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  • Ac information session july 2013

    1. 1. Ryerson University Access Centre for students with disabilities Prospective Student and Parent Information Session Summer 2013
    2. 2. Will my accommodations transfer over and be the same as high school. TRUE OR FALSE? Suzy Student Not exactly… Frannie Facilitator
    3. 3. Initial questions and concerns?
    4. 4. Who we serve What we “do” The registration process Course loads, OSAP and Bursary All the rest Outline
    5. 5. Who We Serve
    6. 6. The Access Centre will serve all of my student needs while I am at Ryerson. TRUE OR FALSE? Stacey Student Not entirely… Fred Facilitator
    7. 7. The Role of the Access Centre What we DO: Put academic accommodations in place Educate and support students being their own advocates Maintaining a confidential environment Help with BSWD funding Serve as a liaison to other RU and community resources
    8. 8. What we DON’T do (& who does) Which Service? Where it’s provided Counselling Therapeutic  CSDC Academic  Department Housing Student Housing Services General Financial Aid Student Financial Assistance Library or academic research access Diane Michaud (Library Services for Persons with Disabilities) Registration Info/ New Student info ents/new/
    9. 9. Access Centre Learning Success Centre Student Writing Centre Math Assistance Centre Student Services for TRSM English Language Support A System of Support
    10. 10. All I need to bring to my registration appointment is my IEP. TRUE OR FALSE? Steve Student This helps, but…
    11. 11. How to Register with Us
    12. 12. At the university level it is the student’s responsibility to inform the professor of their accommodations. TRUE OR FALSE? Stacey Student Yes & here’s why…
    13. 13. Professor Accommodation Form
    14. 14. 1. Obtain Documentation- must clearly state the functional limitations of the disability related to the academic experience while at university (Psycho-educational assessment or Disability Documentation Form) For more info on what’s needed for your appointment: 2. Fax or mail in a copy of your documentation Fax: 416-979-5094 Mail: 350 Victoria Street, Office POD 61 Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3 3. Contact the Access Centre to schedule an appointment Phone: 416-979-5290 4. Meet with Accommodation Facilitator - review your disability documentation and implement appropriate academic accommodations 5. Students submits Professor Accommodation Form to faculty 6. Follow-up with Facilitator with any questions or concerns. Registration Checklist
    15. 15. There are funding options available for students needing educational services or equipment. TRUE OR FALSE? Peter Parent TRUE… sort of
    16. 16. Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE) Only available to students who APPLY and are ELIGIBLE for OSAP Course Load, OSAP & BSWD
    17. 17. nancial_assistance/index.html BSWD: How to Apply
    18. 18. Examples of BSWD Eligible Expenses Note takers Tutoring services Psycho-educational assessments Specialized transportation Alternative to text material Digital Voice Recorders Vision aids (i.e. Zoom Text) FM Systems and repairs Voice to Text, Text to Voice and other assistive software Eligible expenses are individualized and based on documentation
    19. 19. Non-disability related educational expenses, such as tuition, residence or books Expenses not related to a student’s attendance in PSE Expenses typically incurred by all students participating in PSE courses ( i.e. camera in photography course) Expenses incurred during time periods that OSAP or OSBP funding was not provided INELEGIBLE EXPENSES
    20. 20. BSWD: What if I am not OSAP eligible? You will not qualify for the CSG-CDSE or BSWD Check for other funding options on the Ryerson scholarships and awards page. Find this page under the Student Financial Assistance site or at:
    21. 21. True or False? I will be able to communicate with the Access Centre and be updated on my child’s accommodations Possibly …. and here’s whyParisa Parent Freida Facilitator
    22. 22. To maintain the confidentiality of our services, the Access Centre will not communicate with anyone outside of the Access Centre without a student’s written permission This includes: Parents Professors Health Care Providers Confidentiality
    23. 23. When we leave here today we won’t have any other questions. TRUE OR FALSE? FALSE… probably
    24. 24. FAQ
    25. 25. “I live with a learning disability. With the help of the Access Centre, Ryerson community, and my own hard work, I now see that so-called ‘disabilities’ can serve as positive and motivational catalysts. I now strive to be the very best I can be, am inspired to work harder than most others around me, and strongly encourage others with learning disabilities and mental health issues to do the same.” –2nd Year Radio and Television student Benefits : Testimonial
    26. 26. S.H.I.F.T. Day For Students Heading Into Full-Time Single day program on August 21st Tour Campus Learn about campus services Meet other incoming students Free lunch! Academic and personal development programming
    27. 27. Monday – Friday, 9am - 4:30pm POD 61 B, 350 Victoria Street (area connecting Jorgenson Hall to Library) 416-979-5290 @RUAccessCentre Questions? Contact Us