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Recognition to the Rescue Infographic


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Disengagement is an evil villain threatening the workplace, pilfering revenue and stealing employee souls. Recognition is the super hero we need!

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Recognition to the Rescue Infographic

  1. 1. Disengagement is an evil villain... $300 Billionper year is lost in productivity RECOGNITION POSITIVELY IMPACTS: Employee Engagement Manager-Employee Relationship Company Culture Shareholder Return Retention Business Results Performance WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE? Turnover. Disengagement. Loss of Customers. The cost of infrequent recognition is a missed opportunity for employers to offer feedback that inspires employees to do their best work. THE THREAT OF DISENGAGEMENT More than 70% of employees don’t feel valued by their employer. 71% of Americans are not engaged in their current positions. Disengagement costs $300 billion per year in lost productivity alone. Why employees leave: of working Americans leave their jobs because they are not recognized. of employees today plan on leaving their employer, vs. 13% two years ago. of employees believe they’ll be work- ing someplace else within 12 months. 64% 32% 30% OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT: Companies spend $47 billion annually on employee rewards, yet 87% of organizations still use unstructured programs that are detached from employee engagement and business success. $47 billion WHY RECOGNITION? Numerous studies have shown that people don’t leave companies, they leave their managers. Companies that regularly recognize their top talent tend to have more engaged and productive workforces. Employee engagement leads to increased customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty, and ultimately increased bottom-line success for the organization. customer satisfaction customer loyalty increased success Employees should receive feedback or recognition at least once per week, yet only 22% of employees report that regular recognition actually happens. Over 30% believe they¹ll be working someplace else in 12 months. Over 40% don¹t respect the person they report to. Over 50% say they have different values than their employer. 77% Without employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty,the customer experience is wasted. 43% of customers who leave do so because of service. 77% of those who leave because of service blame employee attitudes. 83% of those who leave because of service tell others about their experience. Results from an online survey culled responses from 411 workers in the U.S. and Canada found out how employees feel about their jobs. 83% 43% 77% More than 60% of employees don’t feel their career goals are aligned with the plans their employers have for them. SOURCES: Hay Group, Gallup Organization, Right Management, Towers Watson, 30% 40% 50% RECOGNITION TO THE RESCUE! satisfied with their jobs somewhat satisfied with their jobs unsatisfied with their jobs 19% 16% 65% FINANCIAL IMPACT ON RECOGNITION & ENGAGEMENT Companies with the most engaged employees report revenue growth at a rate two- and-a-half times greater than their competitors with the lowest level of engagement. Highly engaged workforces saw a 19.2% increase in change of operating income Highly engaged organizations have 40% less turnover as a result. Engaged employees are 2x more likely to promote their organization . 19.2% 40% 2x engaged vs. non-engaged