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Startup Delivery in 7 Steps


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How would you quickly deliver a startup, either on Startup Weekend or any other boostrapping event? Here are 7 tips.

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Startup Delivery in 7 Steps

  1. 1. Startup Delivery In 7 steps @YuriGitahy
  2. 2. Aceleradora: angel money + mentoring for tech startups 3000+ 30+ mentors over 100+ mentored wantrepreneurs 3 years startups on events 300+ 100% self-funded self- entrepreneurs supported
  3. 3. #7 Improve your pitch before pitching Visibly motivated and What is the problem? Why energetic: “Hi, I’m _______ it is relevant? Are you and I’m pitching ________. scratching your own itch? It helps people _________.” What team members do Be memorable: throw a you seek? Designers? joke, interact with the Developers? Business audience, be creative! people?
  4. 4. “What it does” quick-pitches Google Groupon • Google uses reverse • Groupon gathers large bidding on keywords to consumer groups to show relevant ads on leverage huge search results and discounts, then shares partner websites, revenues with suppliers making online who gain visibility and advertising accessible to new customers. anyone.
  5. 5. #6 Assign tasks wisely (it’s a multiplayer game)
  6. 6. #5 Start with at least one business model hypothesis,and validate it over and over
  7. 7. #4 Listen to what people say! Get out of the Get feedback building from mentors Use twitter Validate your and facebook customers! for feedback
  8. 8. #3 Aim for a Minimum Viable Product • Not a version with less features The smallest • Not an alpha version product that • Not the result of the first sprint brings value • If possible, something people would for your main pay for customer • Don’t necessarily build it, but show it off!
  9. 9. #2 Have a demo or prototype at the end
  10. 10. #1 The best pitch always wins Is your Will the Is it a great business model customer pay product? scalable? for it? Are you aiming How will you How do you for a big beat plan getting market? competitors? traction?
  11. 11. Startup Delivery In 7 steps#7 Improve your pitch before pitching#6 Assign tasks wisely (it’s a multiplayer game)#5 Start with at least one business model hypothesis, and validate it over and over#4 Listen to what people say!#3 Aim for a Minimum Viable Product#2 Have a demo or prototype at the end#1 The best pitch always wins
  12. 12. Good luck, enjoy the ride!@YuriGitahy@Aceleradora