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3 steps-translating-marketing-campaigns

  1. 1. 3 Steps for Translating Marketing CampaignsThis article was originally published on the Acclaro blog.Category: MarketingMarketing materials pose a particular challenge to companies thatwant to sell their products or services to new language markets.Some typical concerns are: How do you ensure that your translated materials maintain the impact of the original? How do you name products, translate idioms and maintain consistency across languages without having to launch brand new marketing campaigns for each market (just thinking of all the costs — new creative, photography and production — can make a marketing person cringe).The answer is marketing "transcreation" — the process of linguistic and cultural translationthat makes marketing make sense whatever the target language (or languages).Here is a quick three-step guide to generate the best marketing translations possible so yourproducts sell just as well in Buenos Aires as they do in Beijing or Boston.Step 1: Assess your original campaign and content. Evaluate the goals of the campaignand, if the campaign is already in a market, look closely at the concepts, graphics and headlinesto assess their cultural relevance and appropriateness in the target market. Selecting concepts,copy and graphic elements that work across cultures is key to the campaign’s success.Step 2: Hire a qualified localization team (of course were going to advocate this!). Workwith a team that has a rich understanding of the source and target languages. Make sure thelinguists are in-country and have extensive experience with your particular industry, in additionto exercise in transcreation itself.Step 3: Create a transcreation brief. This document summarizes your company, product andcampaign so that all teams understand the nuances of the language and business needs. Itspecifies the target audience (age, lifestyle, behavior, etc.) and the thought process that hasgone into producing the original text. It also includes clarification on branded terms that shouldstay in English or have pre-determined translations.Page 1: 3 Steps for Translating Marketing Campaigns Copyright © Acclaro 2012
  2. 2. After step three, the localization team takes over and begins the translation and transcreationprocess, working with you along the way to ensure the best possible, and most appropriatemarketing translation for each of your target markets.To learn more about marketing translation and transcreation, and to see samples of how alocalization team tackles campaigns, read our article, Marketing Translation: Bridging theLanguage Gap.About Acclaro: Acclaro is an international translation and localization company thathelps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. We translate websites,marketing campaigns, documents and software to give clients an authentic voice inkey language markets. North America: 1-866-468-5106 Worldwide: +1-914-468-0222 www.acclaro.com sales@acclaro.comPage 2: 3 Steps for Translating Marketing Campaigns Copyright © Acclaro 2012