ABOUT USMonroe Consulting Group is a leading provider of human re-source capital. We commenced trading in Australia in 199...
RECRUITMENT        METHODOLOGYOur professional team will work with you to develop a competitive market search spec-       ...
CONSUMER GOODS RECRUITMENT                                                      INDUSTRIAL RECRUITMENTMonroe Consulting Gr...
TECHNOLOGY RECRUITMENT                                                 BANKING & FINANCE RECRUITMENTMonroe Consulting Grou...
CODE OF CONDUCTEmployees of Monroe Consulting Group will observe the highest principles of ethics,equity, integrity, profe...
Wisma Kemang 2nd floorJalan Kemang Selatan Raya no 1 - Jakarta        T: +62 21 781 7040        F: +62 21 781 7041       W:...
Company profile   monroe consulting group
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Company profile monroe consulting group


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Company profile monroe consulting group

  1. 1. ABOUT USMonroe Consulting Group is a leading provider of human re-source capital. We commenced trading in Australia in 1998and have expanded across the Southeast Asian Region, open-ing offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippinesand Thailand. In 2005, Empresaria Group PLC became themajority shareholder, giving us access to the resources ofmore than 35 recruitment companies located in more than17 countries around the globe.Our brand is built around quality and professionalism. OurRecruitment Consultants are all highly trained and work uniquespecialist markets, which truly allows them to understand theneeds of our clients and candidates both today and in the fu-ture. We have a host of internal systems that support our re-cruitment activities, many of which are widely utilized by anumber of high-end recruitment organizations. However, it isonly when used in conjunction with our own unique principlesand customer-driven values that our Clients and Candidatestruly benefit.In a business where quality attracts quality and results can beall that matter, Monroe Consulting Group becomes your com-mitted advocate and external ambassador, striving to giveyou a personalized solution in tune with your corporate goalsand the reassurance that comes from working with a profes-sional expert in recruitment.
  2. 2. RECRUITMENT METHODOLOGYOur professional team will work with you to develop a competitive market search spec- 5. Presentationification that will attract the very best candidate. Knowledge of the marketplace allows Upon completion of our identification and evaluation process, we provide a detailedus to monitor employment trends. To ensure we are delivering a consistently high level summary of the most qualified Candidates for your review. This attention to detail providesof service we follow the following recruitment methodology: an efficient, timely and highly successful match. Only qualified Candidates are presented to the client. We review Client requirements and culture with Candidates, making sure1. Client requirements the Candidate understands the Client organization, its needs, goals and opportunitiesDeveloping a thorough job description is vital to a successful search. Creating a job therein. Monroe works closely with both Client and Candidate to make sure there is a fitdescription that is complete and detailed is crucial. In order to find the perfect candidate, on many different levels.a precise account of the position and its requirements must be available. 6. Reference Checks2. Research This process is also extensive in nature. Highly detailed, Monroe has a commitment toOur detailed analysis of your industry, company, competitors and marketplace will reference follow-through that assures Candidates are truly viable. Through our prepara-allow Monroe Consulting Group to develop a winning game plan. A network of rela- tion, follow up, and attention to detail, the search process is well managed and con-tionships enables us to discreetly target exceptional candidates. ducive to success. Thus, the process through which we check references is rigorous and assures your hires are the finest available.3. IdentificationBased on your needs and our research, Monroe will identify the best potential candidates 7. Negotiationfor the search. Technical ability is obviously just one facet of a great executive. We Our team manages expectations, communicates with both our Clients and Candidates,identify and evaluate Candidates extensively, exploring all other applicable facets of and as a result delivers above industry average placement rates and acceptances. Bytheir background and character in broad detail. the time the decision is made to make an offer, our methodology assures an acceptance rate well above the industry average.4. EvaluationOur detailed interviewing processes allow Monroe Consulting Group to evaluate the talent in 8. Follow Upthe marketplace and match that talent to your needs. We realize that the candidate fit is not After an acceptance, our job is not done. Our exclusive retention program ensures bothjust on paper, simply matching specs to a resume. We make assessments about the cultural fit client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and continual communication.between company and candidate as well as long-term compatibility. Monroe looks to providelong-term fits and matches that can contribute to your company now and in the future.
  3. 3. CONSUMER GOODS RECRUITMENT INDUSTRIAL RECRUITMENTMonroe Consulting Group’s specialized Consumer Monroe Consulting Group’s Energy team has quicklyGoods team thrives on the partnerships they have cre- established themselves in this highly competitive in-ated with some of the world’s most recognized and dustry, ensuring multiple fingers monitor the pulse ofrespected brand names in the consumer goods man- this dynamic sector. With at times fierce competitionufacturing, distribution and market research sectors. for quality candidates both locally and internationally, Monroe has already proven itself as the companyWell entrenched in the Consumer Goods industry, needed by Clients seeking the very best Candidatesour high-profile Consultants have the experience, inti- in the Southeast Asian markets.mate industry knowledge and networks needed to lo-cate and recruit hard-to-find talent for key positionscrucial to the operations of our many satisfied Clients.With our substantial database, Monroe’s ConsumerGoods team can fill any requirement quickly and costeffectively.
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY RECRUITMENT BANKING & FINANCE RECRUITMENTMonroe Consulting Group excels in placing outstanding Monroe Consulting Group’s Banking & Finance teamCandidates with Clients in the area of telecommunica- is established as the market leaders in meeting thetions and information technology, one of South East complex needs of Southeast Asia’s leading banks, fi-Asians most competitive recruitment markets. Our spe- nance and insurance companies. With competitioncialized Telecommunications and Technology team have for Candidates who excel in their respective fields,the experience and knowledge required to ensure we Monroe’s entrenched team are the go-to-guys for theare never short of being able to provide the leading recruitment of talent for both local and multinationalCandidates you, our Clients, demand. companies.By focusing on vertical markets, our Consultants have We understand our Clients, their demands and theirnot only developed a deep understanding of the highly expectations in filling the most senior positions. Strivingcompetitive industry they recruit in, but are also able to to provide premium services to our Clients throughgauge and monitor the latest issues and trends pertain- our timely and cost effective placement mechanisms,ing to their respective fields. By utilising our extensive Monroe Consulting Group’s Banking & Finance teamnetworking facilities, our specialists know where talent implements its tailored, vertical market approach thatcan be found in the marketplace, and are the best pro- best utilizes its market knowledge and extensive net-fessionals suited to determining which Candidates are work capability to ensure perfect Client fit.most appropriate to the specific needs of our Clients’,among Southeast Asia’s largest, best-performing com-panies.This in-depth knowledge and expertise combined withMonroe’s dedication to overall quality and profession-alism has seen us build a reputation as THE recruitmentcompany in the telecommunications and informationtechnology industries.
  5. 5. CODE OF CONDUCTEmployees of Monroe Consulting Group will observe the highest principles of ethics,equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with others and willconduct their business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image and rep-utation of the recruitment industry and Monroe Consulting GroupEthical conduct is not simply compliance with legal requirements but extends to honesty,respect for and equitable treatment of others, integrity and social responsibility. It isconduct that holds up to disclosure and to public scrutiny. Monroe employees will acttowards other recruitment professionals, candidates, clients and others at all times ingood faith.Our code of conduct is based on the 10 principles listed below. Please visit ourWebsite to review the full code of conduct every employee of Monroe ConsultingGroup works by. Principle 1 – Respect for Laws Principle 2 – Respect for Honesty and Transparency Principle 3 – Respect for Work Relationships Principle 4 – Respect for Diversity Principle 5 – Respect for Safety Principle 6 – Respect for Professional Knowledge Principle 7 – Respect for Certainty of Engagement Principle 8 – Respect for Prompt and Accurate Payment Principle 9 – Respect for Ethical International Recruitment Principle 10 – Respect for Confidentiality and Privacy
  6. 6. Wisma Kemang 2nd floorJalan Kemang Selatan Raya no 1 - Jakarta T: +62 21 781 7040 F: +62 21 781 7041 W: monroeconsulting.com