How to incorporate an employment drug screening procedure into the hiring process


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How to incorporate an employment drug screening procedure into the hiring process

  1. 1. I nvestor Newslette r How To Incorporate An Employment Drug Screening Procedure Into The Hiring Process An employment screening check allows hiring personnel to really get to know a potential hire. One key aspect of that test is an employment drug screening to help identify problems before a candidate is hired. No one wants to work with someone who is as periodic re-tests for current employees. a safety hazard. Hiring personnel are Companies may also request a test if they responsible for bringing the most qualified suspect on the job substance abuse or after people into their companies. Candidates an on the job accident occurs. However, it undergo a comprehensive employment is advisable to consult a lawyer to interpret screening check to allow hiring managers federal and local laws related to testing to to make informed decisions about the type ensure the program can meet any legal of worker they are about to hire. Yet, one of challenges if any issues arise. the most important screening steps is often the most sensitive, the employment drug Federal guidelines and standards are set screening. The risk associated with hiring a forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental person who abuses illegal substances is Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), entirely too high to ever skip an which is part of the U.S. Department of employment drug screening. Health and Human Services. Tests actively check for amphetamines, opiates, When using this tool, human resources cannabinoids, phencyclidine, and cocaine; personnel have to be careful how they the tests can even detect trace amounts proceed. There are a number of laws from usage up to 30 days before the test. governing drug testing along with union issues if applicable. Utilizing an effective No company should attempt to perform program that follows the letter of the law is testing in-house. Certified laboratories are the best way to hire the perfect candidate. required for official results; the best way to implement a program would be to contract Know Your Rights And The a service for collection and analysis. In this Laws Governing Employment way, the results are properly certified and from a licensed provider. Drug Screening The 1988 Drug-Free Workplace Act The Public Sector governs many of the guidelines of the how's and when's of a drug testing For government and public positions, the program. Private companies typically have rules are not much different. Federal and the right to test for illegal substances as a local laws will specify which positions and condition of hiring a new employee as well agencies must check applicants for
  2. 2. What Hiring Managers Should Do With Background Criminal Checks substance use. Here, it is mandated by law to use approved testing providers that follow all standard set forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Unions And The Employment Screening Check The presence of unions within a company changes the procedure for establishing a drug testing policy somewhat. All union members must be informed of the intention to require drug testing and then the company must negotiate with the labor union. The specific terms and conditions will be established during the bargaining process and are then integrated into the drug testing program. Beyond that, the same laws and regulations still apply, but always make sure to reference the most recent bargaining agreement. Kevin Connell is an author for AccuScreen, the industry leader in employment screening checks since 1994. AccuScreen provides comprehensive services including employment drug screening.