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Linkedin Company Page Guide


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How to leverage your Company page on LinkedIn

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Linkedin Company Page Guide

  1. 1. Company PagesCopyright © 2010 LinkedIn Corporation.LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail areregistered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporationin the United States and/or other countries. Allother brands and names are the property oftheir respective owners. All rights reserved.10-LMS-001 10/10 Powered by the InPages platform
  2. 2. Your company and the world’slargest audience of professionalsTens of millions of professionals are opportunities and keep an eye out for job What’s your Company Page? It’s the central hub for your brand.following more than a million companies openings. Members are noti ed of such It’s your company’s pro le of record on LinkedIn and a Through your Company Page, you can manage all facetson LinkedIn. Who are these followers? developments via network updates or powerful way to speak to these millions of professionals of your brand: your company brand, your employment through word-of-mouth recommendations and trusted brand and your product brand.They are job seekers, employees, potential e-mails. testimonials.customers, purchasing managers, current It’s your engagement tool. When members want to know more about It’s an opportunity to reveal the human side of yourclients, or interested observers. They company. Provide a peek at the individuals behind the Bring your brand to life by showcasing your most your company, they look to your Company glowing recommendations, your standout products,follow companies to stay in the loop on brand, and highlight how members use your products Page on LinkedIn. your best employees, your company culture andnew developments, compare products in their daily lives to solve real problems. In short, your hiring practices. Company Page offers tools for you to bring yourand services, track potential business brand to life. It’s how you grow your business virally – through word of mouth. Let your employees and customers become brand ambassadors and spread the word about your company through network-aware testimonials and recommendations. It’s a rich source of analytics. Gain insights into who is interested in your company and which other companies they are following. Company Page 2
  3. 3. Why create a Company Page?Create your Company Page as your Make your Your Company Page provides you with an anchor on LinkedIn – the place to go tocompany’s interface to millions of presence felt whenever any member wants to learn more about your company, your culture, your products and services. You can ensure your company puts its best foot forward andprofessionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides the most relevant and tailored messaging – depending on what LinkedInmembers want to nd out more about members are looking for.your company, hear of job openings,discover what your company culture’s Grow and engage Your company already has a following of committed, interested and engaged, and get recommendations from your followers Your Company Page provides a wealth of tools for increasing engagement among your followers via breaking news, blog posts, Twitter updates, YouTube videos, special offerstheir network on products that may and best suited to their needs. Bene t from the Nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations for generating new business. And buzz about your when it comes to making buying decisions, recommendations from friends, peers and products colleagues hold far more weight than the marketing messages on your corporate website, or a testimonial from a stranger. Each time a LinkedIn member endorses your products or services, their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections and could spread virally. When you promote and curate these recommendations, you have a showcase of the most credible, authentic endorsements of your products. Promote your Savvy job seekers, especially passive seekers, turn to LinkedIn for professional employment brand insights. The Careers Tab will be one of the rst places they look to before responding to a recruiter or researching a potential job opportunity. By investing in a premium LinkedIn Careers Page, you can shape their understanding of your employment brand through video, images and customizable content modules. Company Page 4
  4. 4. What kind of content ison your Company Page?When you set up your Company Page, Overview The reception area of your Company Page – the Overview Tab provides a friendly Overview Careers introduction to your brand. When a member visits this tab, they see everyone inyou have an active role in deciding what their network who works at your company, your company’s blog posts and Twitter feeds.content to highlight, what informationto include, and how you speak to speci c Careers This section provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with millions of passivesegments of members who are visiting your and active job seekers on LinkedIn. Any job openings you’ve posted on LinkedIn willpage. Your Company Page is viewer-aware, show up here. Investing in a Silver or Gold Careers Page allows you to featurewhich means you can display different jobs additional content on your employment brand and your company’s culture, showcaseand products to an IT manager in Pharma your best employees and tailor your messaging to target audiences. Products & Services Analyticsthan you do to a Media sales professional. Products & Services Here’s your chance to catch the eye of prospective customers by highlighting productsYour Company Page is also network-aware, or services that are relevant to your target audience. When a member visits this page,which means members can see who in their they see how many of their network connections recommend your product as well as their works at your company and who intheir network recommends your products. Analytics This tab is visible only to you, as an administrator of your Company Page. Use this toYour Company Page is made up of 4 tabs: understand the composition of your base of followers – who they are, what they do and which other companies they follow.Overview, Careers, Products & Servicesand Analytics. Company Page 6
  5. 5. Overview Tab High-level OverviewYour companys introduction to professionals Follow CompanyThe Overview Tab of your Company Page Members will be able to: Member’s Networkprovides visiting members with a rich, at your Company • Follow your company to stay in the loop on keynetwork-aware snapshot of your company. developments, including job openings and other updates. • Read through a high-level overview of your company. • See who in their network is employed by your company. • Access the latest news about your company through your blog posts and Twitter feeds. Twitter feeds & Blogs • Visit the “Employee Statistics” section to get an analytical perspective on your employees. For example they can see what percentage of your company’s employees are in engineering, sales or marketing. Or how your company’s employee base has grown over time, as re ected by your employees’ LinkedIn pro les. • Get a quick summary of other key company data that you choose to provide. Data Summary Overview 8
  6. 6. Products &Services Tab Display BannerBuilding your showcase of recommendations Follow Company Featured Products by audienceYour Products & Services Tab is the voice of Listing all products and servicesyour Product (or Services) Brand. You can You can create a directory-style listing that’s exhaustiveuse this tab to showcase your best and includes all your product and service offerings. Network-aware moduleproducts and services to highly targeted And provide additional content for each product or of recommenders service – including descriptions, features, images,audiences, curate and spotlight product display banners, videos, and special offers.recommendations and engage withprospective and current customers. Product Listing Product Video Products & Services 10
  7. 7. Defining your target audience Describing each product or service Showcasing recommendations of Describe your product in detail, while making sure its your products and services unique value proposition stands out. Details could Recommendations from fellow professionals impact include the category that it belongs to. Make sure you product and service purchase decisions in a big way. capture all of your products’ salient features, provide When LinkedIn members visit your Products & Services imagery as a visual aid and use video clips for Tab, they see how many and which of their professional interactivity. You are also encouraged to create connections recommend your products and services. special offers unique to members following you on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to provide contact details Recommendations that you receive spread virally:Tip of the people behind the product – such as your • When a member recommends your product, their product manager(s) or sales people that can network connections are noti ed of theLinkedIn Advanced People Search help a customer make the right connection. recommendation.<> • The recommendation becomes part of the memberscan help you identify the right industries to target. De ning your target audiences stream and is reflected on the members profile page. The Products & Services Tab is viewer-aware and • The recommendation lives on your product page and network-aware, which means you can customize your will be discovered when any of the members message and display relevant content to audiences connections visit the page. with very different priorities and interests. That way, you aren’t showing the same products to Finance You have control over which recommendations are professionals as you are to Pharma industry execs. visible on your Products & Services Tab, and you can also respond to members’ comments. You can de ne up to 5 distinct audience segments for different versions of this tab, based on: industry, job function, seniority, geography and Tips for getting great recommendations company size. Tip The more people who recommend your products and Featuring products and services Every chance you get, you can ask: services, the more likely it is that word-of-mouth buzz Have your most relevant products under the spotlight “Are you satisfied with our product? about your product will spread. Here are some and tailor your offerings based on audience segments. Recommend us on LinkedIn.” suggestions for getting high-quality endorsements: Select products from your master “directory” list that • Ask your best customers via LinkedIn’s “Request you believe will resonate the most with a given Recommendations” module. You can invite members audience. Since you can de ne up to 5 audience to recommend your products and services directly segments, each segment can have its own set of up from the Products & Services Tab on your Company to 5 products or services. And for any given audience Page, using the “Request Recommendations” button. segment, you can enhance the appeal of your offerings • Seek recommendations as part of all of your with up to 3 display banners and a custom video. customer communications. Products & Services 12
  8. 8. Careers Tab Display BannerGiving voice to your employment brandWith a Premium Careers Page, you canshowcase your best talent, promote jobopportunities, provide insights into yourcompany culture and hiring practices andinteract with both active and passive Employee Spotlightjob-seekers. Recruiter ContactsIf you have posted any jobs on LinkedIn,they’ll automatically appear in this section.If you have a Premium LinkedIn CareersPage, your jobs will be targeted to theindividual member viewing the page. Employment Video Custom Content Modules Bene ts Careers 14
  9. 9. Customizing Content Your Careers Page includes:Your Careers Page is highly customizable, offering a A display banner A clickable banner spans the top of your Careers Page,range of content options to bring your employment directing viewers to the URL of your choice.brand to life. And you could choose to tailor yourcontent and target members based on Industry, JobFunction, Seniority and Geography. That way, your Videos Introduce candidates to your company in a dynamic andmessage to an engineer in San Francisco can be lively way. Gold Package customers can include multipledifferent from your message to a sales professional in videos targeted to different audiences. Videos must beLondon, yet re ect the same common values and hosted on YouTube and can be of any length.themes that make up your employment brand.It’s up to you to choose which pre-de ned content Recruiter contact information Create a direct link for job-seekers to get in touch with your company. LinkedIn members can send freemodules to use, and modules that you choose not to messages to recruiters and other employees featureduse won’t be visible to visiting members. in this section.You can also create up to 3 custom content modules,featuring content that is important to job seekers and Employee spotlight Let your employees be ambassadors of youremployees. Here are some suggestions on how you can employment brand by sharing their stories and byuse these: describing your company culture, in their own voice.• Tell your corporate story Each testimonial links to their LinkedIn pro le.• Describe company culture, mission and values Bene ts information You can select standard bene ts from a list and add• List awards, statistics or milestones up to 10 additional bene ts.• Provide detailed information on locations• Give details on teams, projects or corporate Outside links Link to LinkedIn groups, Twitter feeds, content on your philanthropy company’s website, or any other external content. Careers 16
  10. 10. Analytics TabInsights about your followers to build a Page Views & Numberbigger following of VisitorsYour Company Page comes with anAnalytics Tab, visible only to administratorsof your Company Page. This tab is notvisible to members. Members only see theOverview Tab, The Careers Tab (with the Broken out by Industryaccompanying employee statistics) and theProducts & Services Tab.Your Analytics Tab is a source oftremendous insights to give you a betterunderstanding of member behavior,including who is visiting your page(s),where are they coming from and howoften. You also get to see a comparativesnapshot of your company’s followers vs.followers of other similar companies. Growth of your Company’s Following, compared to similar companies Analytics 18
  11. 11. Discovery of your Company PageMember discovery of your Company Organic discovery of your Increasing awareness of yourPage, Careers Tab and Products & Company Page Company PageServices Tab Your Company Page will always appear when a member You can grow your company followers, multiply the types your company’s name into LinkedIn’s search box number of visitors and increase your recommendationsThere are plenty of ways for members to on their home page or on the Companies home page. on your Company Page by taking some simple steps:organically discover your Company Page, Members may discover your Company Page when they: • Embed a “Follow us on LinkedIn” button on youryour Careers Tab or your Products & company website, careers page or product pages. • View the LinkedIn profile of one of your employeesServices Tab while they’re doing research (Hovering your cursor over a company name brings • Invite candidates in your hiring pipeline to visit youror browsing on LinkedIn. up a mini-company pro le, which links to your Company Page (or Careers Tab) for more information. Company Page). • Add your Company Page URL • Receive a notification when your products or services ( are recommended by one of their connections. to your outbound e-mails or recruitment and product communications. • See an open position from your company via a job search, under “Jobs You May Be Interested In” on • Include a mention of your Company Page in your their home page or through jobs suggested by customer newsletters. their contacts. • Promote your Company Page as your showcase • See your company under “Companies You May Be of recommendations, via an e-mail campaign or Interested in Following” – a recommendation module through advertising. for members from LinkedIn. • Follow your company and then receive network updates. Discovery 20
  12. 12. Promoting your Company PageAdvertising your Company Page,Careers Page or Products andServices Tab on LinkedInYou can use a variety of richly targetedads in a range of formats to increaseyour following, promote your productsor services and drive a high volumeof recommendations. Custom ad formats with rich targeting, designed with your Company Page in mindText Ads • Achieve your direct response objectives, promote your Company Page by reaching your Recommendation • Recommendation Ads enable you to showcase "network-aware" recommendations of exact audience with highly targeted Text Ads Ads your products (or services) to members. When your product has been recommended by a members connection, they see that recommendation in the ad. When no • Start with as little as $10/day recommendation from within a members network is available, you can showcase • Target your audience by Industry, Seniority, Geography, Job Function, Age or Gender any recommendation youve received. • Pay per click or by impressions • Recommendation Ads can be anywhere on LinkedIn and can help you grow your • Stop your ads at any time roster of recommendations. They are particularly well suited to the content on the Products & Services Tab because it resembles the organic content on the page.Display Ads • Promote your Company Page by reaching your exact audience with rich, highly Recruitment • Recruitment Ads allow you to source candidates more effectively by being targeted display ads Ads "top-of-mind" among top active and passive candidates. • Generate awareness of your Company Page with standard, IAB-compliant ad units • You can target your ads to focus precisely on viewers with relevant professional in our clean, uncluttered environment experience, allowing you to optimize your spend. • Pay on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis • "Come Work with Us" recruitment ads allow you to run ads on your employee pro les on LinkedIn and showcase your employees as your brand ambassadors. Promotion 22