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When doing custom integrations there are a number of questions to ask and planning is crucial. Custom integration projects can quickly become nightmares if the proper steps are not taken prior to laying any code. To ensure successful deployments you must approach Integrations with the same strategy.

Drupal integrations can range from simple one-way communication to sophisticated continuous synchronization between your platforms, which is why a successful integration project requires advanced understanding of the underlying technology, Drupal expertise, and a calculated approach to planning, implementing, and following through on the tasks at hand. We will cover the strategy that we find most effective for integration projects along with the functional and technical methods to put them to place.

In this webinar, Achieve Internet will teach you about:
• How they build and layer web services
• Best practices for building integrations
• Why you integrate and what you can integrate with
• The difference between direct vs indirect integrations
• Drupal modules and other options for different integrations

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  • Acquia has asked us to do this webinar today because of our expertise and capabilities in platform integration and past work helping clients extend their current platforms with Drupal implementations. We are building upon our last webinar in November and taking a deeper dive into the technical aspects of how to approach an integration project. As technology solution architects we believe that these tools can be twice as effective with a seamless Drupal integration but Integration projects are always very complicated and it is important to ensure a proper strategy before even laying a line of code. Which is why Bill is joining us today. As our CTO he leads the development team with vision and strategy, our team leans on him to assist and guide them on complicated projects by setting Achieve standards for all integration projects.Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Get the listeners in the mindset. And cover the Outline for the presentation.Our focus today is how to properly set up an integration project so that it comes out successful and meets all of your client’s expectationsAs I have alluded to earlier integration projects are complex and need to be planned for accordingly there are many options and routes to take and no one project is always the same Ensuring that the right methods, routes, and options are carefully selected before the project begins will lead to a successful project completion, on time and on budgetDrupal gives our team a great deal of leverage when approaching complex and custom integration projects We will cover the possible options and methods for successfully completing these projects and the best practices we have learned over the years and standards we stick to here at Achieve [Briefly and high level synopsis and outline]Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Make sure the integration is well thought out before going forward with it?? Something profound! Inflection Point: PauseSlow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Inflection Point: PauseSlow Down! Deep breaths, pauseSlow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pauseChoose from 2 paths: Direct or IndirectDirect: Connect directly to whatever system you’re going to use, leveraging an APIIn-direct: Connect through an intermediary
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pauseSo we’ve answered why, now let’s look at how you can handle integration.
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause1989 modules marked as “Third-party” integrationFrom a business perspective, you might choose a specific module for a variety of reasons:You only need 1 integration.You have limited time or energy to put toward the integration.You want some of the advanced features offered by an integration geared just toward that product.
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause1989 modules marked as “Third-party” integration
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pauseClient – WSClientServer – Services
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pauseFrom a business perspective, you might choose a custom module for a variety of reasons:You are doing a custom web service that requires custom handling in Drupal.There is no “specific integration” module for what you want to accomplish and a generic integration doesn’t provide much value.You want to keep things as logical as possible from a code perspective.
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pauseIf you’re going to DIY, build in layers
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pauseBefore you start, build a plan: What should you integrate with?How should you integrate?Thank you Bill for that great information on integration projects. Our team is always looking to improve upon our development processes and Bill is an integral part of that for us here at Achieve. This finely tuned process is what helps our team bring in these projects successfully for our clients. By leveraging Drupal and integrating successfully to your third party platforms you can increase your sales efficiencies, increase revenue and separate you and your company from from the competition.
  • If any one is San Diego this coming weekend the Achieve team will be giving a plethora of sessions, including this. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Why should I do this with Drupal, is there a benefit of using Drupal over WordPress? Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause----- Meeting Notes (1/14/14 13:47) -----Info:- SDK: Google Maps- - Visually needs more interestFoundation slide: break out topics
  • Achieve focuses on 5 pillars of developmentWeb application development, building full sites form the ground up as well as enhancing current platformsWe specialize in custom integrations with copious third party platforms from Oracle ERPs to Salesforce, Social Media, Marketing Software, along with many many othersInfrastructure related- we can fine tune an environment to take on any type of traffic loadA 4th of our staff is bilingual and we have done tons of work helping clients expand their reach to an international and multilingual audience. Including the LatinGrammysWe strive to build and architect our solutions in a way that adhere to UX best practices. We have been leveraging Responsive Design for many years to help our clients increase their online presence regardless of which device their users are on. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Along with the Media and Entertainment space we have worked with large healthcare and Life Sciences clients as well as…[next slide]Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Drupal Integration Best Practices

    1. 1. Launch with Confidence Bridging the Gaps with Drupal Best Practices for Drupal Integrations Presenters: William O’Connor [CTO] Ben Schluter [Marketing Manager]
    2. 2. William O’Connor CTO: Achieve Internet 10+ years professional development 7+ years Drupal development Proud father of 2 young girls 2
    3. 3. Ben Schluter Marketing Manager: Achieve Internet 5+ years of Marketing expertise Utilize my economic background to increase ROI for each client solution. I enjoy outdoor adventures with my wife and puppy. 3
    4. 4. Agenda • Why Integrate? • Business Decisions • What Can You Integrate With? • Integration Types • Direct vs. Indirect • • • • • • • Deciding on the Right Method Why Drupal? How? Get to Know Your API Do It Yourself Methods Take Aways Q&A 4
    5. 5. Why Integrate? 5 Business Sense
    6. 6. Plan Your Integration? 6 “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”
    7. 7. What Can You Integrate With? Almost Anything! 7
    8. 8. Integration Types SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT • Facebook • Android WEB SERVICES • Facebook • Janrain • Mule • IBM Websphere ENTERPRISE SERVICE BUS 8
    9. 9. Choosing the Right Method of Integration 9
    10. 10. Which Method is Right for You? DIRECT INDIRECT 10
    11. 11. Why Drupal? Microsite Intranet Corp-com site Main Website Microsite Product Site Community Platform Main Website 11
    12. 12. How? 12
    13. 13. Specific Module 13
    14. 14. Top Use Case: Specific Module Single integration with a complex service. 14
    15. 15. Generic Module 15 Just a Foundation
    16. 16. Top Use Case: Generic Module Multiple integration with simple services that map to Drupal entities. 16
    17. 17. Custom Module 17 Build Your Own
    18. 18. Top Use Case: Custom Module Single integration with a custom, complex service. 18
    19. 19. Before You Start Get to Know Your API First 19
    20. 20. Do It Yourself Build in Layers 20
    21. 21. Custom Function Webservice Endpoint Type • User class • login • Webservice class • getUserProfile • getUserCompanyInfo • SoapEndpoint class • query() 21
    22. 22. Layers
    23. 23. Finishing Thoughts 23
    24. 24. Join us for SANDCamp 2014 In Sunny San Diego We will be presenting numerous great training sessions, January 23rd – 25th 24
    25. 25. it’s not magic, it’s excellence. Thank You Ben Schluter William O’Connor  Marketing Manager  ben.schluter@achieveinternet.com  800.618.8777 o.  @SchluterRooter  CTO  bill@achieveinternet.com  800.618.8777 o.  @csevb10 22
    26. 26. Connect with Achieve If you have any further questions or would like to get in touch with Achieve you can do so on these various channels: info@achieveinternet.com linkedin.com/company/Achieve-Internet plus.google.com/+AchieveInternet @AchieveInternet facebook.com/pages/Achieve-Internet 26
    27. 27. Q&A
    28. 28. Achieve Services Achieve builds custom enterprise IT management systems to solve the most complex business challenges. Application Development Achieve makes integration easy so you can focus on what is most important to your business – your customers. Platform Integration Optimize the performance of your web site or application to increase productivity and streamline operations. Infrastructure Services Achieve has vast experience in creating global web solutions that far out perform the competition. Globalization Services ‘Going Mobile’ is no longer an option. With Achieve you won’t have to compromise design for utility. Mobility & End User Services 28
    29. 29. Key Clients: Media & Entertainment clients 29
    30. 30. Additional Key Clients clients 30