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El cid


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these were made by our prof in World Literature :)

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El cid

  1. 1. ElCid(El Cid Compeador)(epic of Spain)
  2. 2. El – is the Spanish for “the”Cid – is a corruption of Arabic title “Sidi” which means “lord”Therefore, the title means “The Lord”
  3. 3. Some writers added the epithet “Compeador” which means “Champion”El Cid Compeador means The Lord Champion
  4. 4. Characters:Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar – isthe “El Cid” himself; aCastilian soldier who losthis fame, family andwealth because of hisenemies
  5. 5. King Alfonso – theking who exiledRodrigo Diaz deBivar
  6. 6. Count Garcia Ordonez– the enemy whocreated intriguesagainst El Cid
  7. 7. Two Infantes ofCarreon – sons-in-lawof El CidTwo daughters of ElCid
  8. 8. Moor – Spanish for“Moslem”
  9. 9. Infante – refers to the second son of the king of Spain or Portuguese