Creating App and Online Games for the TV Industry: Technologies met TV programs year by year


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How can TV producers and channels make use of rich media phone apps and online games to engage audiences in new ways, and how are new ideas pitched by the developer community? Find out by discovering the best apps and games proposals from this year's Content 360 Digital Creativity Festival at MIPTV. The showcase will be moderated by Ted Baracos, Director of Digital Media at MIPTV and MIPCOM, the world's entertainment markets held in Cannes, France. Ted founded Content 360 in 2005 to foster media innovation and international business ties between interactive developers and the global TV industry.

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Creating App and Online Games for the TV Industry: Technologies met TV programs year by year

  1. 1. Creating App and Online Games<br />for the TV Industry<br />Technologies met TV programs year by year<br />TELSTON<br />
  2. 2. In 2007<br />Audience Engagement <br />using premium SMS<br />the Secret Party-Interactive Sitcom Animation Series<br />“The Secret Party” is a sitcom series of 3 minute animated episodes with plots spotlighting love, relationships, career and finances. <br />
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  4. 4. In 2009<br />Audience Engagement <br />thru IPTV<br />Career Coaching Clinic<br />The CCC program is designed to converge digital content and video through IPTV, mobile phone and <br />web site for the purpose of information delivery.<br />
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  6. 6. In 2009<br />Audience Engagement <br />thru SNS -Twitter<br />EVERYBODY IN – THE CASH RACE<br />TV program with a social media service Twitter<br />Two teams compete against each other. They do this with the help of their strength, their wits and their thousand Twitter followers.<br />
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  12. 12. [벽걸이 선반]<br />[한샘 쇼파(위더스5000)]<br />[안데르센흔들의자]<br />[달모양아기방등]<br />[4단 전면잡지꽂이/책꽂이]<br />[왕관모양 아기방벽등]<br />[좌식 쿠션의자]<br />[HERMAN 레드의자]<br />[3단 장난감 정리대]<br />[컨트리프로방스 창문소품]<br />[블루밍홈HD좌식의자]<br />[POANG 암체어]<br />[DIY레드벽시계]<br />[간판SET/명패/아이방]<br />[왕관모양 아기방벽등]<br />[한샘인테리어마빈체어]<br />[클라우드엑센트체어]<br />[노르웨지안체어]<br />[한샘인테리어커포터블체어]<br />
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  18. 18. Gallery<br />*ID : Jennifer<br />*Wrote: I tried it in the study <br /> 참여정보<br />*ID: Jennifer<br />*Wrote: I tried it in the study room. It just matched with vessel on the desk. I wish I had it.<br />Reply<br />(Andrew)<br />It’s perfect.<br />(Fiona)<br />Two colors go very well.<br />(Jenny)<br />I’ve uploaded mine. Pls take a look at it.<br />
  19. 19. Status<br />Coupon Basket<br />Location Service<br />Brand list<br />Back<br />Back<br />Check in Program<br />Brand list<br />Product information<br />Back<br />Brand list<br />Searching shop<br />Check in<br />Watch list 1<br />Program check-in 2<br />Messages 10<br />Bring<br /> it <br />home<br />Ribon (@7)<br />HG Furniture<br />Wall Clock<br />BHG Funiture<br />Sponsored by<br />Hotel Ritz-Carton<br />Get It Sold<br />Sponsored by Hotel Ritz-Carton<br />100<br />I put the wall clock on the brick.<br />I just followed what I saw in TV.<br />near Bay area<br />Simmons Upholstery offers a wide<br />variety of upholstered frames and fabrics<br />and is sure to have a piece to fit your<br />lifestyle. <br />James (@3)<br />IkeaFuniture<br />How do you like my twin wall clocks!<br />Royal family<br />Sponsored by Jadin<br />79<br />Brand Gallery (100)<br />Sending Picture<br />“Get It Sold” <br />“Designed to Sell”<br />Wall clock (BHG Funiture)<br />30% discount<br />Time-Homme<br />Hoya (@12)<br />Designed to Sell<br />Sponsored by Jessica Alba <br />Checking-in Program<br />Doesn’t it look good wall clock on my modern style living room?<br />55<br />Marble Dining Table(Ikea Furniture)<br />20% Discount<br />Gallery<br />Show other shops<br />▶ near Willington road<br />▶ Downtown<br />
  20. 20. Status<br />Coupon Basket<br />Location Service<br />Watch list 1<br />Program check-in 2<br />Messages 10<br />Wall clock (BHG Funiture)<br />30% discount<br />Marble Dining Table(Ikea Furniture)<br />20% Discount<br />