Ambient Air Environmental Monitoring by ACMAS Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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Ambient Air Environmental Monitoring by ACMAS Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  2. 2. R AIR ENVIRONMENT MONITORING EQUIPMENTSThese instruments are used to monitor and analyze the quality of air. This is an important aspect of performingexperiments, because these days it is important to go green. Therefore, the basic emphasis is on protecting theenvironment from the ravages of industrial waste. Hence, air environment monitoring meters are used. AIR PARTICLE COUNTERS Weibers Air Particle Counter is ideal equipment that is able to detect tiny air particles. Our equipment measures particles of size 0.3 onwards, that are present in air. It is suitable for measurement of air borne particle concentration in normal and contaminated outdoor environments; controlled environments and clean rooms; and normal and polluted indoor environments. The product is widely used in electronics, optics, chemistry, food, cosmetic, medical science, biological products, aviation, and so on. MULTIPOINT SYNTHESIS PARAMETER MEASURE SYSTEM Weiber has designed Multipoint Synthesis Parameter Measure System to measure temperature, humidity, pressure difference, wind speed, consistence of CO, and consistence of poisonous gas and so on. Weiber manufacture and supplies good quality clean multi-point synthesis parameter measure system. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  3. 3. RBIOLOGICAL AIR SAMPLER Weiber Biological Air sampler is designed to measure concentration and particle size distribution of biological materials in ambient air. These units have been widely used for enumerating the viable particles in a microbial aerosol.. These samplers are designed so that all particles collected, regardless of physical size, shape, or density are sized aerodynamically and can be directly related to human lung deposition permits assessment of an airborne contaminant in relation to its disease potential arising from its deposition site within the respiratory tract. It can measure particle of size 0.65 microns. AIR CAPTURE HOODS Weiber Air Capture Hood is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument for reading air volume flow at diffusers, and grilles. It is ideally suited for commissioning agents, facilities managers, health and safety specialists, test engineers, and test and balance professionals. Weiber Air Capture Hoods have replaced the deflecting vane anemometer with diffuser probes due to their ease of use, quick measurements, and near elimination of the need to apply grille manufacturers. Weiber employs the use of K factor function which provides flexibility to air capture hood for measuring a variety of diffusers. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  4. 4. R DIGITAL SOUND LEVEL METER Weiber Digital Sound Level Meter is designed to measure and monitor sound level pressure in different industrial environments. It can measure sound level ranging from 35 db to 130 db with frequency ranges from 31.5Hz to 8000Hz. This laboratory equipment is equipped with micro computer LSI circuit which helps to acquire high accuracy in less time. It offers wide area of application in construction industries, traffic department. Weiber is a leading Indian ISO 9001:2000 accredited manufacturer of Digital Sound Level Meter instruments. DIGITAL LUX METER Weiber is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Digital Lux meter. This laboratory equipment helps researchers and scientist to measure the amount of light in work places. It is pocket sized equipment, which is easy to carry out and operate. This Lux meter is equipped with LSI circuit to provide high reliability and durability. It is is based on digital integral photometric measurement technology. Weiber Lux meter measure illuminace ranging from 0 to 2,00,000 LUX. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
  5. 5. RTHERMO HYGROGRAPH Weiber manufactures paperless chart recorder Thermo Hygrograph to measure both temperature and humidity. Weiber Thermo Hygrograph is applicable in Libraries, Computer Rooms, Food and Paper Storage Areas, HAV and is used to control all climate-sensitive production processes in electronic data- processing centers, control cabinets, wind turbines, storage rooms and museums. The case of Electronic Thermograph is made up of clear plastic to enable data easily readable. Weiber offer Bimetalic Thermograph at most affordable prices.DIGITAL ANEMOMETER Weiber Digital Anemometer is used to measure the wind speed and is a and is a common weather station instrument.. This instrument is portable, fast, has accurate reading, digital readability and has the convenience of a remote sensor separately. Weiber Anemometer is manufactured using latest techniques and quality raw material to provide efficient performance to the end users. It has data hold facility. It has multifunction display. It is used to measure wind velocity in the range of 0.4 to 30 m/s. It is hand held type and has Digits LCD Display. TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
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