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Back to the Future with HR Technology

Is your HR technology empowering your team, or burdening them?

Get ready: the next big disruption in HR technology is here! Learn what solution features will truly engage your employees, and see how Achievers' latest product release integrates these key components.

Back to the Future with HR Technology

  2. Technology makes our lives easier - if it works.
  3. And most HR technology doesn’t work.
  4. Your HR team may have implemented a technology to make employees more successful… no avail.63%of employees are disengaged
  5. Times have changed. I IIIIIIV V VIVII VIIIIXX XI XII Stop everything you’re doing. The next big disruption in HR technology is here.
  6. If we want employees to be engaged, aligned and recognized, HR technology needs to deliver real value to the modern workforce. VALUE VALUE
  7. HR practitioners, it’s time to change the future of your workforce! Here’s what you’ve been missing, and how the Achievers Employee Success Platform™ will take you there.
  8. HRtechnologyneedstobeeasy Make creating and launching incentive campaigns easy and quick, no approvals needed.
  9. Results Driver for Sales PAST Glengarry Glen Ross sales team chalkboard. A B C always be closing Victor Jim Alice Todd $236,994 300,000 March 2015 Sales Goals Results driver Q1 FUTURE Sales members and leaders track performance in real-time.
  10. HRtechnologyneedstobeconnected Empower employees to make their recognitions as meaningful as the work they’re recognizing.
  11. Video Recognition PAST Untimely and with a one-size fits-all recognition. FUTURE Add a personal touch to a moment of success. 0:00 / 0:00 happy anniversary cat video 12,345,203 views “happy happy happy” Happy 2nd anniversary Sue, great work! 0:00 / 0:00
  12. HRtechnologyneedstobeseamless Ensure your HR technology integrates seamlessly with everyday workplace applications.
  13. CcTo: Subject: Thanks for your input in today’s meeting. You are always so helpful! Focus on Customer Happiness Bcc A SEND Sue Baker Open Recognition (Email Recognition) PAST Thank you email is only seen by the recipient. Sue Baker Focus on Customer Happiness Thanks for your input in today’s meeting. You are always so helpful! FUTURE Email Recognition ensures great work is shared company-wide.
  14. HRtechnologyneedstobetransparent Enable strategic program planning and effective budget management with real-time spend tracking.
  15. Program Investment Planner FUTURE Real-time spend tracking. PAST Multiple spreadsheets. $1M $800 $200 $500K$12,893.00 $235.00 $2,138.00 $43,075.00
  16. Celebrating employee success can be easy, connected, seamless, and transparent. HRPros:thefutureishere. Areyouready?
  17. Learn more about how HR technology can deliver unique value to the people who use it. Get instant access to our on-demand webinar: DISRUPTING HRTechnology WATCH NOW
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  19. Client Retention 91% Member Satisfaction 95% Member Adoption 80% Learn how your company can change the way the world works – Countries Serviced 110 Net Promoter Score 77 Achievers delivers the only true cloud Employee Success Platform™, a powerful new way for companies to engage, align, and recognize employees, enabling remarkable business success.