. Surge comparison testing in fans and pumps eliminates into turn short circulating of the stator. · Pressure die-casted-rotor manufactured with zero error. · Boats of high accuracySize of Inner chamber :– W x H x D 455 x 710 x 455 mm 605 605 x 605 mm 606 605 x 910 x 605 mm TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  6. 6. Refrigeration UnitRefrigeration unit is formed by ISI marked compressor/cooling kit of Kioloskar Copeland or Tecumseh.Features · High Energy Efficiency · Compact · Ozone-friendly refrigerants · Proven Technology Wide Voltage RangeAPPLICATION Evaporating Temp Range 0-60 Degree C Refrigerant R- 134a Refrigerant Control CAPILLARY Compressor Cooling STATIC General Applications REFRIGERATOR/ DEEP FREEZER TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  7. 7. RATED PERFORMANCE Cooling Capacity -Rated 282 – 650 Btu/hr (Model specific) Power input -Rated 80-110 Watts (Model Specific) Energy Efficiency Ratio 3.53 Btu/Whr Current - Rated 0.70 Amps LRA -Rated N/A Evaporating Temperature -23.30C Condensing Temperature 540C Liquid Sub Cooling Temp 320C Return Gas Temperature 320C Ambient Temperature 320C Pressure - Suction 0.32 Kg/Cm2 Pressure - Discharge 12.9 Kg/Cm2MECHANICAL DATA Design RECIPROCATING Displacement/Revolution 3.14 CC No. of Cylinders One Speed (Nominal) N/A TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  8. 8. Oil Charge 230 CCWeight 7.3 KgsInternal Pressure Relief PROVIDEDValveMOTOR DATAMotor Type PTCSIRFrequency 50 HzPhase SINGLEVoltage -Rated 230 VoltsVoltage -Range N/AHigh Potential Test N/AOVER LOAD PROTECTORType EXTERNAL TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  9. 9. Humidity Vs Temperature Graph Standard Humidty Range Above is a chart that shows the achievable range of humidity as compared to temperatureTechnical SpecificationsTemperature variation (time) +/-°C 0.5Temperature deviation (spatial) +/-°C 0.5Readability/ Set ability °C 0.5Temperature range *** °C 5°C to 60°C / 5°C above ambient to 60°C TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  10. 10. Technical SpecificationsSensor thermocouple Type KController Solid State digital Controller/PID optionalDisplay LED/LCDAdjustable alarm limits (visual and acoustic) OptionalSafety thermostatsTemperature variation (time) +/-°C 3 (With PID Controllers only)Sensor thermocouple Type KAutomatic setting Yes (With PID Controllers only)Adjustable limits Yes (With PID Controllers only)AccessoriesTimer (1-999 minutes or hours) optionalReal Time Program optionalPrinter Report Program optionalSerieal Data Port RS232 optionalInspection window in door optionalShelvesStandard/ max 2- 6 (depending on the internal sizeDimensions w,d mm As per the individual modelMax load per shelf kg 20Permitted total load kg 80 kg (Max Internal Size)AccessoriesPrinter Report Program optional2 x 24 characters LCD Display optionalAccess Port 30 mm optionalInspection window in door with cover optionalCastors, lockable YesPower consumptionNominal power W 850Nominal voltage V 230, 1~Frequency Hz 50/60 TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  11. 11. Optional Upgrades For Environmental chamber (If Desired)Universal Digital Data Recorder with ComputerData Acquisition And Control System For Environmental Chamber.:This is unique module which can be incorporated with our environmental chamber to log in temperatureand environment related data with a help of a data logger unit which has a pc connectivity by means ofRS 232 C interface. This data is then analyzed and formatted with the help of our unique user friendlyanalysis software to enable the user to get a formatted and analyzed reports of various inputs during thefull operation cycle of the equipment. This is an ideal module for pharmaceutical laboratories, processcontrol applications and high research projects where maintaining a viable record of the performance ofthe equipment is very essential.Features· Our system incorporates multiple Devices such as in line process Indicators, environment scanners and temperature or humidity controllers.· Provides Astech cable for direct interface to any dot matrix or laser printer for online or offline data records printing· It has Bulk data storage capacity with high data retention life.· Facility to obtain nicely formatted print our of the logged data or records with proper headers.· Our system provided facility to program recording interval with various options to suit individual requirements.· It is provided with the feature to adjust or select baud rate for any serial communication port.Our system is provided with user friendly custom developed software which obtains and analyze thedata and facilitates the user to generate reports and graphs etc. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  12. 12. An ISO 9001 : 2208 ISO 14001 : 2008 ISO 13485 WHO: GMP Products GLP Compliant TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD. SALES OFFICE (INDIA) 1075 & 1077, 10th Floor, Aggarwal Millenium Tower-II Netaji Subhash Place, Pitam Pura, Delhi- 110034 Land Line No.: 46102306, 43034339, 47321068, 46102305 Mobile No.: 09312219738, 09717741167, 09873266634 E-mail.:,, SALES OFFICE (HONG KONG) Unit D 28 11/F Wing Tat Comm,Bidg 97, Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (PRC) Tel.: 0086-13929598046 0086- 18922303099 E-mail.: SHOWROOM 141, Raj Industrial Estate, Rai, Sonepat, Haryana- 131029, INDIA Tel.: 0091-0-9312219738 (M) +91- 9717741167 E-mail.: SALES OFFICE (RUSSIA) Inmed Trade Street Ozerkovsky Embankment, Unit No 50, Straine- 1, Off- 502, Moscow, Russia E-mail.: Tel.: 0049- 79592345 Email: