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Multi Angle Gloss Meter by ACMAS Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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The quality of air inside the room is it in the office or house, or clean rooms or hospitals, is of great significance on an individual's health. It has been observed that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Due to the revolution which has come in improvising construction / building techniques and need for energy efficiency has led to buildings with no air circulation, therefore, indoor air circulates with any contaminants present. The health of individuals is affected by these contaminants and lead to respiratory problems, allergies, chronic fatigue, headache, and so on. For more information please logon

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Multi Angle Gloss Meter by ACMAS Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  2. 2. R MULTI ANGLE GLOSS METER MODEL NO.- ACM-AGM-2231 Gloss is the ability of a coated surface to reflect light to the user from the said surface. Reflection is similar to reflection of a light ray from a mirror. Weiber's Gloss Meter is ideal equipment for research and general applications in the field of ascertaining the measurement of gloss of the surface.Weiber manufactures low cost portable gloss meter to measure gloss of various material surfaces including paint, plastics and paper. The glossy meters measures gloss at various angles such as 20/40/60 degree. Weiber's Gloss meter operates on the principle of measurement of amount of reflection which is a result of a light ray send by our gloss meter at a specific angle to the said surface. Application Ÿ Natural Gems and Stones Ÿ Paints and Coating Industry Ÿ Plastic Industry Ÿ Industry Ÿ Automobile Industry Ÿ Wood Finishing Ÿ Decorative Materials used in Construction Industry Ÿ Paper Industry TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  3. 3. R MULTI ANGLE GLOSS METER MODEL NO.- ACM-AGM-2231 Product Features Ÿ LCD Display Ÿ Portable Ÿ Ease of operations Ÿ A single battery AA size Ÿ Knob Protector Technical Features Ÿ Reading Range 0 ~ 199.9 ~ 2000 GU Ÿ Indication Error 1.5 ±1.5% GU Ÿ Measuring Area 9 x 10 mm2/ 9 x 16 mm2 / 5 x 39 mm2 Ÿ Incidence Angle 20 º/ 60º/ 80 º Ÿ Volume 155 mm3 , 48 mm3 , 75 mm3 Ÿ Power Supply A single battery only. AA size, Rechargeable or alkaline Data Operator Inclusive Capable to store 10000 measurements or 999 data groups TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
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