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Creating dynamic and accessible content in Drupal 7 using WAI-ARIA


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Presentation by Web Accessibility Evangelist Sarah Pulis at DrupalCon Sydney - 7 February 2013

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Creating dynamic and accessible content in Drupal 7 using WAI-ARIA

  1. 1. Creating dynamic and accessiblecontent in Drupal 7 using WAI-ARIASarah Pulis (@sarahtp)Web Accessibility EvangelistDruaplCon | Content Authoring | 7 February 2013
  2. 2. About me2002 Ignorant2002+ Educated and aware2010 Commitment2012 Champion Read about Making accessibility part of culture change: its all in the attitude on Access iQ™. Image credit: Ruth Ellison and Kim Chatterjee
  3. 3. • People who use screen readers turn off Javascript• You can’t have dynamic content on an accessible website• Accessible website are boring
  4. 4. WAI-ARIA Accessible Rich Internet Applications(from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative)
  5. 5. Accessibility interoperability at aDOM Node without JavaScript Role States Actions Caret Data Selection Contract Text Assistive Hypertext UITechnology Value component Name Description UI Children Changes Relations From WAI-ARIA Primer
  6. 6. Accessibility interoperability at aDOM Node with JavaScript ^Role ^States ^Actions Caret Data Selection Contract Text Assistive Hypertext UITechnology ^Value component Name Description UI Children ^Changes ^Relations From WAI-ARIA Primer
  7. 7. WAI-ARIAWAI-ARIA rolesAbstract, widget, document structure andlandmark rolesWAI-ARIA states and propertiesWidget, live region, drag-and-drop andrelationship attributes
  8. 8. What we are looking at todayWAI-ARIA for page structureWAI-ARIA live regionsWAI-ARIA for formsWAI-ARIA for widgets
  9. 9. WAI-ARIA for page structure
  10. 10. <div role=”banner”> <form role=”search”> ”complementary <div role=”main”> ”navigation” <div role= <div role= <div role=”form”> <div role=”application”> ”<div role=”contentinfo”>
  11. 11. Differentiate landmarkswith the same typeUse aria-label to differentiate betweenregions with the same landmark type<div role=“navigation”aria-label=“main menu”><div role=“navigation”aria-label=“sub menu”>
  12. 12. Videos demonstrating landmark roles using NVDA available atLandmark roles - element list – NVDA andLandmark roles voiced by NVDA.
  13. 13. Assistive technology supportJaws 11/12/13 has complete support.ChromeVox has complete supportVoiceOver supports all landmarks except “form”NVDA supports all landmarks except “application”and “form”Window Eyes does not support ARIA landmarksLatest ARIA landmark role support data, The Paciello Group (Nov 2011)
  14. 14. WAI-ARIA and forms
  15. 15. aria-requiredUse aria-required=“true” forrequired form fields<label for="name"> First Name</label>:<input name="name" id="name" aria-required="true"><em>(required)</em>
  16. 16. aria-describedbyUse aria-describedby to providesupporting information for an input field<input type=“password"id=“pwd“ aria-describedby=“pwd-reqs“ /><p id=“pwd-reqs”>Your password must be 8characters in length and include onenumber</p>
  17. 17. aria-invalid<label for=“firstname">Firstname</label>:<input name=“firstname"id=“firstname" aria-invalid="true">
  18. 18. aria-label and aria-labelledbyThe purpose of aria-label and aria-labelledby are the sameUse aria-labelledby if the label text is visible onthe screenUse aria-label if the label text isn’t visible on thescreen
  19. 19. aria-labelledby<label id="label" for="time">Selfdestruct this page in </label><input id="time" type="text" aria-labelledby="label time seconds"size="2" value="5"><span id="seconds"> seconds</span> Example from WebAIM:
  20. 20. WAI-ARIA live regions
  21. 21. ARIA live regions (priority)aria-live=“off”Updates are not announced to the useraria-live=“polite”Updates only announced if user is idlearia-live=“assertive”Updates are announced ASAP, but user is not interrupted
  22. 22. ARIA live regions (relevance)aria-busy (values: true, false)AT will only announced changes once aria-busy=“false”aria-atomic (values: true, false)Read out only the change, or the entire live regionaria-relevant (values: additions, removals, text)Relevant changes to live regions depends on value
  23. 23. Video demonstrating ARIA live regions using NVDA onYouTube with captions.
  24. 24. WAI-ARIA for widgets
  25. 25. Video demonstrating dynamic menubar voiced by NVDA onYouTube with captions. Code from Accessible jQuery-uiComponents Demonstration.
  26. 26. Drupal and ARIA
  27. 27. Drupal 7 themes with WAI-ARIABoronGenesisPanels 960gsFrom Drupal Watchdog – D7 Starter Tehemes
  28. 28. Drupal accessibilityDrupal groupsJoin the Accessibility Drupal Group!List of Drupal sites in the Disability SectorAccessible Drupal distrosWeb Accessibility Toolkit: Government of CanadaaGov: PreviousNext
  29. 29. ARIA validationARIA attributes don’t validate in HTML4Use the HTML5 DOCTYPE with ARIAmarkupValidate using the W3C Nu MarkupValidation Service
  30. 30. Take-awaysDynamic content no longer has to beinaccessible to assistive technologiesStart using ARIA now (if you aren’t already)Easy wins (landmark roles, forms)It’s kinda fun!
  31. 31. Don’t forget!Session evaluationCreating dynamic and accessible contentin Drupal 7 using WAI-ARIA[]
  32. 32. Slides and videosSlides from this presentation onAccess iQ™ SlideShareVideos from this presentation onAccess iQ™ YouTube channel
  33. 33. Access iQ™ provides practical hands-onworkshops that teach you how toimplement accessibility in your projects.HTML and CSS techniques for buildingaccessible websites – Sydney – teachingdevelopers how to create accessible digitalexperiences.Implementing accessibility into your digitalprojects [custom workshop] – teaching yourproject team who does what
  34. 34. W3C WAI-ARIA documentsWAI-ARIA technical specification Primer Authoring Practices
  35. 35. More WAI-ARIA resourcesUsing ARIA in HTML to WAI-ARIA (Opera) Paciello Group Blog
  36. 36. Even more WAI-ARIA resourcesAccessible jQuery-ui Components Demonstration! Accessibility code library developer network – ARIA
  37. 37. Level 3, 616-620 Harris StUltimo NSW 2007t: +61 2 8218 9320e: @accessiqaccessiq.orgWeb accessibility know how