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Using the cloud to support people with disabilities


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Dr Scott Hollier's presentation at the Cloud + NBN Forum held in Sydney, Australia on 8 August 2012.

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Using the cloud to support people with disabilities

  1. 1. Using the cloud to support peoplewith disabilitiesDr Scott HollierCloud + NBN Forum 2012
  2. 2. Defining the cloud• Sharing of resources, software, andinformation over the Internet to computingdevices• Not a new concept (webmail, onlinebanking, storage) but some parts haveexciting new potential thanks to NBN:• Software as a Service (SaaS)• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. 3. Technology use today• People with disabilities need Assistive Technologiesto access the Web• Examples: screen reader, screen magnifier, on-screen keyboard• Issues:• Expensive ($1000-$2000)• Device-specific• Steep learning curve• Help needed to set up each device• Website accessibility
  4. 4. Potential of the cloud• NBN + Cloud represents huge potential inaddressing accessibility issues• Imagine…• Your AT preferences are stored on the cloud• After identification, the SaaS or PaaS interfaceautomatically gets your preferences from the cloudand configures itself• Same interface layout and AT across all devicesregardless of computer, mobile, ticket machine
  5. 5. Benefits of the cloud• One initial input of preferences by wizard• Instant setup on any device• Meets specific needs• Interface consistency• Device independent• Global rollout of updates• Low cost
  6. 6. Current issues for cloudimplementation• Broadband access• Cost of broadband• Initial setup• Security and privacy• Training
  7. 7. Current cloud accessibilityinitiative• Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII):• Global initiative around cloud accessibility, a partRaising the Floor• Particularly focused on how cloud accessibility canassist people with disabilities in using services providedto the public• Large international support from governments,corporations, NFPs and education• Australian interest: AGIMO, ACCAN, UniSA, MediaAccess Australia• More info is available at GPII
  8. 8. Government involvement• NBN rollout makes Australia well placed forGPII 12 month scoping and practicalimplementation trial projects such as:• Service delivery: NDIS reporting delivered by cloudwith interface preferences• Employment in regional areas: retail equipmentmodified using cloud profiles in NBN site• TAFE online course materials delivered by thecloud using accessibility profiles
  9. 9. Three questions• Which government services would beconsidered a high priority for a cloudaccessibility trial project?• Who would be the key stakeholders in theimplementation of a cloud accessibility trial?• What practical steps can be taken bygovernment to make a cloud accessibility triala reality?
  10. 10. Web accessibility know howLevel 3, 616-620 Harris StUltimo NSW 2007t: +61 2 8218 9320e: