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How To Reach Locals By-going-local

  1. 1. How To: Reach Locals by Going LocalThis article was originally published on the Acclaro blog.Category: Marketing, Localization Tips, CultureTranslation is not just about sharing a message across cultures and languages, its aboutrelevance. And true relevance is more than words — its content.Confused yet? Welcome to the world of content marketing localization. Its the fine art ofproducing, not just translating, targeted content for specific local audiences. Take, for instance,some of the blog content on your corporate site. Some of it might be perfect for translation foryour international websites: details about product launches, global company news, thoughtleadership and trends. But what about that post about the walk to benefit the American RedCross?Or that local celebrity endorsement of your new service?Page 1: How To: Reach Locals by Going Local Copyright © Acclaro 2012
  2. 2. None of these make sense to translate, and the typical reaction would be, "Great, fewertranslation costs!" But companies that dont fill that content gap might be missing out on twokey factors in a strong content marketing plan: engagement and volume. These are the top twochallenges for B2B marketers this year, according to a group of 1,000 marketers surveyed byMarketingProfs and partners. (Read full report.)So how do you fill this content gap? Weve talked about how to write for global audiences,and how to create localized websites with targeted cultural images and marketing content. Butwhat about the deeper content that doesnt fit into your original scope?Rather than ignore those whitepapers, brochures, articles, blog posts and even videos, considera small scale local content marketing strategy.Talk to your translation partner about what you can re-purpose and localize, but also ask abouttheir capacity to help you with an on-the-ground plan to create engaging, original content foryour new consumers in target countries. It could be as simple as working with one of theirtranslators or your employees in that country to interview a key person in that office, in theirnative language, or it could be a larger contest to support a local charity.You might also leverage something like Acclaros social media monitoring and participationservice to get involved in local online communities. Whatever it is, as long as you have yourtarget customers needs in mind — both linguistically and culturally — that content will beinvaluable to both you and them.About Acclaro: Acclarois an international translation and localization company thathelps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. We specialize inwebsitetranslation, marketing campaigns, documents and software localization to give clientsan authentic voice in key language markets. North America: 1-866-468-5106 Worldwide: +1-914-468-0222 www.acclaro.comsales@acclaro.comPage 2: How To: Reach Locals by Going Local Copyright © Acclaro 2012