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Preventing legal liability with employment pre screening


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Preventing legal liability with employment pre screening

  1. 1. I nvestor Newslette r Preventing Legal Liability With Employment Pre Screening Employment pre screening is an effective tool for hiring the best candidate along with helping to limit a company's liability from the actions of their employees. Across most industries today, companies make sure the candidate and position are a are being held liable for the actions of their good fit. Also explain any legal issues employees that were hired without associated with employment background undergoing an employment pre screening. checks; teachers and healthcare For example, if a caregiver abuses elderly professionals will expect a screening due to patients and has a record of violent crimes, the nature of their fields. it is the responsibility of the employer to catch that record during employment It also pays to consult a lawyer to make background checks and prevent that sure that the screening process adheres to person from being in a healthcare position. local and federal guidelines and will help cover a business's legal liability. With this legal fact in mind, it is more important than ever to implement an Limiting Legal Liability effective employment pre screening program. In addition to learning more about Many recent events are driving the law a candidate in order to make informed towards having employers responsible for hiring decisions, companies will limit their their employees' actions. Since the terrorist liability. actions of September 11th, people working with infrastructure, mass transportation, Establishing An Employment shipping, and border control positions are Pre Screening Program under increased scrutiny. Any job interacting with children, from daycare to Whether required by law or driven by a driving a school bus, requires a check on desire to find highly qualified candidates, criminal records. Even accountants and employment background checks allow executives are not above scrutiny after the hiring personnel to employ the best latest round of financial meltdowns and candidates possible. In order to be wrongdoing. effective, a program has to be established at the beginning of the hiring process. The best way to limit legal liability is to stay informed. Pre employment screening Always be upfront with candidates about functions to screen out candidates who can how and why a check is being done. The do harm to a business. More importantly, it screening process is beneficial to both shows that a company is doing their due employer and employee; both sides want to
  2. 2. What Hiring Managers Should Do With Background Criminal Checks diligence in keeping their customers, clients, and fellow employees safe. What To Include In Comprehensive Employment Background Checks Digging into the history of an applicant can be as detailed as required by the position in question. Records can be pulled for verification of a Social Security number and go as far as to look into an applicant's complete work history. Drug testing, medical records, and state license verifications can be obtained along with a person’s driving, military, criminal, and credit records as well as alerts from the National Sex Offender’s Registry. Match the position with need to know historical information. A professional civil engineering position should include a check on licensing while a pharmaceutical position might mandate drug testing. In the end, employment background checks are some of the best tools for limiting a company's legal liability while simultaneously assisting in good hiring decisions. Kevin Connell is an author for AccuScreen, the industry leader in employment pre screening checks and employment background checks since 1994.