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Why translate-your-retail Website

  1. 1. Why Translate Your Retail Website? A FewFactors...This article was originally published on the Acclaro blog.Category: Websites, Global TrendsThe buying power of global audiences is no joke, and there is a reason why many US-basedretailers are including both website translation and search engine optimization for multilingualsites in their budgets for 2010. In todays economy, you simply cant ignore potentialaudiences — including native speakers of other languages within your own borders!For instance, in the US alone, there are over 43 million Hispanics with a purchasing power ofmore than $800 billion a year, and almost 16 million of them are on the Internet. Impressivenumbers like these have driven companies like Best Buy to launch Hispanic American sites. BlueNile and Yves Saint Laurent are also taking steps to reach consumers in other languages.Page 1: Why Translate Your Retail Website? A Few Factors... Copyright © Acclaro 2012
  2. 2. Take note, however, that you should avoid choosing the language for your visitor; they knowwhat they prefer and should be able to choose it from a dropdown language menu. Automaticredirects to particular language sites may put you at a disadvantage because they causefrustration and that could decrease your site’s effectiveness, says SearchEngineLand. Justbecause someone lives in Quebec doesn’t mean they prefer French over English. The same istrue throughout the United States, where many foreign language speakers might appreciate theoption of choosing their own language or English.Heres something else to consider when it comes to website localization. You as a retailer maynever have even intended to sell your products abroad, but the international nature of the webhas put your products or services in front of those global audiences. There are a large numberof non-English speakers who will purchase goods from English-language sites despite thelanguage barrier, observes1upDigital.So why translate your website? If they are buying from you already, why invest in localization?Its all about upping that number of incoming traffic and increasing conversions, writes SEOTranslator. There are common sense factors, of course, like the nature of the new markets andthe current traffic data. But here are some questions to ask yourself when considering websitelocalization: How many additional users do you expect to gain by localizing your site? (Try to be conservative or at least realistic). Now, imagining a conversion rate similar to your existing site, how much money will those users mean to you? And what percentage of that income would be your net earnings?If the cost of the translation is greater than or even similar to your expected net earnings in oneyear, then you might want to rethink localization. If, however, your expected net earnings areseveral times the cost of such translation and associated work, then you are losing moneyby not localizing, so you should probably get started!One more note about website translation: take SEO into consideration while you are coming upwith your strategy, not after. Some companies think, why not just hire a bilingual SEO specialistafterwards to come in and clean it all up? But why pay twice? Look for a translation agency thatcan not only perform the translation but that will also make sure it is optimized correctly in thetarget language.About Acclaro: Acclaro is an international translation and localization company thathelps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. We translate websites,marketing campaigns, documents and software to give clients an authentic voice inkey language markets. North America: 1-866-468-5106 Worldwide: +1-914-468-0222 www.acclaro.comsales@acclaro.comPage 2: Why Translate Your Retail Website? A Few Factors... Copyright © Acclaro 2012