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Achievers Retreat 2013


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Culture is our secret sauce at Achievers. Twice annually, we Align, Aspire and prepare to Accelerate.

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Achievers Retreat 2013

  1. 1. Achievers Company Retreat
  2. 2. Culture is our secret sauce at Achievers. One of the best ways we maintain our culture while growing fast is our company retreats. Twice annually, we Align, Aspire, and prepare to Accelerate!
  3. 3. Annnnndddd we’re off! Day one opens with an inspirational keynote from our CEO, Patrick Quirk.
  4. 4. …just a few hundred Achievers changing the way the world works!
  5. 5. Our VP of Employee Success is loving it.
  6. 6. Who doesn’t love some branded swag?
  7. 7. During break time, the team enjoys the scenery at the Northern Ski Lodge.
  8. 8. Team building or…
  9. 9. …Thumb Wars?!
  10. 10. We think so!
  11. 11. A company-wide scavenger hunt gets the feet moving…
  12. 12. ...and brings out everyone’s competitive side.
  13. 13. We do what it takes to win! (That’s our VP of Finance).
  14. 14. OK, we can be a bit silly at times...
  15. 15. But really, it’s all about strategy,
  16. 16. a healthy dose of legwork,
  17. 17. putting on our thinking caps,
  18. 18. and working together.
  19. 19. At Achievers, we like to live passionately, which is why we pair strategy, growth,and innovation with fun at every opportunity.
  20. 20. Combining learning…
  21. 21. …with celebrating success.
  22. 22. Here at Achievers, we’re big on the L.O.V.E.:
  23. 23. Living Our Values…
  24. 24. …Every day.
  25. 25. Even geeking out with our CFO/COO is welcomed.
  26. 26. And takes on a whole new meaning with the semi-annual Achievers Hack-A-Thon.
  27. 27. That’s where our developers “WOW” us with one cool feature…
  28. 28. ….after another…
  29. 29. …after another. Judges, what do you think?
  30. 30. 10’s across the board! The exec team is loving it…
  31. 31. …and so is the team!
  32. 32. We take a moment to recognize our Top One winners for completing their personal goals for the year.
  33. 33. Wrapping day 1 of the Accelerate Retreat with a company bonfire.
  34. 34. We talk to our leaders about everything.
  35. 35. And we practice what we preach.
  36. 36. Our VP of Employee Success presents how we have evolved the use of our Employee Success Platform™ internally at Achievers.
  37. 37. As the #1 user base for our Employee Success Platform , we’re continuously improving the way we use our own software, so we can keep our clients ahead of the pack. ™
  38. 38. And we’re pretty happy about it.
  39. 39. At the end of the day, we’re a family. And we want you to be a part of it.
  40. 40. Learn how you can join Achievers and innovate with passionate people, every day. APPLY NOW
  41. 41. Achievers inspires Employee Success™. Achievers delivers the only true cloud-based Employee Success Platform™, a powerful new way for companies to engage, align, and recognize employees, enabling remarkable business success. Every day.