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Filemobile presents at nextMEDIA Toronto's 2010 Digital Hot List!

The Digital Hot List is a market access program in which nextMEDIA searches high and low for the online properties, digital superstars or technologies that would interest advertising executives enough to pitch to their brands. Join us as we highlight this year's top nominees and find out what advertisers are looking for in terms of digital media initiatives and partnerships for 2010, how advertisers analyze digital initiatives before taking them to their clients, and who are the key players making this happen.

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  • used by over 100 media companies, brands, digital agencies in Canada, the US and Europe
  • Three things we do very well. Upload, Moderate and Publish
  • Manage 1,000’s of assets quickly, moderate, organize, publish. This is how we get most popular, most recent, highest rated etc…
  • Manage your community, your audience find out what they are doing. Get information on them.
  • Add uploaders, slideshows, video walls, webcam, comments, recorders to your website quickly.
  • Launch or build white label applications with our API’s and Components. Have multiple applications in one account.
  • Here is what we have built with the api’s and templates.
  • Over 1,000 apps including, Canadian Idol’s last chance auditions, CBC’s Hockey Anthem Challenge, CTV Olympics Virtual Sportscaster, Comedy Channels Upload Yours.
  • True cross platform. Video shot on a phone, send to our system, moderated and published to Cp24’s broadcast of the Tornado.
  • Our platform is scaling fast and these numbers indicate that. 73,000 hours of video watched on the platform by 80,000 new users a month.
  • Digital Hot List Presentation - Filemobile

    1. 1. nextMedia 2010 Digital Hot List Steve Hulford Founder, Filemobile
    2. 2. Media Factory is a user generated content and video platform
    3. 3. Media Factory explained
    4. 4. Media Management
    5. 5. Community Management
    6. 6. Widget Publisher
    7. 7. Application Template Management
    8. 8. White Label Apps & API’s Broadband Video User Generated Content Contest Media Community Multimedia Comments Video Mashup Audio Recorder Upload
    9. 9. Over 1,000 apps launched
    10. 10. Case Study - CP24’s Tornado Coverage <ul><li>A new prime-time record for CP24, which reached 1.2 million viewers </li></ul><ul><li>&quot;CP24 captured the storm’s progression, from emerging tornadoes and post-storm destruction, at one point relying almost 100 per cent on viewer footage harnessed by Filemobile technology. ” </li></ul><ul><li>General Manager Bob McLaughlin </li></ul>
    11. 11. Media Factory stats 73,000 hours of video viewed per month 6,000 videos uploaded per month 50,000 photos uploaded per month 100,000 comments per month Over 2,000,000 registered users Almost 4,000,000 photos / videos uploaded 25,000,000 media views a month 80,000 new users per month
    12. 12. Value Proposition Speed to market Enable cross media / transmedia campaigns (tv, mobile, web) Increase user engagement / audience Increase team productivity / lower costs and time to launch Reduce business risk (moderation, talent turnover) Scalable technology solution for unexpected load Best of breed UGC/Video user experience
    13. 13. Thank-you Steve Hulford Founder Twitter: @hulford Email: [email_address]