Technology Your Students Can Use


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Kristin Carroll- Communities In Schools North Texas
Texas ACE conference 2013
Austin, Texas

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Technology Your Students Can Use

  1. 1. Presented by: Kristin Carroll Site Coordinator Lakeland Elementary Lewisville, Texas
  2. 2. Getting Started  Voki ht=267&width=200  Weebly Website 
  3. 3. Student Websites  Using you can create a balloon that shows all the websites students are allowed to visit.  You can also access the websites that students can use for projects in the classroom.
  4. 4. Reading/ Writing Website Address Uses Story Starters hers/story-starters/ Gives ideas for writers workshop Reading Brain ReadingBrain/ReadingBrain.htm l Allowing students to read books online One true media Make a PDF book study or make a movie Starfall Prek-1 books Time for Kids News for students BookFlix okflix/login.php Books for grades k-5 StoryBird Create and read visual stories
  5. 5. Student Ideas Story Starter Story Bird
  6. 6. Spelling Website Address Uses Wordle Using words to create pictures Tagxedo For older students using words to create pictures Spelling City http://www.spellingcity.c om/ Students are able to study their spelling words
  7. 7. Student Projects Wordle Tagxedo
  8. 8. Math Website Address Uses AplusMath To help improve a students math skills Create a Graph teAgraph/default.aspx Students will be able to create different types of graphs AAA Math / Interactive math lessons divided by grade level
  9. 9. Create a Graph
  10. 10. Social Studies National Geographic Kids http://kids.nationalgeogr Allows students to study different countries U.S Government Kids /k-2/index.html Describes our government by grade level Prezi Web connecting concepts
  11. 11. Science Website Address Uses Solar System Exploration http://solarsystem.nasa.g ov/kids/index.cfm Visuals and information about the solar system NASA’s Climate Kids http://climatekids.nasa.g ov/ To explain Earth’s Climate Science Kids http://www.sciencekids.c Easy experiments for students
  12. 12. Student Search Engines Website Address Uses Kids Click Elementary Sweet Search http://4me.sweetsearch.c om/ Website designed for researching ideas Kidrex http://4me.sweetsearch.c om/ Elementary
  13. 13. Kristin Carroll