Expanding Branded Entertainment Online


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Branded Entertainment is uniquely positioned to solve the challenges faced by content producers, digital marketers and users. Alexandra Levy, Director, Branded Entertainment – Google leads this provocative session that will have you thinking about the power of sponsored content and the future of developing and distributing content online.

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Expanding Branded Entertainment Online

  1. 1. Bringing Branded Entertainment Online Alexandra Levy Google Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. The evolution of branded entertainment Radio Programs Product Placement Digital Integration 1930s 1940s 1960s 2000 2008 Soap Operas Television Contests Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. Bring branded entertainment online Digital Branded Offline Branded Online Advertising Entertainment Entertainment Compelling Branded Content Proven Medium Robust Reporting Unparalleled Distribution & Targeting Capabilities Compelling Content Massive Reach Extensive Measurement Precise Targeting Integrated Advertising Google Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. Our Mission To utilize the largest online video community and the most expansive distribution network on the web, bringing quality content, an engaged audience and unparalleled scale to branded programming Google Confidential and Proprietary
  5. 5. Our Foundation: Connecting users, advertisers & programming Users Advertisers Programming Google Confidential and Proprietary
  6. 6. Three principles of Google Branded Entertainment cept on: Develop the Con paign 1. Destinati ainment cam entert Create your branded ind with the platform in m rable tion: Make it Discove 2. Distribu the largest ng on Utilize precise targeti rk online nt distribution netwo entertainme re the ccountability: Measu 3. A Results to measure o views yond clicks and vide Go be r audience ngagement with you e Google Confidential and Proprietary
  7. 7. 1. Destination: Develop the concept Google Confidential and Proprietary
  8. 8. Start with the content Associate Integrate Co-Create Combine existing Work hand-in-hand Simple and content with strategic with a sponsor to salient advertiser and creative develop customized sponsorship of placements from a content from the your existing sponsor conception to the content execution “Forward-thinking brands and agencies are beginning to recognize that they can work with content producers early on in the development process to create entertainment that better engages their communities” - Shahnaz Mahmud, AdWeek Google Confidential and Proprietary
  9. 9. Utilize the most powerful online video destination Videos uploaded to YouTube consistently get more views than any other site, regardless of category Views: 1,732,579 Views: 8,923,948 Views: 2,380,522 Google Confidential and Proprietary Source: TubeMogul Report, June 2008
  10. 10. Leverage the engaged community I wrote a song and entered it I rate videos into a contest and share them with friends I just uploaded a response to a videogame review Google Confidential and Proprietary
  11. 11. Develop custom ideas to maximize interaction Samsung Instinct: Follow Your Instinct Burger King Overdub Tool Google Confidential and Proprietary
  12. 12. 2. Distribution: Make it discoverable Google Confidential and Proprietary
  13. 13. Distribute your content with the largest network online “We’re going to be wherever the user wants us to be.” - Scott Mavens, Director of Business and Audience Development, Portfolio.com The Google Network YouTube • Reach over 80% Internet Users • #1 Entertainment site on the web • 4.3 Billion Daily Page-Views • 70.1 Million Monthly Visitors • 705 Million Monthly Visitors • 4.4 Billion Pageview per month • Thousands of Publishers • 6th Largest Internet Destination Google Confidential and Proprietary
  14. 14. Push your content out and engage your target audience—wherever they are Branded Content Distribute Branded Content Lives on YouTube to Your Audience • Comedy • Entertainment • Animation • Music • Gaming rts po Aggregate & Package S Sponsored Content ing m Ga nt inme nterta E Social Networking and more… Google Confidential and Proprietary
  15. 15. Pull your audience in and build your community Branded Entertainment Look for Read a music blog on YouTube “concert tickets” on Google Search Search for Stream live radio “new music videos” on YouTube Watch a behind-the- Log onto their scenes special on iGoogle page Beyonce’s concert Google Confidential and Proprietary
  16. 16. 3. Accountability: Measure the results Downloads Embeds Responses Comments Impressions Ratings Times Shared Time Spent Videos Viewed Subscriptions Submissions Friends Google Confidential and Proprietary
  17. 17. Seth MacFarlane & Burger King • Over 16 million total video views • Over 148 thousand subscribers • Over 65 thousand comments • Over 112 thousand ratings • Over 2.5 thousand video responses BK Channel: www.youtube.com/bk #2 most subscribed sponsor channel Seth Channel: www.youtube.com/sethcomedy #33 most subscribed channel overall Google Confidential and Proprietary
  18. 18. PopTub & Pepsi • Over 190 videos uploaded • Over 230 thousand channel views • Over 8.7 thousand videos rated • Over 4 thousand user comments Google Confidential and Proprietary
  19. 19. How it all comes together Advertiser/Agency Content Partner Brand Knowledge & Content Ideas & Creative Insights High-Quality Production Google Development Insights & Distribution Expertise Google Confidential and Proprietary
  20. 20. Appendix Google Confidential and Proprietary
  21. 21. Premium Content Music Comedy How-To Sports Google Confidential and Proprietary
  22. 22. Expansive Distribution Sports Commerce Sites Sites Political Blogs Social Networks Google Confidential and Proprietary